Signed $15 M Jury Verdict Form Filed With the Court

Signed $15 M Jury Verdict Form Filed With the Court

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The verdict form the jury filled out awarding Mirlis $15 million was just filed with the Court.  The newspapers got it wrong when they reported that the verdict was $20 million.  See for yourself.  The form says $15 million and it is signed by the foreman of the jury.

The foreman wrote “Yes” to the question on whether to award punitive damages.  Punitive damages are limited to the Plaintiff’s attorneys fees.  Judge Shea told the lawyers after the verdict to try to come to an agreement as to the amount of attorneys fees.  The Goat should get a refund of attorneys fees that he paid his incompetent attorney William Ward.  Ward doesn’t even know how to read a restraining order.  The Goat shouldn’t be billed for the time Ward spent misreading a bogus restraining order when Ward tried getting me thrown out of court.

The $15 million dollar verdict against Greer is the largest verdict ever in the history of the State of Connecticut.  At least I couldn’t find anything higher.  The next highest award was against the Boy Scouts of America for $12 million.  But this award was just overturned by the Connecticut Supreme Court.

You don’t see large multi million dollar verdicts in the State of Connecticut very often.  Connecticut used to be the insurance capital of the world.  Juries tend to be conservative in Connecticut, unlike States like New York or Texas.

In other news, Greer henchman Harold Hack moved out of New Haven yesterday.  During trial evidence came out that Harold and his wife resigned from the Goat organizations in 2011 because the Goat stopped giving them blank checks.  I guess the Goat didn’t like the Hacks frivolous spending on such luxury items as special Shabbos toothpaste imported from Israel.

Harold Hack hired “Young Stud” movers to cart him and his belongings up to Waterbury.  He should have hired Old Goat Movers.  Harold’s son Avi moved into a McMansion in Providence that cost close to a half a million bucks.  Avi put down a hundred large. Harold didn’t splurge.  He didn’t have access to the Goat’s blank checks.  Harold purchased a red brick ranch at 111 Avalon Circle for $236K a couple of weeks ago.

Harold’s new house is not as fancy as the three story Victorian he lived in for the last 40 years in the compound.  Harold even constructed a mini version of his Victorian out of toothpicks.  He had a party to celebrate his house of cards.  He gave a long speech about what a Jewish home means to him.  He had a strong emotional attachment to the compound.  Eventually the house of cards came crashing down on him and his cult leader the Goat.

Harold was the Goat’s Grim Reaper.  Avi Hack testified that Harold was responsible for firing employees.  He was also responsible for telling parents that their kids were no longer welcome at the Goat school.  You had to put out for the Goat if you wanted to stay in the compound.

In Waterbury the Grim Reaper will be closer to his son Ezi Greer, who is known as “Rabbi Greer” in Waterbury.  Ezi and Avi banged on the double locked door when they heard the Goat raping 15 year old Mirlis. Hopefully Ezi will do more than just bang on a door if he discovers a child getting raped.

The Goat’s wife has been spotted out and about town with a large smile painted on her face.  I guess she is happy that the Goat was hit with the largest verdict in the history of the State of Connecticut for child molestation.  The Goat is famous.

I heard that Jerry Paleface, Quick Draw McGraw, Mr. Robot, Gary Lynes, and Mark Roffman haven’t been seen in the compound for weeks.  Have they finally realized that the Goat is a monster?  What took them so long?  The only grown up left in the compound is a New Jersey guy by the name of Rabbi Notis.  Did Notis notice that everyone left?

Notis is hanging around the compound because he sees a senile, decrepit, old man worth $10 million dollars with no heirs to the thrown.  There will be other vultures and hardened Jewish criminals who will move into the compound.  Just wait and see.  I should know, I was incarcerated with some of the best and brightest Jewish criminal minds in the United States.  The Goat will appear to be an easy target.  But these thugs will underestimate the Goat.  The Goat’s own family couldn’t wrest control of the compound.  The Goat will make sure he is buried with his money, every last cent.

111 Avalon Circle, Waterbury, CT

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