Sarah Kaplan Busted In Turkish Birth Tourism Scam

Sarah Kaplan Busted In Turkish Birth Tourism Scam

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46 year old American Sarah Kaplan led a Turkish birth tourism scam at various locations in Long Island. Sarah set up Turkish language pages on Facebook’s Turkish platform. Sarah’s websites translated as “LetMyBabyBeBornInAmerica/” Sarah has Turkish ancestry. Sarah was called “Hatun” which in Turkey is an honorary title of respect. Ghenghis Khan’s wife was called Hatun.

Sarah charged pregnant Turkish women $7,500.00 to make arrangements to house, feed and provide medical care and doctors to deliver their babies on American soil. Sarah helped the women lie on their tourist visa applications to come to America. It is illegal to come to America solely for the purpose of giving birth and getting your child American citizenship. Thousands of pregnant women do this every year. Criminals like Sarah help them with lodging and pre-natal and post-natal medical treatment. Sarah set them up with Medicaid so that they would have access to top medical doctors in Long Island. Sarah lied on their Medicaid applications and stated that they were American citizens.

Sarah and her gang were able to bring 116 pregnant Turkish women into the United States with tourist visas. Medicare was billed over $2 million for the medical treatment of these women. The State Department enacted new rules early this year that gave Consular officials the power to deny visa applications if the applicant appeared to be visiting America for the sole purpose of giving birth.

Sarah Kaplan has been charged with visa fraud, health care fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering. Sarah is one of many women who have been involved in sophisticated crimes recently. Former CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes will be on trial early next year in her case of massive financial fraud. Ghislaine Maxwell will be going to trial for her role in running Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring. Sarah’s case won’t be heard for many months.


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  1. The greatest exploiters the world has ever known. Male or Female. Bar NONE.
    Sicilian’s? fahhhget about it! some of them have hearts.
    Colombian’s? Nunca! they love familia.

    CHOSEN? the rootless can exploit ALL at will, even their own.

    see pederast hollywood(Corey Haim, etc, etc) and/or Da Goat

    Happy Extra Oil night. lmgao

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