Suicide In the Compound

Suicide In the Compound

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Many bad things happened to people who ventured into the compound over the years. I believe the compound had a higher rate of physical injury, death, and tragic events than in the general population.  I got indicted while I was at the compound.  Another guy got foreclosed.  Another guy broke his arm.  A woman badly broke her ankle. Another guy spent time in rehab.  There were a number of tragic deaths in the compound, at least seven that I am aware of.  The Goat’s attorney and partner in crime William Gallagher died in disgrace, having stolen almost two million dollars from his clients.  The Goat’s other partner Law Professor Edward Zelinsky got sued for over a million dollars, having been accused of stealing funds from a trust he handled.  That case is still pending.  The Goat’s children all left town and no longer speak to him.  Before one of the Goat’s daughter in laws left town she told my confidential informant that she was leaving because “I have to protect my children.” Not to mention all the guys out there who are still recovering from the nightmare of going to school at the compound.  Everyone knows about the curse of the Kennedy’s.  Many tragic events happened to the lawyers who represented OJ Simpson.  But not many know about the curse of the compound.

On July 7, 2014 a young woman hung herself in the basement of a building that was owned by Harold Hack and the Goat, located at 784 Elm Street.  The basement of this building had many wires hanging from the ceiling.  This poor woman tied a wire around her neck and jumped off a platform and killed herself in the basement.  She was residing at this building.  A few days later, the Goat and Harold Hack had all the wires removed from the basement.  One month later, on August 25, 2014, Harold Hack and the Goat sold this building to Edgewood Village, Inc.  Edgewood Village paid Harold Hack $95,500.00.  Edgewood Village paid the Goat $95,500.00.  Stuart Margolis was the Goat’s attorney who handled the closing.   The Goat obviously transferred the property because he was worried he would get sued.  The Goat and Harold Hack cashed in handsomely.  The estate of this young woman never sued the Goat.  The estate probably still has time to sue.

The biggest arson attack in the State of Connecticut, and possibly the entire United States, against Jewish institutions and Jewish persons was committed by a 17 year old Jewish teenager named Barry Dov Schuss.  In 1983 Schuss set fire to a number of synagogues, the home of a Rabbi and the home of a Jewish political figure, all located in West Hartford.  Miraculously, nobody was killed.  At the time of the fires Schuss was enrolled in a small Jewish boarding school, ie., the Torah Academy, in New Haven.  At this time the Goat was just starting his operation, which was very small.  The Torah Academy was also very small. The Goat and his early followers shared space with the Torah Academy.  The Goat and his followers prayed with the Torah Academy three times a day.  Schuss would have seen the Goat on a daily basis.  Schuss may have been living in a Goat apartment while he attended Torah Academy, although I cannot verify this.

Dov Barry Schuss is still at large.  There is a linked in page with the name “Barry Schuss.”  On Linked In Schuss states that he is “Vice Pressident at Aetna Life.”  He misspelled the word “Pressident.”  That is all that is on the page.  Aetna was the name of the insurance company that paid money to the synagogues for insurance claims for the fires. Dov Barry Schuss is not the Vice President of Aetna.

Aetna ended up suing Schuss for reimbursement for payments Aetna made to the West Hartford synagogues for damage caused by the fires.  Schuss defended himself in the Aetna lawsuit.  Schuss claimed “he had been exposed to various experiences in his personal life so as to result in a growing psychological vulnerability…”  The only recent experiences that would have resulted in a “growing psychological vulnerability” was Schuss’ interactions with the Goat at least three times a day for daily prayer services.

When Schuss was arrested and sentenced to 14 years in a psychiatric institution, many Connecticut rabbis attended the court hearings and spoke in support of Schuss.  The Goat who called himself “Rabbi” shockingly did not appear at any of the hearings or offer any support to Schuss.

At the present time there are many guys like Dov Barry Schuss living at the compound.  Sources have told me that most of these teenagers are mentally unstable pot heads.  Recently these boys tried to give Jewish kids in the neighborhood marijuana.  The police were called.  Nothing became of it as these boys ran back to the safety of the compound.

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