“Sugar Daddy” Pedophile Joel Micah Greenberg

“Sugar Daddy” Pedophile Joel Micah Greenberg

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The Federal indictment of Seminole Florida tax collector Joel Micah Greenberg describes Mr. Greenberg as a “Sugar Daddy” who sex trafficked minor girls. Greenberg’s one man crime wave began in 2017, shortly after he married fellow Floridian realtor Abby Weldgen. Abby recently left Greenberg after Greenberg was posted bond and was released from Federal custody. Greenberg drove from his house in Lake Mary, Orlando to Abby’s mother’s house in Jupiter, outside of West Palm Beach, looking for his wife. Abby’s mother told Greenberg that his wife was not around. Greenberg gave her a hard time. Abby’s mom called the cops. The local cops showed up but didn’t arrest Greenberg. The local cops reported Greenberg to the Feds. The Feds filed a motion to revoke his pretrial release, as Greenberg was not allowed to travel outside of Orlando County. The US Marshal locked him up in the Seminole County Jail. There must be no vacancy at the Bureau of Prisons. I don’t think Greenberg will ever make it to Otisville.

Greenberg’s criminal acts were over the top, and bizarre, even by State of Florida standards. Florida is known as the wackiest State in the nation, a magnet for narco dealers, Spring Breakers, COVID deniers, and a magnet for criminals looking to shield assets from creditors, ie., OJ Simpson. Tales of drunken Floridians crashing their lawnmowers into police cars, setting fire to their houses while trying to barbecue cookies in the nude, a Floridian Easter bunny in a brawl are just the tip of the iceberg. Where did Donald Trump and Jared Kushner recently seek sanctuary? The Kushner family purchased a $30 million estate, a fortress, on the impenetrable Indian Creek Island, while the Donald is playing golf at Mar A Lago under the protection of the Secret Service.

Not only is Greenberg accused of sex trafficking of minor girls, but he is also accused of using his position as tax collector to make fake Florida drivers’ licenses of his underage female victims. Said fake drivers’ licenses contained personal information of his victims with a picture of Greenberg on the license. Greenberg was charged with identity theft. You can’t make this stuff up. Greenberg also created a phony LLC called “Government Blockchain Systems, LLC” with the Seminole Tax Collector’s Office as the agent for service. Greenberg used hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Seminole Tax Office to buy bitcoins for himself through the phony LLC. Only in Florida. Greenberg has a legitimate company called “Greenberg Media.” Greenberg received hundreds of thousands of Small Business Association COVID loans by submitting fraudulent information about Greenberg Media. Greenberg bribed a loan officer at the SBA to grant him the loans. The Feds allege that other unnamed co-conspirators were involved in this crime. Greenberg’s wife’s Linked In page lists Greenberg Media Group as a company she worked for in 2014, before she married Greenberg. Greenberg’s crime wave began when he ran for tax collector. Greenberg created fake Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts to turn his opponent into a White supremacist, segregationist and child molester. Greenberg posted the following fake tweets: “I’m proud of America, red, WHITE and blue. WHITE. This is great, just don’t become a Jew like your kids have.” Greenberg was charged with stalking. Don’t try this at home.

Sugar Daddy Greenberg would never have made the national news but for his friendship with his single friend Republican Florida US Representative Matt Gaetz. The New York Times reported today that Matt Gaetz is being investigated by the Justice Department into whether Gaetz was part of Greenberg’s sex trafficking conspiracy. Gaetz had vehemently denied any connection to sex trafficking of minors and issued the following statement: “Matt Gaetz has never paid for sex. Matt Gaetz refutes all the disgusting allegations completely. Matt Gaetz has never ever been on any such websites whatsoever. Matt Gaetz cherishes the relationships in his past and looks forward to marrying the love of his life.”

Greenberg’s Facebook account, which has been taken down, posted selfies with Gaetz and Roger Stone, the adviser to former US president Donald Trump who was recently pardoned by the Donald. Greenberg posted a photo of Gaetz, Trump and Melania holding Greenberg’s daughter. Matt Gaetz, below, made headlines when he invited a Holocaust denier to Trump’s State of the Union address. The Republican Jewish Coalition called on Gaetz to acknowledge his gaffe.

Greenberg is the son of Andrew Greenberg, who in the 1980s founded an empire, Greenberg Dental, which now has over 90 practices across Florida. Greenberg has family greenbacks to burn, but he would rather steal his money from the Seminole Tax Collector’s Office in order to buy bitcoins. Oy gevalt!

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  1. I have seen this story in Times of Israel but with only a fraction of detail. It is indeed astonishing. Bitcoin company with tax collectors address! Hope this goes to court soon, so we can see what sticks. Or there will be a plea bargain, which will deprive us of further entertainment.

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