Lieberman Speaks On Behalf of Goatcopy At Sentencing

Lieberman Speaks On Behalf of Goatcopy At Sentencing

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Not very frum for a married Orthodox Jew to cuddle with goy toy Clinton

Former Connecticut Senator Joseph Leiberman sent his wife Hadassah to speak at the sentencing hearing of Louis Goatberg, the printer who supported Rabbi Daniel Greer even after child rape victim Eli Mirlis filed his Federal lawsuit against this pedophile “rabbi.” Before she walked up to the podium to speak in support of Goatberg, Judge Hall announced that nobody was required to speak for Goatberg. Judge Hall told the attorneys that since Goatberg cooperated with the Feds by ratting out his nephew Ira Malkin, there was no risk that Goatberg was going to serve a day in jail. What was the point of speaking at a sentencing hearing if Goatberg was going to get probation? Malkin was already sentenced and is currently locked up in Otisville Federal prison. Thanks a lot, Uncle Lou.

Goatberg’s attorney, the legendary New Haven Irish street fighter Hugh Keefe told Judge Hall that people had traveled a long distance to speak in support of Mr. Goatberg, and he would hate to have them come all this way for nothing. Judge Hall said fine, go ahead, let them speak, but I will be playing solitaire on my computer and won’t be paying attention. Hugh wanted to drag out the sentencing hearing, as Hugh Keefe bills a good $500-1000 an hour.

Hadassah Lieberman approached the podium and told Judge Hall that Joe Lieberman couldn’t make the hearing because he was too busy. Too busy to defend his good friend Goatcopy? Unbelievable.

As Hadassah Lieberman approached the podium Judge Hall indicated that she knew Ms. Lieberman. Of course. Judge Hall was appointed by Bill Clinton back in 1997. The only way to get appointed to the bench is through political connections. Everyone in the club knows each other.

Lieberman suffers from schizophrenia when it comes to politics. Lieberman campaigned for McCain and Sarah Palin, who lost out to Obama. Lieberman supported Hillary Clinton when she lost against the Donald. Lieberman knows how to pick losers. Yet Lieberman was recently considered to replace the FBI director after the Donald fired Comey. The Donald is currently considering appointing Lieberman as Ambassador to the United Nations. How did Lieberman manage to finagle his way into the heart of the heartless and brainless Donald Trump? Mueller should open an investigation into Lieberman.

Hadassah Lieberman told Judge Hall that the Goatbergs introduced her to Joseph Lieberman. Hadassah is Joe’s second wife. Hadassah told the Judge that the Goatbergs told her that he “was a politician, but an honest one.” Hadassah is clueless. There is no such thing as an honest politician.

Mr. Goatberg had only one other speaker at his sentencing: Rabbi Michael Whitman. This rabbi used to live in New Haven near Mr. Goatberg. Rabbi Whitman moved to Montreal many years ago. Whitman traveled all the way from Canada to speak at Goatberg’s sentencing, which was completely unnecessary according to Judge Hall. Whitman spoke anyway. Whitman had nothing but praise for Mr. Goatberg. After Whitman finished singing his praises, Mr. Goatberg handed Whitman an envelope with a large check. Just kidding. But it could have happened.

Why didn’t Goatberg find a local rabbi to speak at his sentencing? Why did Goatberg force this rabbi to travel for ten hours, cross international borders, climb fences, barbed wires, walls and get harassed by hostile immigrants in caravans? I hope Mr. Goatberg at least reimbursed Rabbi Whitman for train fare, parking, Uber, and a kosher sandwich for lunch.

Rabbi Whitman told a story about how his son was very close with Lou Goatberg growing up as a child. He said that his son once stole a box of Lemonhead candy. His son told Lou about it. Lou told his son to rat himself out and report it to the teacher and apologize. Sign a full confession. The Rabbi said that to this day his son still remembers this lesson taught by convicted felon Lou Goatberg. Give me a break! That was a lesson in stupidity. I will now give the Rabbi’s son some useful advice. Whitman Jr: If you ever get pinched by the boys in blue never make a statement and never, never, never confess to a crime. Always ask to see your lawyer.

Attorney Hugh Keefe announced to Judge Hall that he wanted to thank the following Goatberg supporters who were planning to speak but didn’t make the cut. The bench warmers. The second stringers. Hugh cut the hearing short and told them to stay in their seats. Hugh told Judge Hall that he wanted to thank these people for showing up at the sentencing with prepared speeches. According to the court transcript the names of these individuals are the following: “Emma Jones Burrows, David Miller, Phillip Bogart, Joan Linde and Rabbi Joshua Shammon.” I don’t know any of thee people so I have no comment. But I did see Joan Linde crash a wheelchair outside of the Federal courthouse carrying a large African American woman whom she was rushing to get to Goatberg’s sentencing hearing. I never heard of Rabbi Joshua Shammon, but the name sounds familiar.

In other news Rabbi Daniel Greer the Goat had his child rape criminal case scheduled for today in New Haven. I stopped by the Courthouse but there was no sign of Mr. Goat, or his high priced attorney Mr. William Dow. Rabbi Goat’s case has been continued 15 times at this point. The Goat’s case was probably rescheduled once again.

In other news the New York Times is working on an article about Otisville prison as it relates to Michael Cohen. The DOJ’s star witness and the Donald’s star rat requested Otisville Federal prison to serve his 3 year jail sentence. A reporter from the Times contacted me and asked many questions about Otisville. I gave honest answers but reminded the reporter that I am a convicted felon, convicted of fraud no less. You can’t believe everything I say.

You can read a copy of the sentencing hearing of Mr. Goatberg:

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