Sheldon Silver Trying To Avoid Otisville Due To COVID19

Sheldon Silver Trying To Avoid Otisville Due To COVID19

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Sheldon Silver was tried and convicted no less than two times by Federal juries over the last five years. The first conviction was overturned on appeal. The second conviction stuck. Silver’s sentencing date has been pushed off a few times because of the pandemic. Silver’s attorney, former Federal prosecutor James Patrick Loonam, a partner at the Wall Street white shoe law firm of Jones Day recently submitted a sentencing memo on behalf of Silver. When Silver, an Orthodox Jew, was originally charged back in 2015 he was represented by a fellow Jew Attorney Joel Cohen. Silver spent millions of his ill begotten gains on his criminal defense attorneys. Silver must be getting bigger kickbacks from Attorney James Patrick Looman than he got from Attorney Cohen. Politicians are always looking for a quick buck.

Silver wrote a hand written letter to Federal Judge Valerie E. Caproni, who was appointed by Obama to the Federal bench back in 2012, even though she was general counsel of the FBI back in 2006 when it illegally obtained telephone records of 5,500 Americans. The Democratic Chair of the House Judiciary Committee issued the following statement calling for her banishment from the FBI: “The FBI broke the law on telephone records privacy and the General Counsel’s Office, headed by Valerie Caproni, sanctioned it and must face consequences. I call upon the FBI Director to take immediate action to punish those who violated the rules, including firing them from the agency. This must include Valerie Caproni, who had approved the continued use of exigent letters and provided legal advice that was inconsistent with federal law. Between 2003 and 2006, the FBI improperly obtained personal telephone record information from U.S. telephone companies for more than 5,500 phone numbers, including private details protected by federal law, in some cases agents sent letters with information known to be false.”

Obama could have appointed a civil rights lawyer to the Federal judiciary who was busted for protesting police brutality. Obama could have appointed Larry Noodles to the bench. But no! A lawyer who got in trouble for supporting the brutal police State was appointed by Obama to the Federal bench. Obama maintained the prison industrial complex. Obama was the biggest con man the African American community has ever experienced. Good luck trying to find Obama on his knee or crying at a protest.

In Silver’s hand written letter to Judge Caproni he told Caproni that politics is controlled by greedy, sleazy criminals like himself. Caproni already knows that the highest positions in government are controlled by corrupt individuals and law school graduates with Ivy League entitlement degrees. Silver wrote: “as you gain more seniority and power, it is easy to develop a sense of entitlement. I developed a sense of entitlement and it seemed normal. I think that sense of entitlement was easier to justify because I thought I was keeping the best interests of the State. I felt entitled to the financial windfalls that came my way while doing what I thought was good work. But I was dead wrong. I was undermining public confidence in our public officials and institutions, which we need now more than ever. I rationalized the windfalls because I felt I earned them through a lifetime of work and connections that improved the State. It was not just about money, but also power, respect and above all, a mistaken belief that I deserved it. As a public official, you are not entitled to anything. You have to earn your votes every day and your rewards are in the satisfaction that you did good and earned the respect of the community…”

Silver is trying to avoid Otisville with his medical records signed by Dr. Peter Green, who stated that Silver “has multiple chronic medical problems that include a malabsorption syndrome with resultant edema, chronic kidney disease, anemia and thrombocytopenia, treated prostate cancer and obesity.” Silver weighs in at 230 pounds. The best cure for obesity is six months in the Otisville prison camp. I knew guys who lost 50 – 100 pounds in their first six months. The guys in Otisville camp were recently quarantined in the medium in individual jail cells with limited meals, limited phone calls and three showers a week. Getting locked up in solitary causes rapid weight loss. Talk about a crash diet.

Silver’s son in law Marcello Trebitsch was unable to avoid Otisville after stealing four million dollars from a wealthy Jewish investor from Washington DC., and another four million from other Jewish investors. Trebitsch got busted at the same time as Silver. Trebitsch falsely claimed that he worked on Wall Street and managed a $50 million stock fund. The investor from DC knew that Sheldon Silver was Trebitsch’s father in law and were hoping to score business with Sheldon Silver on the Albany gravy train. Everyone knows you have to pay to play in the New York political game. The Feds sealed the name of the Jewish investor from Washington DC from the court files. Why all the secrecy? The American public deserves to know the names of individuals involved in fraud and corruption at the highest levels of government. Nobody should be entitled to have his identity sealed to the public by Federal prosecutors or a Federal Judge. The investor from DC may have been a criminal himself.

Trebitsch ripped off fellow Orthodox Jews. Talk about CHUTZPAH! At one point when an investor discovered Trebitsch’s fraud, Trebitsch cried his eyes out and appealed to his Jewish “brother’s” heartstrings. Trebitsch convinced his fellow landsman to mediate the dispute in religious court. US Attorney Preet Bharara wrote the following to Harvard Law School graduate, and Obama appointee Federal Judge Vernon Broderick: “Victim-2 attempted to resolve this matter through rabbinical court after Trebitsch apologized profusely, expressed extreme regret, and promised to return the money. Yet Victim-2 never received any of the money he invested in the years that followed, during which time Trebitsch ramped up his fraudulent activity with Victim-3 and Victim-4.” DOUBLE CHUTZPAH! Trebitsch used his wife’s name, ie., Michelle Silver Trebitsch, on bank accounts and shell corporations that he set up to perpetrate his eight million dollar fraud. Michelle never got indicted. Silver privilege.

Preet asked Democratic Judge Broderick to sentence Trebitsch to 5 years in Otisville. Judge Broderick only sentenced Trebitsch to two years in Otisville. I got about the same jail time in Otisville for closing 7 New Haven properties as an attorney. All I earned was my closing fees. I didn’t steal a dime from anybody. But my father in law wasn’t Sheldon Silver. I didn’t graduate from an Ivy League law school. I had no connections with members of the Democratic Party who control the levers of power in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the Political Axis of Evil.

Silver may be able to avoid Otisville altogether because of the COVID 19th plague, which is only getting worse. A number of Otisville campers with sentences less than five years were released to home confinement, such as bankruptcy attorney Peter Ressler, NY politician Dean Skelos and Trump snitch Michael Cohen. There are only 60 guys left in Otisville. The sadistic guards were unhappy that these 60 guys were living it up in the empty camp, so they transferred them to the medium and locked them up in solitary confinement. The inmates were told that the lock down was due to COVID19, and that they could be stuck in solitary for months. A good cover story to justify cruel and unusual punishment. Despite protests throughout the country, the law enforcement community has done nothing, other than a few random kneels, prayers and crocodile tears, in order to change their institutions of control, corruption, deception and brutality.

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