Satmar Super Spreader Funeral Held in Williamsburg

Satmar Super Spreader Funeral Held in Williamsburg

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Seven months ago Mayor DiBlasio broke up a Satmar funeral in Williamsburg, angering the large Hasidic sect. DiBlasio’s cops tried to disperse large crowds of Hasidim who filled up the streets of Williamsburg. They were not very successful. The cops did succeed in angering a large bloc of voters against DiBlasio. DiBlasio was called a Nazi and an Anti-Semite. Hasidim accused DiBlasio of singling out the Jews while people of color crowded parks to play basketball. People of color were permitted to riot and protest throughout the City as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Outrageous!

This afternoon thousands of people gathered for the funeral of 94 year old Satmar Rabbi Yisroel Chaim Menashe Friedman in Williamsburg. Rabbi Friedman was the underboss of Satmar mob boss Grand Rebbe Zalman Teitelbaum, of Williamsburg. Zalman is the younger brother of Grand Rebbe Aaron Teitelbaum. Aaron is the mob boss of the Satmar gang headquartered in Monroe, New York. Aaron controls Monroe while Zalman controls Williamsburg. Aaron has 20,000 soldiers in Monroe, while Zalman has 60,000 soldiers in Williamsburg. Rebbe Aaron had a sit down with Rebbe Zalman. They reached a truce. There is to be no mob war in New York. They don’t want to get the attention of the FBI or the New York State’s Attorney’s Office. They don’t want the government to shut down their welfare scams, non profit schemes, and tax avoidance schemes.

Five of New York’s finest showed up for the funeral. Nobody was arrested. The crowd was not dispersed. A few of the cops were seen munching on noodle kugel. Grand Rebbe Aaron, of Monroe, shlepped down to Williamsburg for the funeral. Grand Rebbe Zalman gave Aaron safe passage through the streets of Williamsburg.

Last night Grand Rebbe Zalman held his annual fundraising dinner in Williamsburg, which attracted thousands of Hasidim and no New York City cops. Rebbe Zalman told his followers at the dinner, in Yiddish: “We need to understand that we are in exile, we live here but we are not Americans.” If the 60 thousand Satmars living in Williamsburg are not Americans then why do they continue to cash American government issued welfare checks and collect money from the American government to pay for their free school lunch programs? Why do they continue to double and triple park their American made minivans on the streets of Brooklyn? Why do they continue to use American hospitals when they become infected with COVID19? If they are not American why do they continue to reside in America? They should all move back to Satu Mare, in Romania, where their sect originated. FUHGETABOUTIT! They would never move to Romania. Romania is not rich enough to provide them with the same kind of welfare money that they get from Uncle Sam.

In sum: Sunday night Satmar fundraising super spreader dinner. Monday afternoon Satmar super spreader funeral. No cops to break up these crowded events. No wedding crashers. No funeral crashers. No politicians complaining about Hasidic Jews spreading the virus. The silence is deafening. Yet Mayor DiBlasio and Governor Cuomo have been very vocal about shutting down a bar owned by Daniel Presti in Staten Island. Daniel was busted over the weekend for ramming his car into a deputy while he was fleeing arrest. What a putz! Daniel should have opened his bar in Williamsburg and paid the Satmars for protection. Goyisha kop!



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6 thoughts on “Satmar Super Spreader Funeral Held in Williamsburg

  1. Jews would not be a world menace but for Uncle Sam and central banks. Israel could not exist, there would be no country allowing their immigration, the cult would exist in pockets of victim hood around the globe, but they would have starved by now. What a nice world it would be.

  2. Larry how does a Jewish man like you become
    so Anti Semitic ?!?!!
    In Germany you would have probably been a
    Kapok with your ideas.
    Just look around and
    you will find many sects
    spreading the virus but
    you do not hound them.

    1. I am giving mussar to the Satmars. I am the only real Rabbi out there. Should I sit by and watch as the Satmars cause fellow Jews to die of COVID? I am saving lives. I don’t know much about the other sects, they are small time. The Satmars are like the Gambino crime family. The other sects are small time criminals. If you have information about the other sects causing Jews to die, and you did nothing to stop them, then you have blood on your hands! I think you need to go to the mikveh.

  3. bsd

    what is Kapok in this context? you mean Cappo, you illiterates. kapok is a tree with long fibrous strands used to make baseballs you morons. moshiach now!

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