Senator Leiberman Defends Goatcopy

Senator Leiberman Defends Goatcopy

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Former Connecticut Senator & former Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Leiberman wrote a character letter defending Louis Goldberg, AKA Lou Goatberg for Lou’s upcoming sentencing in Federal District Court for Lou’s criminal tax fraud case. Lou Goatberg supported Rabbi Daniel Greer long after child rape victim Eli Mirlis, who knew Goatberg, filed his lawsuit against the depraved Goat.  Mirlis wasn’t very happy when he heard that Goatberg sided with the Goat.  Goatberg stopped fraternizing the Goat after I started to blog about how Lou frequented the Goat shul.  The power of the wet noodle.

To his credit, Senator Leiberman never befriended the Goat, unlike Senator Richard Blumenthal.  Blumenthal went to the annual Goat fundraising buffet every year, which was called the “Gan Gathering.”   I used to get invited to pay $250 to go to these “gatherings” and hobnob with rich and important people.  At the time I wasn’t a famous blogger back then with a catchy prison nickname.  I was just a small time lawyer.  I was honored that the Goat invited me to attend his “gathering” with such great men as Rabbi Daniel the Goat, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Mayor Toni Harp, Mayor John DiStefano, State Senator Pat Dillon, Police Chief Esserman, Assistant Police Chief Fesserman, Judge Keyes, and New Haven reporter and local Yale Communist Paul Bass.  I was obviously very naive and stupid at the time.  I can’t believe I blew $250 to watch Avi Hack, Harold Hack and Daniel Greer give self absorbed speeches to a bunch of shameless politicians and other useful idiots.

Senator Joseph Leiberman wrote favorably about his criminal friend Lou Goatberg.  I wonder how many other friends of Senator Leiberman are criminals.  According to the Federal Elections Commission website Lou Goldberg donated $500 towards Leiberman’s campaign for Senate in 2000 and $1000 to Leiberman’s Presidential campaign in 2004.  Senator Leiberman should have disclosed this information to Judge Hall.  If I were the sentencing judge I would want to know how many people who signed character letters were paid off by Lou Goatberg.

Joe Leiberman wrote about how grateful he was to Lou’s wife Edie.  Edie introduced Joe to his second wife Hadassah in 1982.  I don’t understand why Joe is thanking Lou for Edie’s role in breaking up Leiberman’s first marriage.  Edie is not being sentenced.  Edie had nothing to do with robbing Uncle Sam out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes over the years.  Did Edie introduce Joe to Hillary too?

As Leiberman became more religious he decided that his first wife Betty was not Jewish enough for him.  He had to dump her.  Plus Joe didn’t like her first name, ie., Betty.  Joe was looking for a woman with a more Jewish sounding name.  Edie introduced him to Hadassah.  But it’s not as if Joe was a religious fanatic.  I used to run into Leiberman every now and then in various shuls in New Haven.  Joe Leiberman can be categorized as very modern Orthodox, no different than Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.  He shamelessly used his religion to win votes in the Bible Belt when he ran for Vice President.  He pretended to be pious when it was good for politics.  Joe voted in the Senate on a Saturday of all things.  Joe walked to a D.C. shul for morning services, walked to the Senate chamber in the afternoon, took off his yarmulke, submitted his vote on a muksa spending bill to Congress, and then said “shabbat shalom” to the reporters who took his picture outside the Senate building.  The spending bill passed.  To celebrate he had a group hug with Hadassah and Hillary.

As Joe Leiberman became more “religious” he also became more Republican. He started out as a Democrat, just like Rabbi Daniel Greer.  Joe then sharply veered off to the right, just like the Goat.  Eventually Joe went completely off the deep end.  Joe became a loyal Trump supporter.  Even Ivanka and Jared are not Trump supporters.  They only put up with him because he is the grandfather of their kids.  I left the compound before I got to ask Rabbi Goat what he thought about the Donald.  I would assume that the Goat was a big fan of the Donald, only because the Donald hates Obama and the Goat always hated Obama.

Leiberman signed his Lou Goatberg character letter on stationary of the law firm where he is employed, ie., the Marc Kasowitz Law Firm of Manhattan.  Marc Kasowitz was reared and raised in New Haven in a Jewish family that ran a successful scrap business.  The Kasowitz family tried to get into the garbage business but the Italians blew up their garbage trucks.  In New Haven the Italians took out the garbage while the Jews picked up the scraps.  Kasowitz made it big in law when he represented Donald Trump in his many legal matters.  Kasowitz was kicked off the Trump team when he couldn’t pass Federal security clearance.  Marc has a twin brother who got into trouble with the Department of Justice thirty years ago for some kind of scam.  Stephen Kasowitz didn’t do a day in jail because of his family connections to politicians.  Lou Goatberg is hoping for the same sentence.

Leiberman’s wife Hadassah also submitted a character letter for Lou Goatberg.  Hadassah didn’t mention anything about being grateful to Edie Goatberg for setting her up with Joe.  Hadassah may be harboring second thoughts about her marriage to Joe.  Edie should start looking for a new man for Hadassah.  Hadassah’s letterhead says “Senator and Mrs. Joseph I. Leiberman.”  Leiberman is no longer a Senator.  Leiberman called it quits back and decided not to run in 2011 when his approval ratings were at 24%.   Hadassah may have committed a Federal offense when she signed her name on Senator Leiberman’s mail. 18 USC 1708 is the “penalty for private use” statute.

Hadassah wrote in her character letter the following: “I always heard the stories of people Lou hired who had troubled records. Lou gave them a chance after an interview where they spoke of previous problems, whether that be of alcohol or drugs or incarceration.”  This is the reason Lou Goatberg wouldn’t give up on Rabbi Goat.  Lou knew that the depraved Goat was a depraved child rapist and alcoholic.  Lou wanted to give the Goat the benefit of the doubt.

Speaking of Rabbi Goat, Lou Goatberg secured a character letter from Rabbi Goat’s attorney Stuart Margolis, who is married to a Connecticut Federal Judge.  Goatberg is pulling out all the stops, leaving no stone unturned.  Stuart Margolis handles all of Rabbi Greer’s evictions in New Haven.  Margolis also filed 40 tax appeal cases against the City of New Haven for the Goat.  The Goat is trying to get property taxes reduced on properties that already get a tax break because they are owned by the Goat’s non-profit entities.  Chutzpah!   Margolis concluded his character letter with the following words:  “I would be pleased to provide whatever additional information or address any inquiries concerning Lou’s good character and reputation in the community.”  What additional information does Attorney Margolis know about Goatberg that he is not telling sentencing Judge Janet Hall?  Does Margolis seriously think that Judge Hall will give him a call and ask him questions about Lou Goatberg?

Lou beefed up his pile of character letters with letters signed by rabbis and employees of Goatcopy Printing.  Most people mentioned that Lou was a generous donor to charities and kind to employees.  Lou had plenty of money to throw around.  Lou and his nephew Ira Malkin were earning over a half a million dollars running copy machines and not paying any Federal taxes.  Doesn’t Lou know that it is assur to steal from the government in order to give tzedaka.  At the very least Lou and his nephew could have set up a non-profit printing company and kept their money, just as Rabbi Goat is able to keep his millions and Yale is able to keep it’s billions.

Lou’s wife Edie, along with others, mentioned that Lou hired many former criminals and felons.   Edie wrote:  “Goodcopy hired ex-offenders through Host Associates, an organization the helps those who have paid their debt to society reenter it. One of our memorable successes was a man released from jail after serving nine years on a murder offense. He maintained that he did not commit the murder, but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We believed in him and hired him for deliveries. He was a very loyal employee and a goodwill ambassador for Goodcopy. He was always cheerful, and our customers adored him. When Lou gave him a bonus, he cried and hugged him.”  Lou hired a murdered.  Lou believed this murderer who said he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”  Lou is dumber than I thought.  How come Lou didn’t hire me when I got out of Otisville Federal prison?  I guess if I had murdered someone Lou would have hired me.

Lou received an impressive character letter from a man named Philip Bogart, who identified himself as “a Partner at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP, a full service law firm with over 160 attorneys in eight (8) U.S. offices.”  Phil’s profile on the law firm website says that Phil “has developed a niche practice counseling dental and veterinary practices.”  He specializes in representing dentists and goat doctors.  Phil said the following of Lou:   “I have known Lou for approximately nineteen (19) years, beginning during my courtship of Lou’s daughter, who is now my wife. In addition, I have represented Lou’s company, “Goatcopy Visual Communications” over the years in connection with various transactional matters. The lens with which I describe Lou, therefore, comes both as an attorney and as a nonblood member of the Goldberg family. I am not merely a casual observer.”  Phil emphasized that he is a “non-blood” member of the Goatberg family, lest Judge Hall thinks that the Goatberg family is an inbred Hasidic sect.  Phil stated:  “Although one could say I am biased, in short, Lou possesses a high ethical character, strong work ethic, true integrity, impeccable honesty, unmatched generosity and a natural warmth and ready smile that puts others at ease.”  Rabbi Goat also had a “ready smile” that put bochurim at ease.

Attorney Phil concluded his letter with the following words:  “I welcome additional inquiry should such efforts be helpful – just telephone me at.”  Attorney Margolis concluded his letter in the same way.  None of the non-attorneys ended their letters with such words.  What is it with these attorney character letters?  Do these egomaniacs actually believe that the sentencing judge will be impressed with their stupid letters?  Do these attorneys really believe that Judge Hall is going to call them up and waste valuable government time shmoozing with them about Lou Goatberg?  Judge’s salaries are paid by the taxpayers.  Lou Goatberg’s failure to pay Federal taxes for the last thirty years could have financed a raise for every Federal judge in Connecticut.

The first prize for best character letter submitted in support of Lou Goldberg goes to Andrew Corey Greco, a loyal employee of Goatcopy.  According to his Facebook page, Andrew is a big fan of the Seattle Seahawks and he likes to drink big mugs of beer, he likes beer, still likes beer.  Andrew wrote:  “About 8 or 9 years ago I was standing in a Dunkin Donuts getting my coffee when an older man asked me if I worked at Goodcopy? Not realizing I was wearing my Goodcopy shirt I responded to him that I did. This stranger then proceeded to tell me that he had also worked at Goodcopy at one point in his life. He asked if Lou and Edie were still there I told him that they were. As I looked at him his eyes began to tear up and this man said to me ‘I wish I could only do for them what they have done for me, they truly are good people.’  Lou is the only orthodox Jewish man that I have met that sings Christmas Songs out loud while walking through the shop, to see that everyone is having a great day.”

Andrew wrote that Lou Goldberg sings Christmas songs out loud!  Unbelievable!  Does Lou’s rabbi know about this? Lou moved to the Haradi town of Monsey NY a few years back.  If the Jews in Monsey find out that Lou goes out Christmas caroling with Joe Leiberman and Hillary Clinton, Lou will be kicked out of shul, just as I was kicked down the stairs of the Goat shul by the Goat himself.

Speaking of rabbis, Lou submitted a couple of letters from rabbis who used to lead Young Israel of New Haven, where Lou was a board member, and Lou exerted influence over their jobs. Lou didn’t submit any character letters from any rabbi from Monsey.  I would think that Lou would be more popular in the very religious Monsey crowd now that he is a convicted felon.  I guess not.  They probably found out about his Christmas caroling.  Poor Lou.  He can’t catch a break from Noodles.

The Feds raided Goatcopy back in 2016.  Lou Goldberg was at the office.  Lou’s nephew Ira Malkin was out making sales.  The Federal agents demanded to see files related to the tax shenanigans that Lou and Ira had been doing for years.  Lou produced his files and answered questions.  Lou was read his rights, yet he agreed to answer questions without his attorney.  Big mistake.  Never talk to the Feds without your attorney.  You are only going to dig yourself a bigger hole.

Lou spoke with Federal agents for a number of hours at the Goatcopy Printing.  Lou gave the Federal agents conflicting explanations for his tax shenanigans.  The FBI wrote in their report:   “Special Agent Franson stated that Goldberg’s statements were conflicting throughout the interview and advised Goldberg that he must tell the agents the truth. Goldberg agreed that in the beginning of the interview, his statements were not accurate. He agreed to start from the beginning and to be completely honest.”

Lou eventually confessed to his sins to the Special Agents.  The FBI reports state:  “Goldberg said ‘I definitely screwed up and ‘I was aware we were doing it.’  Goldberg said he wants to be a cooperating witness in the investigation. Special Agent Laskowski told Goldberg he is a co-conspirator with Ira Malkin and Goldberg responded, ‘you’re right, I am a co-conspirator.'”

Goldberg agreed to cooperate with the Feds and throw his nephew under the bus.  It was all Ira’s fault.  During the interview with the FBI Special Agents Lou got a call from his nephew Ira Malkin.  Goldberg looked at the agents and said, ‘I’m not going to jail for Malkin.'”

Not only did Goatberg rat out his nephew but he argued in his sentencing memo, submitted by his attorney, the high priced Hugh Keefe, that Ira “bullied him.”  Hugh argued: “Mr. Malkin was charged with a more serious crime than Mr. Goldberg as Mr. Malkin was the ringleader and bullied Mr. Goldberg into following his wishes in his attempt to reduce his taxable income. The case against Mr. Malkin was largely supported through Mr. Goldberg’s cooperation.”

I don’t think Lou Goatberg should go to jail.  I think the proper punishment for Lou is to admit to Judge Hall that he hasn’t been paying his taxes for many more years than the years he got caught.  He should voluntarily pay the Feds back taxes.  He should admit that his support for Rabbi Daniel Greer was a big mistake.  He should admit that Ira Malkin never bullied him.  He should also agree to stop singing Christmas carols with Joe Leiberman and Hillary Clinton.

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