Secret Doc Filed In Michael Cohen & Jewish Mobster Case

Secret Doc Filed In Michael Cohen & Jewish Mobster Case

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Russian Jewish mobster & Trump Tower tenant Vadim Trincher

It was widely reported in the media that a secret document was filed in the court “vault” of the District Court of the Southern District of New York on the date of December 19, 2018 in the Michael Cohen Case. Michael Cohen the Cooley Law School graduate. Michael Cohen the former personal attorney for Donald Trump. Michael Cohen, the biggest rat who ever got busted by the Feds.

Two days prior to the secret document filing in the Cohen case, on December 17, 2018, a secret document was filed in the District Court for the Southern District of New York, in the criminal case of USA v. Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov AKA Taiwanchik. Tokhtakhounov is a Jewish Russian oligarch mobster who ran a high stakes gambling operation out of the Trump Tower. Tokhtakhounov operated out of Russia. Russian Jewish gangster Vadim Trincher lived below Donald Trump in the Trump Tower and handled the day to day gambling operations. Jewish poker princess Molly Bloom, from “Molly’s Game,” was also involved in the operation. The poker games attracted movie stars and professional athletes, including Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Feds busted about 30 of these guys back in 2013. Most of them were Russian Jews. Actually Ukrainian Jews. The Russians never considered these guys to be real Russians. They were low class Ukrainian peasants. Peasants worth millions of dollars. I was locked up with about 10 guys from this conspiracy. The Russians were good soccer players. We had a lot of soccer games in the prison soccer field. They frequently cursed in Russian. Their favorite word was “BLATT” which means prostitute. I don’t know why they kept yelling BLATT all the time, there were no prostitutes in Otisville. The prison guards had to tell the Ukrainians not to blow their noses in the sinks. The Russians didn’t like rats.

The biggest gangster of the group is Taiwanchik. When the Feds rounded up the Russians in Coney Island and Brighton Beach Taiwanchik stayed in Russia. Taiwanchik was charged in absentia. He still remains on the lam. He was last seen with Donald Trump in 2013 in Moscow at Trump’s Miss Universe competition. He may have sponsored a golden shower for Mr. Trump.

It is very unusual for documents to be filed in the court vault. It’s very common for documents to be filed under seal, but uncommon when they are filed in the vault. Vadim Trincher’s and Taiwanchik’s criminal conspiracy case ended back in 2016. Most of the guys pleaded guilty and did their time. Taiwanchik is still in Russia. Trincher did his time and is on probation. Recently Trincher violated his probation. Trincher didn’t submit monthly financial reports to Probation. Trincher said he couldn’t work because of a health condition. Trincher said he couldn’t pay his criminal fines. Trincher refused to produce medical reports requested by Probation showing that he couldn’t work. The Probation office filed a notice of violation in October of 2018. One month later, in November of 2018, Trincher handed Probation a check for $75K to pay his outstanding fine. One month later on December 17, 2018 a secret document was filed in the Court vault in Trincher and Taiwanchik’s case. Two days later, on December 19, 2018 a secret document was filed in the Court vault of Michael Cohen’s case.

Trincher is still on Federal probation, ie., supervised release. On December 11, 2018 Trincher requested permission from the Federal Court to travel to India to receive one month of “Ayurveda” treatment from February to March of 2019. Ayurveda is a multi-step detoxification regimen to remove toxins and includes massage, steam treatment, vamana (induced vomiting), virechana (use of herbal and oil-based laxatives) and basti (medicated enema), blood letting, and nasya (a nasal treatment). Federal Judge Jesse Furman surprisingly granted Trincher’s request to travel all the way to India for this new age treatment. Trincher will soon be traveling to Kerala, India to receive this treatment at the Ayurveda Hospital, “The Palace for Ayurveda.” Sounds like avodah zarah to me. Not kosher for a Jewish mobster.

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