Sarah Greer’s Attorney Objects to Capias and Sanctions

Sarah Greer’s Attorney Objects to Capias and Sanctions

Sarah Greer has been ordered to appear for her deposition on January 3, 2017 in Federal Court to testify as to what she knew about the depraved acts of her husband Daniel Greer.  She failed to show up to her deposition after she was subpoenaed by Attorney Ponvert, the attorney for the Plaintiff Mirlis.  Ponvert was forced to ask the court to issue a capias, ie., a warrant, to have a Federal marshal physically bring Sarah Greer to her deposition.  Ponvert also sought monetary sanctions against Sarah Greer for attorneys fees incurred in filing his motion.

Sarah Greer hired an attorney at the last minute.  Had she not hired Attorney David Grudberg, she would probably be wearing hand and ankle bracelets by now. Today Attorney Grudberg filed an objection to the motion for sanctions filed by Ponvert.

Attorney Grudberg argued that Sarah Greer is not a party to the lawsuit.  She cannot be sanctioned in the same way that a party to a lawsuit can be sanctioned for disobeying court orders.  Attorney Grudberg analyzed Federal and State common law, State statutes, and provisions of the United States Code.  Grudberg put everything into a memorandum of law and submitted it to the Federal Judge.

Attorney Grudberg argued that since Sarah Greer did not act in “bad faith” she should not have to pay Ponvert’s attorneys fees.  Sarah Greer acted in bad faith when she stood by for years while the goat repeatedly raped and molested innocent children.  The goat may have abused his own children.

How could Sarah Greer not know that she was married to a sick pedophile who raped children for decades?  Sarah is no babe in the woods.  She is a worldly woman.  Sarah worked for Yeshiva University for many years, which had it’s own child molestation scandal.  Sarah was a shrewd business partner for many years with Doris “Spite Fence” Zelinsky.  Why does she continue to stand by the goat while all of her children have disowned him?

Not one offspring of this inter species marriage between human and goat is left in New Haven.  The only people who occupy the compound are teenage boys who got kicked out of yeshivas in Lakewood.  New Haven is now known as Lakewood’s dumping grounds for Orthodox Jewish wayward boys.

The Mirlis v. Greer case is looking more and more like a nasty divorce battle, where everyone loses money except for the attorneys.  Ponvert is asking the court to order that Sarah Greer pay his attorneys fees, which he calculates at $850.00 an hour.  Ponvert is seeking a total of $3,500.00.  Grudberg probably charged Sarah Greer at least that much money to prepare his opposition.

The goat’s non-profits are thus going to have to shell out about $7,000.00 for about 20 pages of attorneys’ paperwork. But this is just the beginning. There is more work for the attorneys to do.   Ponvert is going to have to file paperwork in response to Grudberg’s opposition.  More fees charged to the goat’s non-profits.  If the Federal Judge schedules a hearing on these motions, the lawyers will charge the goat for sitting in court all day arguing the motions before the Judge.

The goat should stop burning up the money of the non-profits.  The goat should set up a victims fund administered by a trustee, similar to the Madoff fund.  Victims should be allowed to submit claims against the goat without revealing their identities.  The trustee could review claims and pay compensation.





3 thoughts on “Sarah Greer’s Attorney Objects to Capias and Sanctions

  1. Forget her, whats going on at the school? are children at risk?
    are the former administrators now involved with new kids at the school or elsewhere?

    Can you please substantiate your allegations about AH or leave him alone. it seems like you are either scapegoating him or you know way more than you are writing.
    Have you interviewed him? Sought his opinion on things? How do you know he is teaching and where?

    1. In my opinion children are at risk as long as Greer is still there. The former administrators of the Greer yeshiva have all left town. I do not make allegations, I point to testimony and evidence in the court case, and readers can make their own conclusion. I am not looking to scapegoat anyone. I have not interviewed Avi or sought his opinion on anything. I suspect his attorneys are telling him not to speak publicly. I would encourage Avi to publicly speak about how he was abused by Greer, it could give strength to other victims to come forward. I heard from a couple of different people, who are friendly with the Hack family, that Avi is teaching in Rhode Island. I have not verified this information, but I cannot see why older adults would make up such a story. I guess I could call the Department of Education, this information should be of public record. I was told by Rabbi Muroff that Avi stayed in the school for many years in order to “protect” students from Greer, which I found to be odd. If one were going to protect students, the logical course of action would be to contact the Police Department. Muroff did not mention to me that when Avi went back to the school to teach he engaged in a homosexual relationship with Greer. I am not sure if Muroff knew all the facts. I told Muroff that I did not think Avi should be around children, because victims of child molestation tend to become molesters themselves. Muroff told me that Avi loved to teach Torah, and this was his main motivation, suggesting that Avi’s love of Torah would control any urges he had for children. When I was told that Avi was teaching in a public high school, I was surprised, as this would go against what Muroff said to me. I wish I had more information for you. You are free to contact Avi and see if he will talk to you.

  2. Sarah greer has acted “in bad faith” for literally decades. She is an abusive, selfish thing who has hurt many of her students. Her abuse was emotional and verbally caustic. Threats and cruelty toward others came easy to her if it fed her agenda. Evil thing. She’ll get hers.

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