State v. Greer Day One Evidence

State v. Greer Day One Evidence

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The Goat is running away from the Courthouse happy as a pig in drek after Judge Alander ruled that Avi Hack’s deposition could not be admitted into the Goat trial.

Monday morning the criminal trial of Daniel Greer began in the case of the State of Connecticut vs Daniel Greer. Reporters from the New Haven Register, the New Haven Independent, the Hartford Courant, and Larry Noodles were in the courtroom. The Goat sat at counsels table drinking from a court provided glass of water and pitcher of water. The court clerk did not properly toivel the vessels that the Goat was utilizing to drink his goat milk. I told Willie the Dow that if he wants to properly represent the Goat he needs to toivel the Goat’s vessels in the mikveh. Willie the Dow told me that the Goat obtained a heter from the Archbishop of Goatville. The Goat has one supporter in the courtroom, ie., his wife Sarah Greer AKA the Ewe. EM has a number of supporters, including an extended member of the Goat family, and fans of this blog, which includes a few dangerous felons who were immediately recognizable by Courthouse employees. Judge Alander had to call extra marshals into his Courtroom.

The lawyers argued most of Monday morning about whether the transcript of the deposition of Avi Hack should be admitted into evidence. Avi Hack has disappeared. Avi has refused to come to court and support the other two victims of the Goat. Avi obviously doesn’t want to have to face his rapist Goat. Avi doesn’t understand that some day Avi may need witnesses to help him in a court case. Jews who can help convict a pedophile but yet don’t want to “get involved” need to understand that the system doesn’t work if nobody “gets involved.” You could find yourself in a situation where you need the help of the legal system or witnesses to a crime.

The Goat scored a big victory this morning when Judge Alander ruled that Avi Hack needs to appear in Court in order to testify against the Goat. The transcript of Avi’s deposition will not be allowed to be read into the record. The State will continue to look for Avi. I doubt that the State will ever find Avi. Willie the Dow suggested that the State send a cop to Rhode Island and arrest Avi. That is a good idea, but I don’t think that is ever going to happen. Law enforcement authorities in each State respect each other’s jurisdiction. Only the Mossad gets away with traveling into a foreign jurisdiction with fake passports and wigs in order to drug, kidnap and execute enemies of the State of Israel. The Goat looked very happy after Judge Alander’s ruling. Judge Alander based his ruling in not allowing Avi Hack’s transcript to be read into the record on the fact that a transcript is no substitute for live testimony. Judge Alander noted that there is no case law on point in Connecticut. Federal and State courts throughout the country have ruled all over the place on this issue. The Dow was up fifty percent this morning. The Goat got his money’s worth.

Judge Alander gave a long instruction to jurors about avoiding the media. Alander instructed the jury that they are not allowed to read anything about the case in the media including newspapers, websites or BLOGS. Alander emphasized the word “blogs” as he looked in my direction in the back of the courtroom.

The State called rape victim EM as their first witness. There were no opening statements made to the jury. EM wore a blue suit, no tie and a pink button down shirt, glasses, a trimmed beard, small black yarmulke. EM spoke about his early life, how he he was born in Israel and attended a yeshiva in Brooklyn. He testified about how yeshivas strictly separate boys and girls. Boys and girls aren’t usually around the opposite sex until marriage. He testified about how he didn’t have a television in his house growing up. His father was a physician assistant. He spoke about the lifestyle of the insular Orthodox Jewish community and how the Rabbi is the leader of the community. This line of questioning was not explored in the civil trial.

EM was more emotional in the criminal trial than he was in the civil trial. EM spoke about how his younger brother passed away at three months of age. EM dropped his head and started to cry.

The State’s attorney showed EM numerous pictures of the compound. EM pointed out different buildings in the compound. He got one building mixed up with another because he said all the buildings are painted in the same colors. He referred to the buildings as being part of the “compound.” EM pointed out the eight foot high stockade fences that barricaded the compound.

EM testified that the Goat frequently corrected and berated the students during prayers. Nobody was good enough for the Goat. EM testified about how students frequently got berated and ridiculed by the Goat during prayers. He talked about how the day began in the morning and ended late at night. He said Daniel Greer frequently yelled and screamed at the students. He said he got expelled because he picked up a two year old child. He was told to leave the school on September 11, 2001, the day the Twin Towers crashed. He was supposed to go on the Metro North train into Manhattan while the Twin Towers burned to the ground. His parents refused to let EM go home on this date so the Goat ordered EM to go home on September 12th. EM also got in trouble for going to the movies and having a radio. EM told the school about the World Trade Center attack because he was the only one who had a radio and heard the news. After Sukkos EM returned to the goat school after his expulsion period was over. Why he would return to the Goat’s insane asylum is anyone’s guess.

EM testifyied about getting punished in one of the green chairs located outside the Goat’s office. You would have to sit on a green chair for hours as punishment. Other punishments included being locked up in a Goat apartment for days on end. Solitary confinement. The apartments were dark and dreary, and the heat was always set at 60 degrees so the pipes wouldn’t freeze.

EM testified that in the 9th grade the Goat didn’t like him. In the tenth grade the Goat said he wanted to meet him privately at the first floor apartment at 777 Elm Street, the apartment building located adjacent to the Yeshiva building. EM sat on the couch with the Goat and was offered wine and nuts. The Goat and 14 year old EM sat on the couch and drank alcohol. The Goat got EM drunk. The Goat talked to EM about his family and about how EM’s infant brother died of SIDS. The Goat put his hand on EM’s thigh and tried to kiss EM. EM pulled back. The Goat told EM not to worry about it, this was something that he did with his own children. EM was shocked but was afraid to confront the Goat, as the Goat was the Rabbi, the person EM looked up to. As EM spoke the goat sat at counsels table with his head down and one of his hands partially covering his eyes.

EM testified that he subsequently had sexual relations with the Goat at 777 Elm Street when he was 14 and 15 years old. The Goat and EM had oral and anal sex after the Goat got EM drunk and aroused by touching EM on the crotch. EM said he wanted to get it over with. EM put his head down and teared up.

EM testified that he had anal sex and went into the Goat when he was 15. He said that the Goat frequently gave him oral sex, at 777 Elm Street or at the Branford hotel. EM gave the goat oral sex but would not allow the goat to discharge in EM’s mouth. He thought the Goat’s discharge was disgusting. He testified that the Goat brought lubricants for anal sex. He testified that he felt good when he came but afterward he regretted it because he was with the Goat. He said he didn’t like when the Goat penetrated him, he said it hurt and he wasn’t getting any pleasure from it. Most of the time the 14 year old penetrated the Goat. He testified that they had sex on land owned by the goat in Bethany, buildings owned by the Goat and in the Branford Motel. He said that these sessions with the Goat usually lasted 45 minutes to an hour. EM’s mom was in the Court in tears listening to her son testify while the Goat wrote in his yellow pad and whispered to his attorney Willie the Dow.

After EM would subject himself to the Goat’s depravity, the Goat would tell the 14 year old that he could help him with his future. EM was impressed. The Goat was a prominent and important man.

He testified that he got molested by the Goat when he was 16, 17 and 18 at the Branford Motel. He was shown pictures of a typical room at the Branford Motel. He said he went into the jacuzzi with the Goat in the Branford Motel. The jurors looked shocked. He testified that he got special treatment in school because he submitted to the Goat’s depravity. At times he tried to rebuff the Goat. If he rebuffed the Goat the Goat would get mad and berate and yell and scream at the 14 year old. EM got used to the yelling and said it was just the Goat being the Goat, ie., “him being him.”

He testified about the Goat’s annual chol hamoed Sukkot party. He said people would drink and there was alot of alcohol at the Goat’s house. While the party raged the Goat took 14 year old to Edgewood Park across the street from the Goat’s house. The Goat and EM went into a wooded area. The Goat got on his knees and gave EM oral sex while EM was standing up.

EM testified about how the Goat took him to the woods in Bethany for a picnic. The Goat had bloody Mary’s and single malt scotch. He said that the alcohol made it easier to engage in sex with the goat when he was 15-16 years old. He said that it started to rain and they had to end the picnic early.

EM testified that he became good friends with Ezi Greer. He said Ezi gave him an ultimatum. Ezi told EM that EM had to choose between Ezi and the Goat. EM couldn’t be friends with Ezi if he was being molested by the Goat. This is when EM began to get the courage to end his relationship with the Goat. EM testified that Ezi and Avi both knew about the Goat molesting EM. EM said that Avi “went through it himself.” Willie the Dow asked that the jury be excused and told Judge Alander that EM cannot talk about how Avi got raped by the Goat, unless Avi appears to testify. Judge Alander agreed but said that EM didn’t mention anything about molestation so there was no problem with his response. Alander told EM not to discuss any molestation of Avi Hack by the Goat in front of the jury.

EM testified that after the Goat high school he wanted to go to Israel to study. The Goat wanted EM to stay in New Haven and take some classes at a local community college. The goat got mad when EM decided to go to Israel for a year to learn. The goat also got mad that EM forgot to bring back special Shabbos toothpaste from Israel. EM met his future wife Shira in Israel. EM told Shira that he was molested by the Goat. EM wanted to share everything with Shira.

EM testified that the goat appeared at the funeral of his father. In the civil case it was suggested that the Goat was honored by being asked to attend. EM clarified that Ezi or Avi drove the goat to the funeral and he did not ask the goat to attend. EM testified that at his wedding his father had passed away. EM’s wife’s father was not around because he was estranged from the family. EM was only 20 years old. The Goat was invited to the wedding and was a witness to the ketubah and chuppah at the wedding. EM said he didn’t know other rabbis and he still felt part of the new haven community. EM said his wife was not happy about the goat being part of the wedding.

EM testified that at one point he met with the Goat at the Branford Motel. EM told his future wife shira to meet him at the Branford Motel after he was molested by the Goat. EM told the Goat he wanted to be with Shira and not the Goat anymore. The Goat was angry but left. EM said he regretted being with the Goat. EM testified that he was molested by the Goat one last time at the Goat’s house after the Goat had hernia surgery. The Goat could only give EM oral sex as the Goat was in recovery because of his hernia operation.

We’re marching on, from the Criminal Court at 235 Church Street, New Haven, on to a conviction without a reasonable doubt, to the outer edges of the flat earth, we’re marching bitterly, goat cliff after goat cliff we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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