State Marshal Grabs $7K From Goat Bank Account

State Marshal Grabs $7K From Goat Bank Account

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The Goat has finally coughed up some money to pay child rape victim Mirlis who won a $15 million verdict in Federal court over a year ago.  The Goat didn’t voluntarily write a check for $7K.  State Marshal Sanford Levine served the Goat’s bank with a bank execution.  The Goat’s bank handed Levine a check for $7,220.11.  You can look at the Marshal Levine’s bank garnishment by clicking this link.

It would have been too easy for Rabbi Daniel Greer the Goat to have written a check to Eli Mirlis for $7K.  The Goat gets no hand cramps writing checks to his criminal defense attorney William Dow, civil attorneys William Ward, Amanda Nugent and David Grudberg, eviction attorney Stuart Margolis, or the Sklarz boyz.  At this point in time the Goat has probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys.  And for what?  The Goat has no valid defenses.  The Goat has even filed an appeal with the Second Circuit.  The fact that attorneys, prominent Jews no less, are willing to defend goats for no reason other than to cash Goat checks makes me ashamed to be a suspended lawyer.

Superior Court Judge Walter Spader ordered that the titles to the Goat’s lots in Bethany be turned over to Eli Mirlis on September 24, 2018.   With regard to the foreclosure of the Goat’s residence on 133 West Park Street the attorneys filed documents indicating that they were close to working out an agreement.  The Goat and his Ewe will probably pay off Mirlis to release his attachment so that they may continue to live on West Park Street. The foreclosure of the Goat’s shul building and rape center is still proceeding, although no documents have been filed in court in a number of months.  It’s not clear what is going on with that case.  Mirlis also has attachments on Goat owned property in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Mirlis is currently trying to pierce the Goat’s corporate veil and reach the assets of the Goat’s numerous non profit entities.  The Goat’s attorneys have vehemently objected.  Mirlis is looking for information about the Goat’s non profits, such as the names of board members. The Goat argued in his motion that he should not be required to provide Mirlis with any information about his non profits, especially information about Board members, such as Board Member Rabbi David Bleich.  The Goat’s attorneys wrote in their Objection:

“As to the identity of board members who have no other association with the Yeshiva or Mr. Greer, providing their identities would serve only to annoy Defendants by exacerbating an already tenuous willingness to continue to serve as board members. Indeed, Mr. Greer testified that the Yeshiva suffered resignations following the commencement of the action against Defendants.  Defendants assert that based on the previous resignations, there is a strong likelihood that others would follow course if forced to respond to inquiries from Plaintiff, and Mr. Greer testified as to his belief that it would be difficult to secure replacements at this juncture.”

You can read a copy of the Goat’s ridiculous objection by clicking this link.  If Judge Shea grants the motion by Mirlis to pierce the Goat’s corporate fur, the Goat will have to turn over 40 or more properties owned by his non profits.  The Goat doesn’t want to turn over a wooden sheckel to Mirlis.

The Goat is worried that the Yeshiva will suffer resignations if board members are publicly outed.  I already outed Rabbi David Bleich as a Board Member.  Bleich has yet to resign.  The Goat is getting worked up for nothing.  The Goat will have plenty of replacements for any treasonous Board Members who mutiny.  Rabbi Notis will gladly accept an appointment as a Board Member.  Notis will do anything for his Master Goat.  Anything for a buck.

After Marshal Levine glumped $7,220.11 from the Goat’s bank account he took his marshal fee.  Levine charged Mirlis $577.60 just to go to the Goat’s bank and hand Vice President of Start Community Bank King John DiStefano a piece of paper.  Not bad for one hour of work.  Levine sent the remaining $6642.51 to the Attorneys for Mirlis.  Attorney Ponvert takes his one third cut and Attorney Beatman takes his vig.  Mirlis will be left with about $2K in cash as compensation for getting raped and abused by Rabbi Daniel Greer.



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