Sister Mary Buries “Slimy” Sheldon Silver & Dr. Taub

Sister Mary Buries “Slimy” Sheldon Silver & Dr. Taub

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Mary Plitsas Hesdorffer was called to the witness stand today to testify against Sheldon Silver and Sheldon’s longtime friend Dr. Robert Taub.  The Feds opened their case against Silver with the testimony of the elderly and sickly Dr. Taub.  The trial was pushed off a few times because Taub was too sickly to testify.  The Feds are using Taub to testify against Silver.  The Feds agreed not to prosecute the elderly Taub in exchange for his testimony against Silver.

Dr. Taub did such a bad job testifying against his buddy from Yeshiva University that the Feds called surprise witness Mary Plitsas Hesdorffer.  Sister Mary testified against Dr. Taub and Sheldon Silver.

Sister Mary graduated from the Catholic College of New Rochelle.  Sister Mary is a nurse who married prominent Jewish doctor Charles S Hesdorffer, of Maryland.  Charles Hesdorffer is the only child of Lotte Hesforffer, a German Jew who fled to Holland after Kristallnacht, and miraculously managed to survive the Holocaust.  Dr. Charles Hesdorffer is the director of the Clinical Hematology Service at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Sister Mary’s children took on their mother’s last name of Plitsas, and adopted their mother’s religion.  Mary’s son lives in Fairfield, Connecticut and is active in local politics.  He is a good Christian soldier, having served in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He is a right wing Republican and frequently attacks the Clintons with on line rants.  I have to respect him for the on line rants.  Sister Mary is probably a Democrat.  Sister Mary worked under Dr. Taub, who was connected in New York State politics, which is dominated by Democrats.

Today Sister Mary helped the Feds in their case against Christ killers Sheldon Silver and Dr. Robert Taub. Plus Mary got to attack her former employer the elderly Dr. Taub.

It is highly unusual for the Feds to bring in a witness to attack their own cooperating witness.  The Feds must have felt that Taub did a terrible job testifying against his lifelong buddy Sheldon Silver.  You can’t trust these Jews.

The lead prosecutor on the case is Attorney Damian Williams, a graduate of Yale Law School.  Damian is of Jamaican descent.  Damian is not a Rasta or a Black Hebrew.  Damian is a goy. Damian clerked for Justice John Paul Stevens.  Damian has only been practicing law for about ten years.  Damian is part of the liberal establishment elite.  Damian married a Black girl who graduated from Harvard Law School.  They may be the next Black power couple to reside in the White House.  I will not be voting for Damian.

Damian tapped into centuries of antisemitism and blood libel when he prepared Sister Mary for her testimony.  Shame on you Damian!  Sister Mary testified that Silver and Taub were “slimy.” Sister Mary said she did not approve of the practice of referring asbestos cancer patients to a law firm where Silver was of counsel.

Silver approved New York State cancer research grants to Taub’s prestigious medical organization.  There is nothing illegal about this arrangement, unless there was a “quid pro quo.”  The reason the first conviction was overturned was because the trial court did not adequately explain to the jurors that the Feds had to prove a quid pro quo.

Legislators, Congressmen and governors regularly refer legal work to politically connected law firms.  The government writes big checks to politically connected hospitals, who hire lobbyists to appeal for funds.  This relationship is only illegal if the Feds can prove a “quid pro quo.”  It’s not enough to show referrals going to politically connected organizations.

Attorney Damian Williams had Sister Mary testify that she warned Dr. Taub that he was going to be “taken away in handcuffs” by referring patients to Silver’s law firm.  Sister Mary testified that Dr. Taub responded by calling her “a nun.”  After she blurted out these statements in front of the jury, Silver’s attorneys jumped up to object.  The Judge told jurors to disregard her statements, but the cat was already out of the bag.  The Judge also told the jury to ignore Attorney Williams’ attempt to turn the trial into the antisemitic play the Merchant of Venice.  Actually the Judge didn’t tell the jury anything about Shylock, I made that part up.

If anyone is slimy, it is the attorneys at the Department of Justice who will stoop to the lowest levels to obtain a conviction against Silver.  It was Attorney Preet Bharara who initially brought the case against Silver, which resulted in the verdict getting overturned.   It is now Damian Williams who was handed the torch.  Preet was fired when the Donald was elected President.  If Damian is able to get a conviction he will be famous.  Damian will be featured on all the talk shows, and will run for President.  I will not be voting for an anti-Semite to occupy the White House.

This high tech lynching should be investigated by the Anti-Defamation League.  The ADL spends way too much time investigating spray painted swastikas.  Did a swastika ever result in a Jew getting locked up for 12 years behind bars?  Here we have the serious case of Sister Mary, and Christian Prosecutor Damian twisting the knives into the backs of Sheldon Silver and Dr. Taub, a case exposed by Larry Noodles, and where is the ADL, the Jewish Federation, the JCC, the ACLU, the Hebrew Free Loan Society, the Jewish Burial Society, the NAACP, the Red Crescent, the NCAA, the NBA, and the NFL?  The silence is deafening.

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