Sheldon Silver Breaks out of otisville

Sheldon Silver Breaks out of otisville

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Disgraced New York politico powerhouse Sheldon Silver apparently busted out of Otisville today and was released to home confinement on a temporary medical furlough, or permanent home confinement to serve out the remainder of 6 years left on his sentence. The media is currently camped out at Sheldon’s Lower East Side apartment waiting for him to check in with his new prison guard / cell mate, ie., his wife Rosa. During his criminal trial evidence was introduced that Silver cheated on Rosa in the Capital with a female lobbyist and then with an Assemblywoman. As of noon today there has been no sign of Silver.

Its possible that Silver was released to the care of his doctors or to a hospital. Silver has been suffering from serious liver and kidney problems while at Otisville camp. He has frequently been taken out of the camp for medical treatment. Getting out of Otisville during COVID19 is not so simple. The guards have to make prior arrangements with the medical provider. The guards take all kinds of precautions when they take a prisoner out. I’ve watched it myself while I was locked up. The guards are super cautious about security. They fear that someone will bust in and grab the inmate while he is being taken outside the compound. I’ve watched the guards clear the entire front lobby of inmates and personnel. They have the inmate shuffle through the entrance in shackles. Guards with high powered rifles are stationed right outside the prison. The prison bus or van, more like a cage on wheels, comes up to the front entrance to pick up the inmate. Guards need to accompany the inmate to the medical provider. Its a lot of work for guards. A lot of paperwork. Guards don’t want to walk into germ infested hospitals or doctors offices with a sick inmate every month. I’m sure the guards would rather send the old man home rather than have to deal with the logistics of releasing him to the doctor every month. The BOP probably has to pay overtime for the extra work involved in escorting Silver to the doctor’s office.

When Silver comes back to the camp after a medical visit he has to be put in quarantine for a month, the SHU, ie., solitary confinement, just like all new arrivals to Camp Otisville. Silver gets stuck in a single jail cell 24/7. Guards deliver his food. One shower a week. No way to buy food from other inmates. Visits are suspended. No phone calls. No emails. No commissary. After his quarantine he is sent back to the camp. If he is caught with his mask slightly off he is sent back to the SHU for another 30 days. This is no way for a modern democracy to treat a 77 year old man, regardless of his crime.

I heard that Silver may be camping out at his doctors office, or the hospital until the media frenzy leaves his apartment. Or Silver could be staying with Michael Cohen on the Upper East Side where Michael Cohen is finishing his sentence on home confinement. The Michael Cohen Halfway House. Moshiach Now!

RIP OLE ANTHONY: 82 year old skid row Dallas resident Ole Anthony passed away last month. Ole (O-lee) took down hundreds of televangelists hucksters, including $80 million Rev. Tilton. Ole had a large following in Dallas that investigated Christian religious fanatical fraudsters. Ole took a vow of poverty and lived in the slums of Dallas. Ole had a daily Christian prayer group which he didn’t start until he had a minyan of ten humans. Ole also held Passover services. Ole’s early life was one of crime, but he eventually found God after he was given a choice between going to jail or the military. Ole went into the Air Force and turned his life around. Ole’s famous quote is the following: “There’s more fraud in the name of God than any other kind of fraud in the world.” Its too bad Ole didn’t get a chance to visit Otisville before he died.

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