Sen. Blumenthal, Rabbi Greer, Judge Kavenaugh & Saif Khan

Sen. Blumenthal, Rabbi Greer, Judge Kavenaugh & Saif Khan

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Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Yale Law School graduate, has been the most vocal Senator speaking out against Judge Kavanaugh. Yale law students have been holding protests, vigils, demonstrations against fellow Yalie Judge Kavanaugh.  The Yalies lost.

Kavenaugh davened with kavanah and got confirmed by the Senate.  Lost in all the protests is the fact that the Supreme Court gets 7,000 requests a year from lower courts to hear cases, yet the Supreme Court only decides 130 cases per year.  The Supreme Court is not as significant as protesters realize.  The protesters would be better off challenging the numerous judges who make up the State Supreme Courts and the Federal Appellate Courts, which decide thousands of cases each year.

Senator Blumenthal has supported the Goat for many years.  I watched Blumenthal speak year after year at every Rabbi Daniel Greer fundraising dinner, which the Goat called the “Gan Gathering.”  Blumenthal has been completely silent with regard to Rabbi rapist and Yale Law School graduate Daniel Greer.  Why hasn’t Blumenthal called for the disbarment of Connecticut lawyer Daniel Greer?  Why hasn’t Blumenthal called for the shut down of the Daniel Greer synagogue and yeshiva, where Daniel Greer is currently trying to have sex with young men?

Blumenthal is investigating what Kavenaugh did thirty years ago with Mark Judge, PJ and Squi, while the Goat and his Ewe runs free.  Actually the FBI did the investigation on Kavenaugh, which Blumenthal referred to as a “sham” a “horrific cover up.”  I was also the subject of a questionable FBI investigation, yet Blumenthal never came to my defense.  After all those years that I saw him at the Goat dinners.  No respect.

Speaking of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, attorney Norm Pattis, who won an acquittal for alleged rapist Yale Pakistani student Saifullah Khan, has filed a lawsuit against Yale University.  Norm is challenging Yale’s “emergency suspension” order entered against Khan yesterday.  Khan was suspended from Yale.  Norm alleges in his lawsuit that Yale suspended Khan because Yalies are taking out their anger over Judge Kavanagh on poor Khan.  Khan is no Kavanaugh.  Khan never drank beer at Catholic boarding schools.  Khan is a Muslim.  Khan wasn’t allowed to drink in his native Pakistan.  Khan was studying physics in Pakistan while Kavanaugh was getting plastered at Yale Law School.

After Khan was acquitted of rape Yale started Title IX proceedings to determine whether Khan should be allowed to stay at Yale.  The proceedings dragged on for months.  Khan was allowed back in school in the beginning of the fall semester 2018 during these proceedings, which are closed to the public.  The Yale Daily News tried to influence New Haven jurors during the rape trial. The Yale Daily attacked Khan with articles during the trial.  New Haven local yokels didn’t fall for the Ivory Tower trash pieces.  Khan was acquitted on all counts.  I spoke with jurors who read the articles during the trial and said that they were offended by these trash pieces.  Yale somehow scrubbed the internet of any articles about Khan’s accuser, ie., Anita the Russian, during the trial.  After the trial it was easy to find Anita’s personal information and Youtube videos posted all over the internet.

In the middle of Khan’s current Title IX proceedings the Yale Daily just ran trash articles about Khan this past week.  The articles cover an interview Yale had with a guy named Jon Andrews.  Andrews, who was accused of sexual abuse at Hanover College by guys at his frat house, worked for a non profit organization that showed up during the trial to support Khan.  Andrews made similar abuse allegations against the guys at the frat house.  College kids alleging and counter alleging rape.  Rape allegations are the best way to get your enemies kicked out of school.

Andrews eventually dropped out of Hanover.  He said he was suicidal.  The non profit where Andrews worked, called FACE, supports male students at colleges against false accusations.  I spoke to Andrews on the phone a number of times after the Khan trial.  He sounded sickly, or on heavy meds. He couldn’t put a coherent sentence together.  I called him because I was told that he had information about the case.  When I asked him what his relationship was with Khan he said something along the lines that he had a crush on Khan.  I didn’t really know what he meant because he didn’t say many words and his sentences made no sense.  I rolled my eyes, said goodbye and hung up.

Andrews told the Yale Daily News that Khan forced himself on him in a motel in DC.  Andrews said he applied for a restraining order against Khan.  Andrews said that he had a threesome with Khan and a girl named Sofia.  Andrews spoke about S & M and other subjects that you will have to read for yourself, by clicking the link below.  This blog is family friendly.

The Yale Daily spoke with Sophia, yet did not disclose her last name, if she even exists. Anyone can apply for a restraining order.  It doesn’t mean that the allegations in the restraining order application are true.  I am surprised that FACE even hired this Andrews guy, with his history at Hanover.  I am surprised that Yale ran the trash piece based on an interview with this wacko Andrews.

You can read a copy of the lawsuit filed against Yale, and all the gory details about Andrews, Khan, Sofia, and S & M by clicking this link.  If you don’t know what S & M means you are too stupid to read this blog.




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  1. Why don’t we call Blumenthal office and ask why he doesn’t mention Greer with his lovely aides. He is more interested in knocking everyone else

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