Slumlord Fishbein Busted for Renting Apts He never owned

Slumlord Fishbein Busted for Renting Apts He never owned

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Paul Fishbein is a slumlord from Far Rockaway who likes to vacation in Isla Margarita off the coast of Venezuela. Since 2013, Fishbein rented Bronx apartment buildings to low income tenants and the homeless. Since 2013 Fishbein was reimbursed with over $1.5 million dollars in government rental subsidies and section 8 voucher money. The problem was that Fishbein never owned these abandoned buildings. Collecting rent on buildings that you don’t own apparently is a Federal crime. Its probably also a State crime, but the State of New York deferred the Fishbein file to the Feds.

Fishbein was also charged with collecting almost $10K a year in Medicaid benefits since 2013. Fishbein did not qualify for Medicaid. Fishbein had a steady income as a con artist slumlord.

Fishbein rented unsafe, uninhabitable, and dilapidated buildings that he never owned. He presented forged deeds to government agencies over the last 7 years showing that he owned numerous apartment buildings located all over New York City. Fishbein took over abandoned buildings and rented them out to the homeless. Fishbein even evicted tenants after they moved in. Chutzpah! Government workers apparently never sought to verify that Fishbein was not the record owner of these properties. Eviction courts never verified if Fishbein ever had legal authority to evict tenants from “his” buildings. It took the government 7 long years to catch up with Fishbein, who was living the life, the dream of being a New York City slumlord. Fishbein should retire and move to Mar A Lago. The Fishbein family are big Trump supporters.

Its not clear whether Fishbein is in Federal custody. According to court records Fishbein has to come up with $250K in security in order to be released from custody. Fishbein apparently didn’t save any of his ill begotten gains, as he was appointed a public defender to represent him in Court. Fishbein has a brother who may have some money to spring Fishbein. Fishbein’s brother just threw a wedding for his daughter in the Holy Land. She married a Bet Shemesh boy. You can check out the young frum couple on I wonder if they will visit Uncle Paulie in the Big House in Otisville, New York…

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  1. President Trump of course accepts donations from lots of people, this kind of scumbag will likely donate to both parties. The Democrats whole ideology is dictated from these people.

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