The Accountant Of The Nightmare On Elm Street

The Accountant Of The Nightmare On Elm Street

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Matthew Reineke is a member of the Board of “Rabbi” Pedophile Greer’s non profits. Matthew is also a CPA who prepares tax returns for the Goat’s non profits. Matthew works for Whitten, Horton & Gibney out of Orange, CT. Matthew signed the Goat’s 990s that were filed with the IRS. Whitten, Horton & Gibney does not sound like a Jewish accounting firm. Why would Rabbi Goat hire the goyim to count his money when there are so many Jewish accountants to choose from? Does the Goat not trust his fellow brethren to count his money? And why would the Goat hire a CPA who looks like he was just released from prison? Goats of a feather flock together.

The Goat’s underlings recently submitted Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act forms to the City of New Haven for approval. The pencil pushers in New Haven City Hall approved the Goat’s forms without even realizing that the Goat was the madman who ran Edgewood Corners, the Yeshiva of New Haven, FOH, Inc., and Edgewood Elm Housing. The Neighborhood Assistance Act allows donors to the Goat’s non profits to get a dollar for dollar Connecticut tax break. Donors gave the convicted Goat hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Brown & Brown of Connecticut Inc gave $145,714.24 to Edgewood Corners, Inc.,QBE Insurance Company gave $121,428.53 to Yedidei Hagan, Inc; General Casualty Company of Wisconsin gave $97,142.83 to Edgewood Village, Inc.; Praetorian Insurance Company gave $48,571.41 to Edgewood Elm Housing, Inc.; Boscov’s Inc., gave $48,571.41 to Edgewood Elm Housing, Inc.; Southern Connecticut Gas Company gave $14,571.42 to Edgewood Elm Housing, Inc. Who runs these companies? Larry, Moe and Curley? Are they aware that the Goat is a convicted pedophile?

The Goat’s Neighborhood Assistance Act applications stated that the money was used by the Goat’s non profits for “insulation, upgrading of heating systems, energy efficient replacement windows, air conditioning units, repair of siding, electrical upgrades, new furnaces, thermopane replacement windows, star energy installations, new lighting fixtures, new furnaces, and energy efficient windows and glass panes.” Yeah right! That money went right into the Goat’s back pocket.

The 990 forms prepared by Matthew Reineke and attached to the Goat’s NAA applications show that the net assets of the Goat’s non profits total more than seven million dollars. The 990 tax form for the Yeshiva of New Haven states that it functions to “educate and promote the Jewish and general education of the public.” The Yeshiva of New Haven has been shut down for years, yet CPA Reineke submitted a 990 tax form in 2019 that failed to mention that the Yeshiva of New Haven had a judgment against it in the amount of $20 million for child rape committed by Headmaster Goat.

Rabbi J. David Bleich of East 77th Street in Manhattan is still listed as a member of the Board of the Yeshiva of New Haven. What a putz!

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