State v. Daniel Greer Day 6 – Testimony of Rabbi Notis

State v. Daniel Greer Day 6 – Testimony of Rabbi Notis

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The Goat leaves criminal court happily with his wife the Ewe, who showed up after four charges against the Goat were dismissed

After Thomas DeRosa testified Rabbi Notis was called to the witness stand. Notis was allowed to wear his black hat in the witness box for “religious purposes.” Notis runs his boys yeshiva in Lancaster PA. Notis was wearing glasses, beard, tie, and a dark suit.  Notis testified: “My school was in that facility.  I never worked for Rabbi Greer. I relocated my post high school to Lancaster.  The objective was to bring a Jewish presence to Lancaser  I was never employed by the Goat.  I was there for 20 months.  I was evicted by the Goat.  I am now in Lancaster.” 

Notis was asked by the Dow questions about the obligation to go to rabbinical court, a beit din. Notis stated: “If you have a dispute a Jew is obligated to pursue that in a Jewish court.  There are things, like this, you need to go to Jewish court before going to secular court to pursue damages.” Notis was referring to the failure of Mirlis to get permission from a Rabbinical court, ie., the Beit Din, before suing the Goat. Notis was not referring to going to criminal court, which does not require permission from the Rabbinical court. The State’s Attorney hammered Notis on this issue and asked him who serves on the Beit Din. Notis said Jewish judges serve on the Beit Din. The State’s Attorney asked Notis if the Jewish judges were rabbis. She asked whether a victim of sexual abuse by a rabbi would get a fair shake at a rabbinical court. Notis couldn’t give a straight answer to that question.

Notis discussed the need for witnesses at a wedding ceremony. He said you need two kosher witnesses or the wedding could be invalidated. “There are ten potential honors at a wedding ceremony, seven give blessings, two are witnesses, one arranges it, give him a witness to someone who is tainted, don’t give him a witness, it undermines the witness.” Mirlis should of had the Goat serve in some other capacity rather than as a witness. Notis testified that the one who holds a child at a bris is called a sandek and the honor of sandek is the highest honor.  The Dow wanted to stress that Mirlis named the Goat as the sandek at the bris. The Dow during closing arguments told the non Jewish jury: “Think about the bris, it was in July 2010, it was his first son, you understand as parents, think back when you had your first kid, how significant that is, you are going to let the man who abused you to hold your child and go to the Vatican to have it blessed, it may be a poor analogy, you are going to have the man hold that child and name him.”

The State during cross stressed that the sandek is almost like a father figure.  Mirlis’ father was deceased and the father of Mirlis’ wife was estranged from the family.

During cross examination Notis testified that he grew up in Cleveland OH in a very orthodox community.  He was not Hasidic. He was ultra Orthodox.  Notis stated: “the dress code is not obligatory, it is a uniform, doesn’t say to dress like that in the law, you can wear a tee shirt and flip flops.   Every Jew is an Orthodox Jew. Some people choose not to observe.  Hasidim are not more observant, they just wear fur hats and coats, they are not more observant.  Who we hang with is who we are.” At one point Notis asked Maxine, “You’re a Jew right?” Attorney Maxine responded, “Yes.” At another point Notis told Maxine: “We are both Jewish but you obviously do not perform Judaism as I do.”

Notis continued: “In our community boys don’t have girlfriends, if they are victimized and they are at an age where there cannot handle it, their orientation is affected significantly.  If it is done by an authority, that is devastating, most of the kids who are victimized by a rabbi end up in a drug rehab, their sense of trust is gone, they become spiteful and hateful of religion and hateful of rabbis, their faith in everything is destroyed, rarely do you find someone who has been molested where they maintain contact with the rabbi.  I’ve seen it, I know what I am talking I’ve seen the tears, I didn’t get this out of a book.”

Notis continued: “I am not aware of any sexual abuse cases that went before a bit din.  If they are not observant they can bypass the beit din.  Every side at a beit din signs a binding arbitration agreement, their power is upheld in secular court, when they go to a beit din.  They can be excommunicated, shunned. they can lose their right to be buried in a Jewish cemetery.”

Notis came across as right wing and rigid, right out of the Stone Age. He was not warm and personable. He spoke quickly. He was uncomfortable getting asked questions by Maxine, who obviously was not as learned in Jewish law as he was. He looked bothered to be asked such questions by a woman no less.   Notisplain.  Notis stated: “I don’t count how many people have complained to me about sexual abuse, probably 20 who I met at drug rehabs.  I have never been in a psychological place that would treat Jewish victims of sexual abuse.  I don’t know if such places exist.”

The State’s Attorney should have asked Notis about how Notis was bankrupt before he arrived at the compound. The Goat lured him into the compound with Goat gold. Notis had filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy before he came to New Haven. Notis never went to the Beit Din before he stiffed his creditors in the bankruptcy court, some of whom may have been Jews or companies with Jewish stockholders.

After the Goat rested his case with the testimony of Rabbi Notis the Dow filed a last minute motion to dismiss the second degree statutory rape charges based on the statute of limitations. The State charged the Goat under the wrong criminal statute. The Dow waited until after he rested to file his motion because he knew that after his case rested the State would not be allowed to amend the charges under a different rape statute. Judge Alander dismissed four counts of sexual assault but allowed four counts of risk of injury to a minor, a class B felony, to stand. The Dow pulled a giant Rabbi out of his hat. I have never seen the Goat so happy. The Ewe suddenly appeared in Court grinning from ear to ear.

The jury will decide the Goat’s guilt or innocence on the risk of injury charges tomorrow morning. If the Goat is convicted of risk of injury he will not have to register as a sex offender. The Goat will be able to re-start his Goat school for children. It is highly doubtful that the State will bring new charges of sexual assault against the Goat. If the Goat is convicted Judge Alander will determine the Goat’s sentence within a few weeks during a sentencing hearing.

The State’s Attorneys were devastated when Judge Alander dismissed the four charges in this high profile case. Litigation is like a game of chess. Each move has to be carefully considered. Warfare in the courthouse. You never know what is going to happen. The State’s Attorneys also made a big mistake when they failed to get Avi Hack’s deposition admitted into evidence. They waited until the last minute to file motions in Federal court and got denied. It was too late for them to file any new motions. The State of Connecticut should have hired Larry Noodles as Special Prosecutor. It takes a criminal to catch a criminal. I did Federal time for white collar crime in the same prison as Trump fixer Michael Cohen. I’m not some low life diddler chomo diaper eater.

The Yale Daily News finally showed up to report on the Goat case. The Goat graduated from Yale Law School. The Yale Daily sent a freshman reporter. I got to know some of the Yale Daily reporters from the Saif Khan case that I covered. I introduced the Yalies to New Haven Independent reporter Chris Peak, who is also a Yale graduate, and I also introduced them to The Mathematician, who has a Yale PhD, who lived in the compound before he was evicted by the Goat. I tried to introduce the Yalies to the Goat but they didn’t want to have any part of the Goat, he was excommunicated from Yale. There were also a few reporters from Southern Connecticut State University. Last week there were some reporters from Quinnipiac University.

We’re marching on, from the Criminal Court at 235 Church Street, New Haven, on to the outer edges of the galaxy, we’re marching merrily, goat cliff after goat cliff we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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