Tartaglione Shaking Down Jeffrey Epstein

Tartaglione Shaking Down Jeffrey Epstein

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Epstein’s bunkie is ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione. Tartaglione is awaiting trial on four murder charges, as well as drug dealing. The Feds are seeking the death penalty for Nick.

The Bureau of Prisons locked up child pimp Jeffrey Epstein in a cell with Nicholas Tartaglione in a special unit at Metropolitan Detention Center for high profile inmates. They do not have as much freedom as guys in the general population, but they are not locked up in solitary confinement (SHU), which is even worse than where they are now. Tartaglione was busted back in 2016 and charged with four murders, racketeering, drug dealing, and kidnapping. Tartaglione is a retired Westchester cop who lived in Orange County. The dead bodies were found on property Tartagilione owned in Otisville, New York, not far from the Otisville Federal prison. Three of the bodies had bullets lodged in their craniums. The other body had died of “homicidal violence of undetermined etiology.” I am not a doctor so I have no idea of what the US Attorneys were referring to when they stated that this victim died of “undetermined etiology.” The lawyers for Tartaglione wouldn’t agree to release the bodies to their families until they did their own autopsy. You can read a copy of the letter drafted by US Attorney Maurene Comey, the daughter of former FBI Director James Comey, below:

Epstein and Tartaglione have a few things in common as inmates. Because Tartaglione is a former cop, he is a prime target for random acts of violence by other inmates. Epstein is also a prime target of violence because he is a pedophile, or chomo, the word inmates use to refer to child molesters. The warden at MCC probably put them together so that they could protect each other against the other inmates.

For most of the time Tartaglione was locked up he was put in solitary confinement, ie., the SHU, for his own safety. When Tartaglione was in general population he got punched in the eye and suffered a “fractured orbital bone requiring reconstructive surgery. A metal plate was inserted into his face where his orbital bone had been.” I am not a doctor so I have no idea what these medical terms mean. I would guess that Mr. Tartaglione has a metal plate covering his eye socket, but the letter does not indicate that Tartaglione lost his eyeball. Is it possible that Tartaglione’s eyeball was placed over the metal plate? If you are a doctor you can read the letter below and explain whether Tartaglione lost his eyeball or whether he has his eyeball attached to his metal orbital plate:

Tartaglione’s lawyers wrote the above letter asking that the Judge order that Tartaglione be taken out of the SHU because solitary confinement caused him to lose weight and suffer mental deterioration, making it difficult for him to speak with his attorneys in order to prepare a defense for his upcoming trial. The lawyers complained that Tartaglione had no radio, no television, no books or magazines, no toothbrush, no personal belongings, no clock, no recreation time, no access to a shower, and no utensils to eat his meals. Tartaglione’s lawyers stated that Tartaglione was only allowed one telephone call a month in order to call his lawyer. His lawyers complained that Tartaglione was being subjected to “inhumane living conditions, the attitude that ‘it’s jail’ is all too pervasive.” I would guess that Tartaglione has no access to a mikvah. I am not sure if Tartaglione is Jewish, you never know, his mother could be a Goldberg.

Epstein was found on the floor of his jail cell with marks on his neck. Tartaglione was his cell mate. The guards questioned Tartaglione. Tartaglione stated that he had no idea how Epstein ended up passed out on the floor with marks on his neck. Epstein was questioned by the guards. The last thing Epstein is going to do is rat out Tartaglione. If Epstein ratted out Tartaglione the guards would throw Epstein and Tartaglione both into solitary confinement. If Epstein and Tartaglione were thrown into solitary news would quickly spread that Epstein ratted out Tartaglione. Epstein would forever be a target of violence from other inmates. He would never get out of the SHU. Tartaglione knew that Epstein would not rat him out. Tartaglione is hoping that Epstein will pay him protection money. Epstein doesn’t need protection. Epstein is high profile. The guards will keep an eye on Epstein. The only protection Epstein needs is protection from Tartaglione. Tartaglione can’t rough up Epstein too much or else it will be too obvious. The guards will throw Tartaglione in the SHU, the last thing Tartaglione wants. If Epstein pays Tartaglione, then Epstein will forever be a target for shake downs. I’m sure Tartaglione has been threatening Epstein with violence, and even death, on a daily basis. Is Tartaglione bluffing? Time will tell.

Should the government behave just as cruel and vicious as the inmates it incarcerates? Or should the government set an example and treat human beings with dignity and respect? Give Tartaglione a toothbrush and a shower. Please!

For G-d, For Country, For Modern Medicine, For Metal Orbital Plate Sockets.

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    1. If he did it was a pretty lame attempt, I think he is smart enough to know that you can’t strangle yourself

  1. It’s a plate u still have your eye sight ….my buddy just had it done got hit in eye with baseball

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