Aftermath of the Greer Attack

Aftermath of the Greer Attack


As was reported Sat night, Daniel Greer violently attacked Larry Noodles with his arms, hands and his left foot.  Greer kicked Larry Noodles down the stairwell with his left foot, and held his left fist to Larry Noodles’ head and threatened to hit Noodles.  Greer must be a southpaw.  They say southpaws have lower IQ’s than righties, probably the reason Greer is so insecure.  Larry Noodles would have reported this incident to the New Haven Police Department, but if word got out that Larry Noodles was a rat, Larry Noodles would lose all credibility in the criminal world.

Larry Noodles has been getting a deluge of calls and messages from friends, and concerned citizens, who fear for Larry Noodles’ personal safety.   One local rabbi called Larry Noodles and told him that Larry Noodles had walked into the lions den, and that Greer was capable of killing Noodles.

Why does everyone fear the evil Greer Corp?  For years Greer created and honed his image as the backyard bully.  Greer started an armed patrol in his neighborhood a number of years ago.  Greer brought in the Guardian Angels.  Greer was friends with New Haven Police Chief Esserman, who has since resigned in disgrace.  Greer’s son was on the New Haven community and police relations task force.  Greer has sued or threatened to sue anyone who crossed his path.  Greer posted signs all over his neighborhood of “johns of the week” exposing guys who solicited prostitutes in the Greer area.

But Greer is not to be feared.  As FDR once said, on the eve of World War II, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.”  Greer is a weak man.  He has nobody left in the compound to support him.  Greer has to pay teenage boys from the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva of Queens to come to the synagogue to make his minyan on the Sabbath.

The evil Greer Corp was just a deck of cards all along, waiting for Larry Noodles to kick it down.  Nobody else has the courage to call Greer out for his crimes.  Nobody other than Eli Mirlis, who is suing Greer for child rape.

When will other victims come forward?  You know who you are, you need to get this man locked up.  No amount of money in the world will ever compensate you for what you suffered.  Personal injury attorneys are always afraid that the victim will get no money if the rapist goes to jail.  Au contaire!  If Greer goes to jail his non-profits will be taken over by one of his other directors and there will be a liquidation sale.  What are you waiting for?  Think of other potential victims out there.  The greatest good deed you can do is save another life.  To save one life is to save the world.  Don’t you wish that Greer was locked up at the time he victimized you?

Larry Noodles was told that after he was violently and physically ejected from the Greer compound, Greer continued his religious services as if nothing had happened.  Just another day at the evil Greer Corp.  Have you ever observed such criminal behavior on the part of a religious leader at your house of worship?  And if you did, would you just sit there and act as if nothing had happened?  Imagine if Larry Noodles blogged about a Catholic priest who led services at St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.  Would that priest come over to Larry Noodles and violently throw him out of the church?

Larry Noodles was told that the mood was very somber at the evil Greer Corp after Larry Noodles was violently thrown out.  Greer didn’t even mention Larry Noodles in his Sabbath sermon.  Greer didn’t refer to Larry Noodles as a “sinner” or “reprobate” as he has done in the past.

Larry Noodles was also told that “Rabbi” Zalmon Alpert, who has been running the asylum as the gabbai (sexton), has been defrocked as rabbi.  Greer was referring to Alpert as a rabbi, even though Alpert is not a real rabbi.  Larry Noodles exposed that Alpert was not a real rabbi in his blog.  After the blog was posted Greer defrocked Alpert and no longer refers to him as rabbi.  Greer could refer to Alpert as the New Haven Register Rabbi.  Greer’s son, who is not a real rabbi, played one in the pages of the New Haven Register for many years, before he skipped town after the child rape case hit the national news.



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