Super Lawyer Norm Pattis Bails On Alex Jones

Super Lawyer Norm Pattis Bails On Alex Jones

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Norm Pattis has represented all kinds of mentally disturbed psychopaths and freaks in his career, including wife killer Fotos Dulos, who committed suicide while he was on home confinement with an ankle bracelet. Norm glowingly spoke about how he ate at Dulos’ home, Dulos was a great cook, and Dulos was an overall great guy. Norm didn’t want the Dulos case to end after Dulos’ death. Norm asked the Judge to keep the case open so that Dulos could clear his name post mortem. The Judge told Norm to put Dulos behind him and move on with his life. Norm moved on to represent the outlandish circus freak Alex Jones who was sued for inciting threats of violence against the parents of the Sandy Hook children who were killed. How low can you go?

Alex Jones was too much for Norm to handle. Judge Barbara Bellis filed a complaint against Norm with the Connecticut Bar police because Norm submitted an affidavit signed by an underling of Alex Jones. Alex did not sign the affidavit and take the oath in front of Norm. Norm beat the rap. Norm argued to the Bar police that he thought he was authorized to take Jones’ affidavit without Jones present to sign the affidavit. The Bar police ruled that Norm did nothing wrong. The Statewide Grievance Committee dismissed the complaint against Pattis and said Norm had made a mistake and exercised bad judgement. Norm dodged a bullet.

Norm appeared on Jones’ show and sat next to Jones as Jones ranted against Attorney Chris Mattei who represented the Sandy Hook Plaintiffs. After the video was aired Mattei filed a motion complaining that Jones had made threats against Mattei on the show. Mattei submitted a written transcript of the show in which Jones referred to Chris Mattei as a “white Jew boy.” I listed to the show carefully. I heard Jones refer to Mattei, who is not Jewish, as “white shoe boy” not “white Jew boy.” A “white shoe” law firm refers to a big law corporate type law firm. I figured that Jones was using the term to describe the big Koskoff law firm where Mattei, a Gentile, worked. The court reporter didn’t hear it correctly, as Alex was ranting and screaming so it was hard to understand what he said. Norm did not pick up on it. I wrote an email to Norm telling him to listen to the tape of the show. Norm never lowered himself to respond to my email. A couple of days later Norm filed a motion asking Judge Barbara Bellis to correct the record to reflect that Jones said “white shoe boy” and not “white Jew boy.” Norm wrote to Judge Bellis: “The interests of justice require the correction of the glaringly incorrect transcription of Mr. Jones stating, ‘white Jew boy,’ when in reality he was said ‘white shoe boy.'” Norm never gave Larry Noodles credit in his motion to correct the record.

Norm just filed a motion to withdraw as the attorney for Alex Jones and to withdraw from representing Jones’ company Infowars. Norm is not one bail on his clients, no matter how sleezy. Norm is a Super Lawyer. The publicity Norm gets from one mentally disturbed client leads to ten more mentally unstable clients. Norm wrote to Judge Bellis that he was seeking to withdraw pursuant to Rule 1.16(b)(4) of the Rules of Professional Conduct, which allows Norm to withdraw if his “client insists upon taking action that the lawyer considers repugnant or with which the lawyer has a fundamental disagreement.” Does Norm think that Alex Jones is repugnant? Norm found murderer Fotis Dulos, may he rest in no peace, to be a great cook and a good conversationalist while circus clown Alex Jones was repugnant. Norm is no longer a Super Lawyer. Norm needs to turn in his cape.

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7 thoughts on “Super Lawyer Norm Pattis Bails On Alex Jones

  1. What? The Great Grey Ponytail bailed on a client? No, it can’t be. The last of the slash and burn trial lawyers, a Giant of the Profession, advocate for freedom is walking away from a slam dunk First Amendment exposure on Sandy Hoax? Looks like the dark hand has threatened to rip off the ponytail, as he was getting close to the truth. Will we find Norm dead in the driver’s seat like Fotis? Tossed off the Middletown Bridge? Has the Deep State silenced the Champion? Note that he has been run out of Family Court, shutdown in criminal court, now the state is taking him out of civil court. Looks like Norm will be doing real estate closings when not walking the dog.

  2. Mr. Noodles–
    I thought Pattis was working on the Alex Jones cases well before the Dulos case? Am I missing something?
    I really enjoy checking in with your site off and on during the year, especially when big news topics come down the pike.
    Moreover, your comments and observations serve as an educational experience.

    1. Thanks. It’s possible he was on the Alex Jones case before he hit the jackpot with Dulos. After Dulos offed himself the gravy train for Norm ended, I heard he was quite distraught. Norm was getting paid handsomely in drachmas. Dulos wife’s estate tried to get info on who was paying Norm on behalf of Dulos, the Judge wouldn’t allow it.

      1. Larry,
        Some people think Norm was getting paid by the state to represent Dulos as “assigned counsel”–special public defender.
        The state’s been paying Norm $$$ as a spd since 2005, and the anointed Norm gets special treatment–doesn’t have to submit an application, fill out a questionnaire, or enter into a contract as other spd/assigned counsel do.

        1. my sources told me that Norm got paid mucho dinero from someone in Greece, the State didn’t pay him, the State is broke

          1. Greece is broke too. In that interview where Norm says Dulos is a good cook, he also says, “If he wants to pay us more, we’d be glad to accept it.” Sounds like Pattis felt he was getting a discount rate (such as he’d get from the Public Defender’s office).

  3. At the first anniversary of the disappearance of beautiful Jennifer, mother of five beautiful children—
    After the self-induced death of prime suspect Fotis Dulos, his erstwhile lawyer, Norm Pattis, petitioned the Farmington Probate Court to appoint his associate attorney, La Tronica, as administrator of Dulos’ estate. Richard Weinstein, attorney for Jennifer’s mother, Gloria Farber, petitioned the PC to appoint an impartial administrator, to avoid the conflict of interest that would rise if a stakeholder were appointed administrator. The PC appointed attorney Christopher Hug as administrator. (Norm was also unsuccessful when he asked the trial court to give him control of Dulos’ 401k while he was alive, not grasping that 401ks come under federal jurisdiction.)
    Lisa Wexler, who is Probate Court judge for the Westport/Weston district (as well as a radio talk show host) was a guest on Chaz & AJ not long ago and said that Norm Pattis could be a creditor of Dulos’ estate, because Norm might feel he had some fees owed to his firm. That would be if he didn’t have anything in escrow left to cover them. But then he might have More than enough in escrow, in which case he might Owe something to the estate. Unlikely Norm would be all square on the fees and expenses. Has administrator Hug had a good look at Norm’s accounting records on the Dulos case? Probate Court records are open to the public, should anyone be up in the Farmington area.
    In the Farber v. Dulos civil suit, Judge Noble first ruled that Dulos had to answer as to who was paying Pattis. (That was before Noble ruled that Pattis himself did not have to respond to a subpoena to answer those questions) When Weinstein deposed Dulos, Dulos said funds for Pattis were coming from unknown sources in Greece and being funneled to Pattis through a Greek lawyer in NYC named something like Phufas. (There is a well-connected lawyer by that name in NYC). Atty Weinstein also asked Dulos to produce a copy of the retainer agreement he had with Pattis. Attorney retainer agreements are required to state the exact amount of the fees to be paid to the lawyer. When Pattis said in his TV interview, “If he wants to pay us more, we’d be glad to accept it,” I wondered what kind of retainer agreement he had. Maybe there was no retainer agreement because Pattis was being paid by the State of CT as a special public defender. Maybe the “more” was what was coming from Greece, to supplement the $100 per hour the state was paying him. (That would’ve been prohibited.) The public has the right to know how Pattis’ firm—and high-profile investigator McKenna—were being paid. Hope administrator Hug is being diligent. I’d think the feds, and maybe Interpol, would like to know where the Greek funds were coming from, too.

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