Satmar Stole $3 Million For Chicken Banquets

Satmar Stole $3 Million For Chicken Banquets

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Elozer Porges took $3 million from the Federal government under a free school lunch program for needy children. Porges diverted the money to chicken klatches for Satmar men trying to lose weight.

In spite of 50 letters submitted by the friends and family members of Elozer Porges, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis just sentenced Elozer Porges to 24 months in Otisville. Porges stole $3 million in school lunch money from the Government and used that money to feed zaftig Satmar men free chicken. The last thing these overweight Satmar men need is more calories from baked chicken and noodle kugel.

Porges will soon be joining inmate Danny Greenberg, the current head Jew in charge of the inmates in Otisville Prison. I was locked up with Greenberg. I can’t believe he is still stuck in Otisville. He got a long sentence for over billing millions of his customer’s credit cards. Greenberg took over after Satmar Mshulem Jacobowitz was the first inmate released under The Donald’s First Step Act. Mshulem took his first step to freedom at the same time Michael Cohen took his first step into Otisville incarceration. Otisville is a revolving door. Out with the old criminals, in with the new.

Porges scammed the New York State Department of Health as well as the United States Department of Agriculture when he lied about needing $3 million for school lunches for impoverished children. Porges pissed off two government agencies at the same time. Porges is a putz! Porges will have a lot of time to think about his stupidity in Otisville.

In his own defense Porges argued to Judge Garaufis that he didn’t profit from the $3 million. Porges didn’t buy a fancy cars, Park Avenue penthouse apartments or blow the money on strippers at Scores. Instead, Porges used the money to feed zaftig Satmar men free chicken. Porges is a putz gadol!

The Feds spent a lot of time and money investigating what Porges did with the $3 million. The Feds hired forensic accountants. The Feds determined that the children never ate one scrap of chicken. The Feds argued to Judge Garaufis: “The stolen money was largely spent on evening events attended by adults, which took place at the 762 Wythe Street location in a room designed for such events. A review of the account that received the $3.2 million in funds were clearly not part of any school-related meal program. For example, included in the expenditures, among other things, was over $800,000 paid to a poultry butcher. The government interviewed dozens of individuals with personal knowledge of Central United Torah Academy’s day-to-day inner-workings, including its kitchens. Interviews of these individuals revealed that chicken was never served to children during breakfast, lunch and snack programs. Indeed, these interviews revealed that because of certain religious requirements regarding the preparation and service of certain types of food items in the same location, food workers were prohibited from preparing chicken in the kitchen where meals for the three schools were prepared. These interviews further revealed that the school hosted events for adults nearly every evening—often several
events at a time—and that chicken, prepared in a different kitchen at 762 Wythe Street, was always served at these gatherings.”

The Feds tried to figure out why Porges committed this Robin Hood type crime where he robbed from the government in order to feed zaftig Satmar men free chicken. The Feds argued: “The government does not assert that Porges committed this crime to buy himself a car or some other luxury item. The benefit to Porges and others is more nuanced. Porges was the executive director of Central United Torah Academy, and the highest paid employee of the organization, making more than $150,000 a year. He was paid by the school to, among other things, make sure that it could provide its services while asking as little as possible from its financial backers and its student families. The evidence shows that he accomplished this by fraud: he invented a fake dinner program for needy children, applied to the government for the funds to run that program, and diverted those funds to unrelated expenses. It is unclear whether Porges received a specific bonus for this perfidy; but, Porges was the director of Central United Torah Academy, he orchestrated these brazen acts of fraud, and he was paid very well for it.”

Porges’ attorney argued to Judge Garaufis that his wife and eleven children would be destitute if he were to be incarcerated in Club Fed. The Feds shot down that argument with an investigation they conducted on Porges’ wife. The Feds played dirty when they investigated Porges’ wife. The Feds argued to Judge Garaufis: “The evidence suggests that the defendant’s wife has had the means to adequately care for their family on her own when necessary for long periods of time. As part of the government’s larger investigation, the government has obtained and reviewed food stamp and other benefit applications submitted by the defendant’s wife to the City of New York. In these submissions, the defendant’s wife represented that she was separated from him for a number of years, that she was the primary caregiver of
her children, and that the defendant, despite his significant six-figure salary, offered very limited financial support.”

In Porges’ defense I don’t believe most Hasidim realize that it is a Federal crime to accept welfare money while you are married. Most Hasidic husbands legitimately believe that during niddah, and the rest of the days of the month when they are at the strip bars, they are separated from their wives, and are legally “separated” from their wives under the welfare laws.

Defendant Porges submitted a letter to Judge Garaufis expressing deep remorse. It’s too bad that these remorse letters never work with the Judge. It’s easy to be remorseful once you get caught. If you are getting sentenced by a Federal Judge spare yourself the time and effort of writing a remorse letter. If you want sympathy just tell your Judge you wish that you were never born and that you deserve the death penalty or execution by firing squad.

Defendant Porges engaged in serious tuchos kissing when he wrote to Judge Garaufis: “The most painful part of this ordeal is that I have tried to work all of my life to benefit others, to help others, and I have now so ashamedly got into a crime that goes against those very values. I had much time to think over the last two years, and I have evaluated my life and my actions. I am deeply humiliated and terribly pained for my family, saddened for my friends, and remorseful for the government, a government that I have so much gratitude for. I’ve spent many sleepless nights, coming to terms with this and figuring out how I can rectify my actions.” Porges will have two more years of sleepless nights in his top bunk in Otisville.

Porges continued to implore Judge Garaufis: “I have lived my life being happy with what I have, as my parents taught me. I have disappointed Hashem and the values of my soul by what I have done.” Does Porges expect to convince Judge Garaufis that his soul has some intrinsic value? Porges is not qualified to value his soul, he is biased. Hashem already put a value on Porges’ soul and determined that the body and soul of Porges belongs in the Camp Otisville Purgatory for wayward financial hustlers, hucksters, swindlers and miscreants.

Porges made sure to emphasize to Judge Garaufis that he didn’t benefit from his crime spree, and stated, “I received no personal benefit from this crime, but that is no excuse.” His lawyer also argued that point. Unfortunately this means nothing to Judge Garaufis. Robin Hood was guilty of crime regardless of the fact that he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Porges stole from the government and purchased chickens which he fed to every Satmar man living in Williamsburg. The Satmars don’t need free chickens from Porges. They already get free chickens when they cash in their food stamps. Porges is a putz!

Members of the Porges’ Good Middos Fan Club who submitted letters asking Hashem, and Judge Garaufis, to spare Elozer Porges jail time:

  1. Elozer Porges
  2. Almadri, Haym
  3. Berkowitz, Joel
  4. Braver, Moshe
  5. Chamen, Yossi
  6. Diamond , Spencer
  7. Fekete, Boruch
  8. Fried, Issac and Mantzy
  9. Fried, Sarah
  10. Elozer Porges
  11. Friedman, Aaron (handwritten)
  12. Friedman, Faigy
  13. Gluck, Shia
  14. Goldberger, Aaron
  15. Goldstein, Yocheved
  16. Green, Abraham and Malky
  17. Greenberger, Leah
  18. Greenberger Mordechai
  19. Greenberger, Mendy
  20. Halevi, Shmuel
  21. Halpern, Ari
  22. Haltovsky, Meir,
  23. Haltovsky, Shmuel
  24. Kanofsky, Yosef,
  25. Kraus, Sruly
  26. Landau, Wolfe
  27. Masri Family
  28. Masri, Maximo
  29. Masri, Yoel
  30. Mayer, Mantzy
  31. Meisels, Usher Z
  32. Moskowitz, Simy
  33. Ostreicher, Chana Blima
  34. Ostreicher, Shea
  35. Polachek, Hindy
  36. Porges, Bruchy
  37. Porges, Hillel,
  38. Porges, Israel
  39. Porges, Leah
  40. Porges Slomo
  41. Porges, Suri
  42. Silberstein, Shaindy
  43. Silberstein, Zeldy
  44. Spitzer, Hillel
  45. Teichman , Shia
  46. Weberman, Abraham
  47. Weberman, Alter
  48. Weiss Ari
  49. Weissman, David
  50. Wertzberger, Israel
  51. Wertzberger, Toby

“The hand of HaShem lay heavy upon the goats, the crooks, the politicians, the Yalies, Toni Harp, and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

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11 thoughts on “Satmar Stole $3 Million For Chicken Banquets

  1. Put all these scumbag crooks behind bars. They are the leeches of society that that make it difficult for the average law abiding citizens to make a decent living.

  2. The Hasidic Jews need to stop taking tax payer money for themselves. Stop with the welfare. Stop having a dozen kids. Just stop. I don’t care who or what you worship. I work hard for my money and I don’t lie to the govt to get help. I get no help at all and simply struggle through to get by. Perhaps the Hasidic Jews need to learn this lesson. STOP stealing from the rest of us! And stop claiming anti-Semitism because we don’t really care about your religion, we care about your theft of our hard earn dollars.

    1. Good point. But what about corporate welfare? The Hasidim are small gefilte fish. Yale is a multi billion dollar corporation with a $30 billion endowment. Yet Yale and the Ivies are all considered “non-profits” by the Government and off the tax rolls. If you added up all their endowments you could probably pay off the federal deficit. Not to mention large corporations that are registered overseas and don’t pay taxes, which adds up to trillions of dollars, ie., General Electric, Merck, Apple, Pfizer, Microsoft, etc… Large real estate owners, such as the President, are able to get huge depreciation deductions, which allows them to avoid paying taxes. Trump’s tax returns will show that. Sophisticated corporations, like Amazon, can hire top accountants and tax lawyers to avoid paying taxes. Hasidic Jews are just following the example set by the corporate leaders and the titans of industry, and the President of America. They need to stop aping the goyim and start behaving more like their forefathers, and then Moshiach will come!

  3. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. One way or another they all steal from us and the government! Then have the nerve to lie about it!!

    1. Herman may not have been the “official” gabbai voted in by the inmates, but he was always the unofficial head Jew in charge until the day he was released

        1. There will never be another HJIC at Otisville like Mshulem. Mshulem made things happen. Mshulem had juice. Mshulem was a legend in his own time. Nobody else comes close, not Danny, not Mickey, nobody.

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