Sheldon Silver’s Trip to Otisville Prison Camp On Hold

Sheldon Silver’s Trip to Otisville Prison Camp On Hold

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Sheldon Silver’s conviction for corruption was overturned by a three judge panel on the Second Circuit.  Silver was convicted by a jury back in November of 2015.  This 72 year old man was sentenced to 12 years in jail a few months later.  Judge Caprioni “designated Federal Corrections Facility Otisville Camp” for Mr. Silver.  Silver filed an appeal.  Judge Cabranes, on the Appellate Court, just wrote a decision overturning the conviction.  The Feds have vowed to indict Silver again and have another trial.

After the sentence was handed down an angry citizen sent an anonymous letter to Judge Caprioni criticizing the judge for sending Silver to a “cushy prison environment that is highly favored for the ‘chosen people’ Orthodox Jews.”  This coward refused to sign his name and blamed Silver for the eviction of his mother.  The letter stated:  “my mother lost her apartment because of the crooked judges (same tribe) in the Housing Court, who were influenced by Sheldon Silver and his gang… No matter how cushy a prison is horny Silver will not have access to cheap motels for illicit sex with his mistresses outside of marriage.”

If your sentence is over 10 years you need special permission to get a table in the Otisville mess hall.  Silver got a twelve year sentence and was granted this waiver.  Herman Jacobowitz got a 15 year sentence and was also granted this waiver.  Jacobowitz and his brothers were running one of the largest healthcare supply companies in the New York area, called Allou.  They ran the company into the ground.  The Feds charged them with lying to investors in order to cash in on an inflated stock price.  Pump and dump.  They all ended up at the Otisville prison camp.

Herman had to request a waiver to get into Otisville because his sentence was 15 years.  In his request Jacobowitz argued to the judge that Bernie Ebbers from Worldcom got the waiver even though he got a 25 year sentence.  He also pointed out that Sanjay Kumar got the waiver even though he got a 12 year sentence for causing $2 billion in losses.  If you just got sentenced to over ten years and wish to spend the next decade of your life living it up in the Otisville asylum, save your money on attorneys fees and download the letter the lawyer for Jacobowitz prepared for free.  Cut and paste your own personal information, and you will be all set.  No need to thank Larry Noodles, just a free public service provided to fellow convicts.

I would not consider Otisville to be “cushy” compared to other prisons.  I heard that at other Federal facilities prisons you can purchase cell phones, ipods, and even tablets, that are smuggled in.  Otisville was not cell phone friendly.  The compound was small with only about 100 guys.  The guys were living on top of each other, with guards in your face.  In larger Federal compounds you would have about 400 guys with only a few guards.  In Otisville you had 100 guys with guards coming and going at all hours.  They only left you alone at night.  But most guys were in bed at night, as the guards would wake you up at 6 in the morning.  Plus many guys tried to curry favor with the boys in blue.  The Head Blueboy in charge, Scalboni, used to say, “I don’t need video cameras, I got 100 set of eyeballs watching this place.”

Eventually guys living under these conditions get on each other’s nerves and have mental breakdowns. They either get into fights, or get into trouble with the blueboys for trying to smuggle contraband into the camp.  Usually the contraband is nothing more than cigarettes, prescription drugs, or food, yet the blue boys treat it as if is the crime of the century.  Nobody tries to smuggle in a weapon, what’s the point?   When you get into trouble you get shipped out to another facility.  Usually guys get shipped out to Fort Dix.

There were a number of prominent New York politicians locked up with me.  Heshy Tishler was a heavy set wheeler dealer from Boro Park.  He was locked up for immigration fraud, ie., helping illegals get their working papers with phony jobs.  Heshy was checking out of Otisville when I first checked in.  When Heshy gave his parting speech he said he wanted to be buried in the prison clothes he wore every Shabbos.  He told a story about a Rebbe who wore priest clothing in order to raise money for poor Jews.  The Rebbe was buried in the priest uniform, as the clothing became holy.  Heshy said he felt the same way about his Shabbos prison clothes.

On Shabbos everyone had to wear a white long sleeve shirt and grey sweatpants.  No green Federal issued uniform.  This was a Jewish inmate rule that was strictly enforced by the Jewish inmates.  I didn’t realize this rule when I first came in.  I was admonished for wearing my greens on Shabbos.  The inmates told me that ignorance of the law was no excuse.  The inmates were worse than the Feds!

When Heshy left, Inmate Rabbi Pinter gave his weekly Shabbos speech about Heshy.  Pinter said that Heshy thought that he was the one pushing the buttons and getting things done in Brooklyn all these years.  Now he realizes that it is the Creator who really runs the world, even Brooklyn.  G-d was fixing all the potholes in Brooklyn.

Eventually the old inmates left and new guys came in who didn’t like Pinter’s weekly speeches.  They felt he was giving too much mussar.  Pinter was banned from speaking for a while.  He acted like he didn’t care, but you knew it bothered him.

I heard that Heshy is back in Boro Park wheeling and dealing.  I also heard that when he first got out he went on the radio and had a weekly show where he talked about Otisville.  Some guys were listening to his show up in Otisville.  Big Sal Romano was not a big fan of Heshy.  He thought Heshy was too loud and annoying.   Many guys felt the same.

I never had a problem with Heshy.  He gave me some old sneakers when I first came in.  They were too big and the soles were worn out, but I didn’t have many options at the time.  I don’t think he even charged me, but then again, you couldn’t give those things away.  He probably found them in the dumpster.

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  1. Tishler insists on the radio show & everywhere else that he & the others arrested in the Green Card scam were framed by Robert Salamon who used the alias Sam Solomon. The government calls him the cooperating witness. Neighborhood Mitch would call him the rat. If this is the Robert Salamon I am thinking of, I could see it, but I am still skeptical. A bunch of the others arrested have shady backgrounds. Some have no qualms admitting they were willing participants in the scam.

    And when you have a major league crook & degenerate like Pinter, defrauding & stealing colossal sums of money since the 1960s, who whines HE is the victim, it makes it harder to believe the more petty criminals.

    1. I was locked up with Leo AKA Lipa Teitelbaum, who ratted out the mastermind of the operation Attorney Earl David, who was also in Otisville. Earl got about 5 years. He got out after me. Earl didn’t hold a grudge against Lipa while they were locked up together. Earl was a character. He had his own blog going, and was writing an ebook on Amazon, not sure what happened to that. I read on line that Salamon worked for Earl’s law firm. Earl had run ins with the Feds in the past. Lipa left his wife to marry his zaftig babysitter, who used to come to visit him all the time. But everyone thought Lipa the ginger was gay, the way he danced around and laughed like Woody Woodpecker. I will have to defend Pinter on this one, as he only complained about his sentence while he was locked up. He never said he was innocent, or claimed to be a victim, unlike some of the guys. Zaidy claimed to be 100% innocent. The playboy billionaire said his only crime was making a single bet on a Knicks game. Vadeem the Russian foot doctor claimed to be 100% innocent, even after he was convicted by a jury. Jewmark had no problem telling me that he had $10 million wired into an offshore account from the hedge fund he managed. Butler couldn’t believe he was only locked up for one charge, and wasn’t busted for all his other misdeeds. Ken Star never denied that he was a career criminal, in fact he tried to scam fellow inmates while he was locked up. Although Ben Haim hated his prosecutor Chris Christie, he always kicked himself for getting involved with fellow inmate Ashkenazi, who eventually got kicked out for smuggling in cigarettes and other contraband. A pack of cigs goes for $40 in Otisville.

      1. Well, I wasn’t privy to what Pinter had to say while inside prison although I thought his parting speech you reported on had shades of portraying himself as the victim. I was familiar with what Pinter had to say around town after the Feds raided his Coney Island Ave office for fleecing a Swiss bank, plus many families struggling to hold on to their homes while he Pintered around with fraudulent mortgage shenanigans. And maybe Pinter had to act civil in prison to survive but outside prison he is a conceited jerk. Did the hypocrite try pushing his “ethics” book in Otisville that his shameless friends at Artscroll published? The nerve of the guy preaching morals when he has committed just about every sin including labeling treif meat as kosher. Pinter is far from a stand up guy. Plenty of men with families went to prison for his 1970s fraud with the Federal lunch program because he wouldn’t man up that he stole. Senator Dan Flood, while not innocent like the others, even killed himself when Pinter was finally caught.“victor+mayer”&source=bl&ots=NHdV4E4dmx&sig=AaE6RzqLPUZtxkpIDPhhNlgqMNo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjx0L7k05HVAhUKiVQKHd1TAEsQ6AEIQTAI#v=onepage&q=pinter%20%22victor%20mayer%22&f=false

        Pinter: “I swear, I have done nothing wrong”

        Rabbi Leib Pinter, head of the B’nai Torah Institute of Brooklyn, told a witness in a conspiracy trial not to cooperate with the Government, according to a Government sentencing memorandum filed yesterday in United States District Court.

        The memorandum also alleged that three unidentified men had visited the home of the witness—identified elsewhere as Mendel Silber, a former bookkeeper for B’nai Torah—and told him he should not go’ to court the next morning “if he knew what was good for him.” These allegations are based on taped conversations in the Government’s posssession.

        “Earl” doesn’t even rate anywhere close to this blog. And if he’s so out to lunch to pal around with those who stabbed him in the back, that’s his problem.

        Whoa are you ever lucky you didn’t get burned by stepping in the Leo minefield. I used to eat in his old restaurant when on business near 13th Ave. His ex-wife was a mental invalid, a very sad story of being destroyed by her own family. Leo’s ex-father-in-law spent his whole life stealing, cheating & fighting with just about anyone who crossed his path. He split to hide out in Florida at one point when police were investigating kids he tutored for the bar mitzva being molested. The families were threatened so they all clammed up. Leo was paid handsomely to make it look like she had a husband.

        If you check out the website of the Rockland County Clerk it seems if I recall correctly that Robert “Sam” Salamon entered into a bizarre arrangement with Leo’s ex-brother in law to keep Sam’s house out of the hands of Sam’s ex-wife. Then Sam had an even bigger problem that he couldn’t get the house back & Leo’s gang was “evicting” on top of it.

        Now that Sam has passed on, his estate is still trying to get it back.

        Leo’s brother Aaron from the orchestra is by the way listed on websites as a molester too.

  2. bsd


    with all the chassidim in Otis, you should propose a new Netflix series: Green is the Jew Black.

    Moshiach NOW!

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