Shayeh “Da Scammer” Dov Headed To Otisville

Shayeh “Da Scammer” Dov Headed To Otisville

Despite his lengthy criminal record for fraud, Shayeh Dov was able to convince Orthodox Jews from New York and Miami to give him millions of dollars. A sucker is born every minute. Shaya Dov will be spending the next 87 months in Otisville.

In 1992, when Shayeh Dov was 20 years old he was convicted of possession of stolen property and sentenced to five years probation. Shortly therafter Shayeh Dov was busted for federal bank fraud. Shayeh Dov stole $15,000 in checks from mailboxes in Brooklyn, New York and deposited them into his personal account. In 1996 Shayeh pleaded guilty to forging signatures on checks and was sentenced in 1996 to one month imprisonment, 3 months home confinement, and five years supervised release. In 2000 Shayeh went to Federal prison for 12 months for violating his supervised release. In 1998 Shayeh was busted by the Feds for trafficking in counterfeit credit cards and bank fraud and got six months imprisonment, five years supervised release.

After Shayeh got out of Federal prison in 2001 he was ten years older and ten years smarter. Shayeh learned how to commit more lucrative and sophisticated crimes from the Jewish criminals he was locked up with. Shayeh stopped stealing mail from Brooklyn mailboxes. Dumpster diving was so 1990s. Shayeh moved to Miami, where nobody knew him, and victimized members of the Miami Orthodox Jewish community with complicated investment schemes. Dov sold investments in foreclosed mortgage notes through these companies: P&S Inc., Notez LLC, and Notess LLC. Dov lured investors by completing at least one legitimate transaction in which the investor made money. This was soon followed by larger fraudulent transactions in which the investor lost money. The old bait and switch. Shayeh Dov used investors money to cover his personal and travel expenses, gambling expenses, mortgage payments on his home, luxury automobile loan expenses, and trips to the Bahamas, Israel, and New York. Investors reported at least three million dollars in losses to the Feds. Shayeh owed a 2018 black Maserati and a 2017 Land Rover, both with vanity plates that said “NACHMAN.” Shayeh also owed a 2017 Jaguar and a 2017 Lexus, without the vanity plates.

In February of 2019 Shayeh pleaded guilty and signed a plea agreement in which he agreed to cooperate with the Feds in other investigations. The Federal judicial website does not reveal whom Shayeh planned to rat out to the Feds. I contacted the Office of the United States Attorney for the State of Florida and asked them who Shayeh was ratting out and what other investigations were currently pending related to Shayeh. The secretary at the Office of the United States Attorney told me that if I contacted them again they would have me locked up in a deportation center on the Mexican border. I didn’t want to go through the effort of finding my birth certificate proving that I am an American citizen, so I hung up. Shayeh agreed to let the Feds wire him up and go undercover to set up other Jewish scammers and criminals, see below:

Less than six months after signing his plea agreement and cooperation agreement, the Office of Adult Probation reported to the South Florida Federal Judge William Zloch that Shayeh violated probation by committing another scam. I don’t think Judge Zloch is a Jew, even though he is from South Florida and his name rhymes with Shloch. Judge Zloch graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School and was the all star football quarterback at the University of Notre Dame. How many Jews do you know who play football? Such a goyisha sport. Jews too short, fat and kosher to throw a pigskin would rather own the football team, like Robert Kraft, who can hire shvartzes to kill each other on the astro turf while Kraft gets a happy ending at a South Beach Asian massage parlor.

After the Office of Adult Probation reported that Shayeh was committing new crimes Judge Zloch immediately scheduled a hearing. At the hearing the Office of the United States Attorney reported that Shayeh stopped snitching in violation of his plea agreement. Shayeh’s defense attorney filed a motion to withdraw representation. Shayeh managed to piss off the Office of the United States Attorney, the Office of Adult Probation and his own defense attorney all at the same time. What a putz!

You can read a copy of the sentencing memo submitted by the Feds asking Judge Zloch to sentence Shayeh to the maximum prison term possible:

Shayeh submitted his own sentencing memo asking Judge Zloch to have pity on his gambling addicted soul. Shayeh got three character letters of support. Shayeh’s son Simon Dov told Judge Zloch that his father was a “kind and loving person, a good person.” Simon blamed Shayeh’s life of crime on a gambling addiction and wrote: “He always had a severe addiction to gambling, whether it was sneaking to a casino during the day when we all thought he was working or jumping out of a window at 2 a.m. while we were all asleep. The addiction has ruined him and our family. He really deserves the benefit of the doubt.”

Shayeh’s older sister Naomi Schlesinger submitted a character letter and told Judge Zloch: “Shayeh had a very tough childhood being thrown into various foster homes literally being bounced from one place to another without getting any love and education, etc…” Naomi’s husband Benjamin Moshe Schlesinger wrote that Shayeh was “a nice person, a wonderful loving father and grandfather. Please find it in your infinite wisdom for Shayeh to do home confinement.” I thought only G-d, and Jewish doctors, possessed infinite wisdom. I never realized that Federal sentencing judges, and former all star college quarterbacks such as Judge Zloch, also possessed infinite wisdom. You can read a copy of the three character letters below:

Judge Zloch had no mercy on Shayeh’s gambling addicted soul at sentencing this past week. Shayeh got the maximum sentence of 87 months. Shayeh may be headed to Otisville very soon. Shayeh will get a chance to scam some of the biggest criminal minds in the Jewish inmate community while he does his time with Michael “The Sitch” Sorrentino and Michael “The Snitch” Cohen. Shayeh can take comfort in the fact that in Otisville Shayeh’s mind and body is considered property of the Bureau of Prisons. Shayeh will be protected by the powerful Federal government. Shayeh will never have to worry about a maniac showing up at Otisville with an AK 47.

You can read Shayeh’s lame pitch he used to lure in Jewish investors. Jews have the reputation as being tight fisted with money. Shayeh’s text messages below disprove the cheap Jew stereotype. These text messages prove that a Jew and his shekels can easily be separated by a complete shmuck like Shayeh:

For God, For Country, For Otisville


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