State v. Daniel Greer: Day Four

State v. Daniel Greer: Day Four

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Dr. William Hobson was called to the witness stand in the case of the State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer by the State of Connecticut. Dr. Hobson is a licensed professional counselor. Dr. Hobson was the director of the Sex Offender program at the Department of Corrections. Dr. Hobson evaluated and treated inmates who were charged with sex offenses, and prepared treatment plans to prepare them for when they were released. Dr. Hobson provided therapy with the inmates family members. Dr. Hobson also worked for a private company that provided treatment programs for persons who were sexual offenders. Dr. Hobson testified that he has worked with victims of sexual abuse who also were sexual offenders. Dr. Hobson has testified hundreds of times in court cases.Dr. Hobson is an expert on “behavior progression.”

Dr. Hobson testified that offenses don’t occur in a split second. Usually an offense occurs after a series of events, that could occur over the course of 12 hours, the offender may have had issues and triggers that caused him to re-offend. Grooming behavior means targeting certain victims, based on physical appearance or emotional attributes of children, children who are particularly vulnerable. A child who comes from a single family home, who doesn’t have a father, the offender plays the role as the father. The next step would be to gain information about the victim to gain their trust and manipulate the child. The offender tries to understand the victim, some children need attention, others like to receive gifts. The power of the offender, as a teacher or a therapist, whom the child respects. The use of alcohol, the child who is given alcohol thinks he is being treated as an adult.. Offenders rarely offend in a public setting where they can be easily noticed. Engaging in wrestling with the child in order to see how the child responds is one way to determine whether the offender will go further.

Dr. Hobson testified that the offender tries to learn information about the child victim in order to determine the victim’s weakness, to pressure the victim not to disclose the abuse. The offender will show the victim porn and then remind the victim that the victim could get in trouble for having porn. When there is a lot of violence in the home that becomes the new normal for the victim, the victim is desensitized. The child may enjoy other aspects of the relationship, some do better in school, there are getting certain positive aspects of the relationship, even though the victim doesn’t want the abuse to continue. Sexual behavior can be pleasurable, which can be confusing to the victim, which makes them hesitant to report, they don’t want to open that door.

Dr. Hobson testified that a major part of the grooming process is to gain control over the victim. Secrecy always has to happen in order for the offender to avoid detection. The behavior becomes grooming when it crosses the line from a dedicated teacher that takes an interest in their children, and they are caring for their students, that is commended. Dr. Hobson testified that an emotional bond develops between the offender and the child. That bond continues in that relationship. They want the sexual abuse to stop but they don’t want bad things to happen to the offender. Victims don’t report because they are concerned that they won’t be believed, especially if the offender is a prominent member of the community or a person in the position of authority. The offender doesn’t want to have the stigma of being an offender just as much as the victim doesn’t want to have the stigma of being a victims.

Willie the Dow cross examined Dr. Hobson. He was very brief. He made the point that Dr. Hobson never met the Goat or Mr. Mirlis. The Dow made the point that not every case of a close teacher-student relationship is evidence of that abuse has occurred. The Dow made the point that Dr. Hobson makes his evaluations after it has already been determined that abuse has occurred. The offender was found guilty of the crime and is locked up. The Dow stressed that Dr. Hobson looks back in time after the abuse happened, but in a case of alleged abuse, there may be factors that point to abuse, ie., a child from a single family, when there has been no abuse.

Rafi was the next to testify. I was not allowed to be present during his testimony because the Goat named me as a potential witness because I spoke with Rafi about the Goat. I am outside in the hall sitting next to a guy who fell asleep. Rafi just finished his testimony. I did not see the testimony because the Judge ordered me sequestered while he testified because the Goat’s attorney named me as a potential witness in case the Goat wanted to call me to testify. The other reporters who listened to his testimony said that Rafi testified well.

Rafi testified that the Goat would take him into the goat’s office for private tutoring where the goat would brush his hand on Rafi’s crotch. Eventually Rafi had to turn his body to prevent the goat from grabbing him. Because the Goat couldn’t grab Rafi’s crotch the Goat started to grab Rafi’s buttocks. The goat took Rafi out of class for private tutoring for hours. Willie the Dow showed Rafi a Facebook page where Rafi said he went to the Yeshiva of New Haven. Rafi looked at the Facebook page more carefully and said that it wasn’t even his page he had no idea whose page it was. The Dow objected and said it was non-responsive to the question. Rafi’s answer was responsive it just wasn’t the response the Dow was looking for.

Rafi testified that the Goat had a celebration with Rafi after Rafi did well on his test. The Goat gave Rafi a shot of scotch and Rafi said he felt sick. The Goat took Rafi to Edgewood park and offered him some wine and cashew nuts. Rafi drank some wine and while he was eating the nuts the Goat put his mouth on Rafis mouth and stuck his tongue in Rafis mouth. Rafi pulled back. The Goat apologized and took Rafi back to the dorm.

Detective Cuddy, who executed the search warrant of the Goat’s body, testified next. Detective Cuddy took pictures of the Goat’s body. The colors of the Goat’s fur provided by Mirlis matched the photos. The State showed a copy of the pictures of the Goat’s naked body to the jury. The Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow asked that the Goat be excused for “religious reasons” from having to watch the jury look at the Goat’s naked body. Judge Alander granted the Dow’s request and the Goat went into the hall while the video of the Goat gets played for the jury. Luckily the jury has not taken their lunch break and have empty stomachs, the marshal may want to get some barf bags.

Detective Cuddy testified that she was not in the Dow’s conference room when the pictures of the Goat’s naked body were taken. Cuddy testified that the goat didn’t want her in the room because she was a female. The Goat only gets naked for young males. Cuddy testified that her supervisor made the decision to respect the “religion” of the goat, so she was out of the room. She said she conducted hundreds of viewings of humans and goats when she executed search warrants. She needed to take the pictures and videos in order to corroborate the descriptions Mirlis gave of the Goats body. The State’s attorney showed the jury graphic pictures of the Goat. The State’s Attorney passed around and had a picture for the Goat’s “buttocks, penis, back, right inner thigh, pubic region, orange pubic hair, a scar 1-3 inches in length from a hernia, mole on right testicle, scar on the Goat’s testicle, very hairy back and chest, black hairy back, mole on the right upper side of the Goat’s back, and upper left portion of the Goat’s back.”

The jury was shown a two minute video of the Goat removing his clothing and exposing his naked body for the video. I could not see the video from my seat in the Courtroom. I was glad I was unable to view the Goat’s body. I observed the jury view the Goat’s body. They don’t look very happy about viewing his naked body. The Goat’s chair is empty as he asked to be in the hallway while his naked body was shown to the jury. Detective Cuddy testified that she found it interesting that the Goat takes his pants off over his shoes.

Willie the Dow cross examined Detective Cuddy after the lunch break. The Dow asked Cuddy if she knew that Mirlis had a meeting with Avi, Ezi and Dov regarding the compound. She said she was unaware of that, but she was aware of the civil case. Cuddy testified that Mirlis asked to be interviewed with Cuddy with his attorney from Koskoff present. Cuddy wasn’t sure whether she was aware of the civil verdict when she handled the file. After 2017 Cuddy learned that there was a verdict in the civil case. Cuddy said she didn’t know that the verdict went uncollected and that Mirlis filed a lawsuit to try to collect on the verdict. The Dow is trying to imply that Mirlis wanted to pursue the criminal charge because he was unable to collect on the jury verdict. The jury must be wondering about the amount of the civil verdict. The Dow did not want the jury to know the amount of the verdict. The Dow should have told the jury about the verdict rather than keep it a secret. Jurors will find out about the verdict in two seconds when they google it.

The Dow told Cuddy that Mirlis did “not break down in tears” in the police station. The Dow told Cuddy that Mirlis did not mention to the police that he was molested by the Goat in Edgewood Park during the Goat’s “sucka” party. The Dow failed in his Jewish crash course provided by Rabbi Goat. Detective Cuddy testified that she spoke with Avi Hack about the allegations.

The Dow has allowed Avi Hack’s name to pop up numerous times during the trial. The Dow has referenced the jury verdict numerous times without mentioning the amount of the verdict. The jury must be curious to know about Avi Hack and the amount of the jury verdict.

On cross examination Detective Cuddy testified that there was a long delay between the initial report of Mirlis and the follow up on the investigation that occurred 10 months later after the jury verdict. She stated that the New Haven Police Department “dropped the ball.” She stated that she did not interview anyone at the Goat school other than Avi Hack. She stated that she didn’t visit the goat school.

Akiva was called next to the witness stand. Akiva went to Orthodox Jewish schools. Akiva attended the Goat school in 2001 but never graduated. Akiva left in 2003-2004 and graduated elsewhere. Akiva said that the goat was “the principal of the school, who is seated in the courtroom with a dark suit, red tie and white shirt.” Akiva knew Eli Mirlis from before he went to the school. Akiva was relieved to see a familiar face when he appeared at the Goat school. Akiva’s first class on his new day at school was with the Goat. The Goat yelled at Akiva the first day because Akiva didn’t know the number of days in the Hebrew month. Akiva was degraded and embarrassed. He said it was very common for the Goat to yell at the students.

Akiva stated that his dorm was on Ellsworth. Between 2002 and 2003 Akiva observed that Eli was very close to the Goat, and always with the Goat in his offices, while the other students didn’t have such close access to the Goat. Eli had keys to all the rooms, the alcohol closet in the basement, and the keys to the Goat’s office. After prayers Mirlis would leave the school and disappear. Avi Hack would get students for morning prayers if they were late, but Eli was allowed to sleep in. Akiva stated that Mirlis got special treatment and perks. The perks started during Eli’s second year. Mirlis was always with the faculty, never with the students. Eli would walk the Goat home.

Akiva stated that the Goat frequently put his arm around him and dug his goat fingers into Akiva’s arm. One weekend Akiva went home and his mother noticed marks on his arm, which were put there by the Goat. Akiva said he blamed the marks on Mirlis because Mirlis was the strongest student in the school.

Akiva said that after they shoveled snow the students were rewarded with alcohol, such as beer and liquor which Akiva went to the alcohol closet to retrieve. Avi told them to shovel the sidewalks. They went back to school and during dinner they ate dinner and drank beer.

Akiva described 777 Elm Street, a building located next to the Goat school. Akiva said most of the Goat apartments had the same kind of beds and furniture. He said there was no indication that anyone lived at 777 Elm Street. The Goat’s defense is that the Gettingers lived at 777 Elm Street. Akiva testified that he knew Rabbi Gettinger, who was the Rosh Yeshiva, who would teach once a week in a town car, and usually left after he taught his class. Gettinger and his wife were not there during the week. If they stayed over Rabbi Gettinger would have been at morning prayers, but he didn’t. Akiva said he never saw the Gettingers in 2002 or 2003.

Akiva testified that in 2002 – 2003 Mirlis was taken out of classes and he would disappear for long periods of time. No other students were allowed to leave. The school was very regimented. There were 9-12 students.

The Dow cross examined Akiva. The Dow pointed out that Akiva attended the civil trial and was friends with Mirlis. The Dow asked whether Akiva was a level above him or in a different grade. Akiva said he was younger than most students but took classes with the other students as the classes were mixed. The Dow said that there were “four Greers in the school, Sarah Greer, in the elementary school, Dove Greer, is that the right way to say it?” Akiva said “no it’s Dov Greer.” The Dow said, “Dov was in some administrative role correct?” Akiva said, “some unclear role.” The Dow said Ezi Greer “had a role in the upkeep of the building and the school.” The Dow said that Mirlis was close to Ezi and that Mirlis was with Ezi then he wouldn’t be around the other students much. The Dow’s defense is not going well. The Dow has crashed.

The Dow rattled off a number of questions: The Goat was physical with you, correct? Would you describe him as a physical guy with regard to the other students? He liked to squeeze on your shoulder, correct? Your mom saw black and blue marks on your arm, correct? You left the school, why? Akiva said he left the school because he was locked in an apartment for days as punishment at the Goat school. The Dow said, “It was imposed by Avi Hack, no? And there was a DCF investigation after that no?” Akiva replied: “I left the school because of the bruising of the arm, the school refused to allow me to go to my brother’s bar mitzvah, there was the getting locked up in the rooms.” The Dow clearly messed up when he asked Akiva why he left the school. You never ask an open ended question on cross, especially if you don’t know the answer. Akiva sandbagged the Dow when he said he got locked up in punishment rooms for days. The State’s Attorney didn’t elicit this testimony on direct. The Dow mentioned the Gettingers, and “Ribbitzin Gettinger” the wife of Rabbi Gettinger. Akiva corrected the Dow’s butchering of the name “Rebbetzen.”

At the end of court proceedings yesterday the State’s Attorney indicated that she wanted a capias issued for Ezi Greer. Ezi Greer had avoided a subpoena. The State’s attorney was attempting to contact Ezi Greer’s attorney Ed Gavin, but Ed Gavin was in the middle of a criminal trial. Today the State’s Attorney told Judge Alander that the State would not be looking to haul Ezi into court. The State gave up on chasing down Ezi and Avi Hack to show up at the Goat trial. Ezi, Avi, Dov and Harold Hack enabled the Goat to abuse and rape teenage male students for years.

The State was prepared to rest their case after the testimony of Akiva. The Court took a brief recess at around 4PM. During the recess one of the jurors indicated that she felt sick. This was about two hours after she viewed pictures of the Goat’s naked body. Judge Alander announced “Court adjourned.”

The Goat will present his defense tomorrow, erev Shabbos. The Goat had his loyal secretary Jean Ledbury sitting in the hallway for hours. As soon as the State rests Willie the Dow will call Ledbury to the witness stand. Ledbury looks very nervous in the hallway. I tried talking to her but she looked like she was in shock. Deer in headlights. The hallway was filled with supporters of rape victim Eli Mirlis. I told Ledbury that she should tell the truth on the witness stand and not lie for the Goat, she is only going to lose her job when the Goat goes down. One of the lawyers in the stands asked me whether I will be happy if the Goat gets convicted, that justice was served. I told her that hearing the pain of the victims in this trial has not given me any pleasure. I told her that there were many guilty parties who allowed the Goat to rape, pillage and plunder for 30 years, such as Ezi, Avi, Dov and Harold. These people have eluded justice. These people have blood on their hands. I will not be satisfied until they are locked up.

We’re marching on, from the Criminal Court at 235 Church Street, New Haven, on to a conviction without a reasonable doubt, to the outer edges of the flat earth, we’re marching bitterly, goat cliff after goat cliff we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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