Sheldon Silver Released From Quarantine

Sheldon Silver Released From Quarantine

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Sheldon Silver has been locked up in quarantine in a run down section of the Otisville medium that was reopened to segregate inmates with COVID19 or other health problems. This unit hasn’t been used in years. New guys are being sent to this Shutter Island unit to quarantine for 3 weeks before they are let into the camp. These guys are locked down in solitary conditions. 77 year old Sheldon Silver was just released into the camp after having spent the last three months in this unit.

Silver did not win the Trump commutation lottery. Silver was not as lucky as the young and violent drug dealer Jon Braun got a get out of Otisville jail free card with the help of Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz said that he donated whatever money he was paid by Braun to charity when Dershowitz heard that Braun physically attacked his debtors if they fell behind on their payments.

Why did Trump let guys like 37 year old Jon Braun and 45 year old Eliyahu Weinstein out of the clink and leave 77 year old Sheldon Silver to rot? Was it because Silver is a donkey and Trump is an elephant? Jon Braun and Eli Weinstein had no political affiliations. Was it because Governor Cuomo criticized Trump for considering Silver’s pardon? Cuomo said, “It could just be a favor for some contact, a favor for someone in the Jewish community, a favor for a donor, Who knows what it is? He does not need a logical explanation for his actions. We’ve learned that.” New York Republicans discouraged Trump from pardoning Silver. The NY GOP issued the following statement: “Silver deserves to actually serve the jail time that he was sentenced for selling the incredible power he yielded to enrich himself. He was a corrupt and dishonest politician.”

Sheldon will soon be joined by Crown Heights Attorney Shimon Rosenfeld, who was recently indicted by the Justice Department for running a real estate investment scam with losses to Crown Heights and Manhattan victims in the amount of $4 million. Rosenfeld is also getting sued by numerous victims. Rosenfeld told victims that he was investing their money in Crown Heights real estate flips. Rosenfeld never invested his victims’ hard earned money in real estate flips. Rosenfeld invested his victim’s money in Rosenfeld’s brokerage account, where Rosenfeld lost money in the stock market. When I was in Otisville I was locked up with guys who were addicted to the casinos, which caused them to lead a life of crime. Other guys were addicted to gambling in the stock market, which caused them to beg, borrow and steal from others. When one victim demanded that Rosenfeld return his investment, Rosenfeld stated in an email, “ned a little more time, August is a tuff month…” Rosenfeld should not publish an investment newsletter on Crown Heights real estate flips until he learns how to spell.

Rosenfeld’s victims included Rosenfeld’s former law partner Attorney Michael B. Arouh, Schneur Plotkin, Rena Lights, LLC, Sholom Dovber Deitsch, Aegis SMB Fund II, LP, and others. Shimon Rosenfeld’s residence on Crown Street is in foreclosure. Rosenfeld donated his time and money to worthy causes in the Crown Heights community, a good way to give himself credibility to make it easier to defraud more victims. Rosenfeld will argue to his sentencing Judge that he was a pillar of the community. Rosenfeld will be a pillar of the Otisville community very soon. Otisville needs more guys like Rosenfeld to make the minyan. COVID has caused the number of Federal white collar criminal prosecutions to drop. Less guys are being locked up today than in the old days. The Feds are focusing more on Paycheck protection payment scams, political violence, threats of violence against lawmakers, drug dealing, child porn, ponzi schemes, and home grown terrorists.

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