The Department of Justice Needs To Be Defunded

The Department of Justice Needs To Be Defunded

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The annual budget of the Federal mafia is $40 billion. The Department of Justice listed $56 billion in assets and $21 billion in liabilities at the end of fiscal year 2019. See link to budget. The Federal mafia is sitting on $35 billion in assets. Yale University has a $30 billion endowment. Harvard’s endowment is $40 billion. The Ivy Leagues are the breeding grounds, and pipelines that supply the Federal mafia with guys like FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General William Barr.

The Department of Justice, along with the rest of the American Government, is completely undemocratic. The DOJ is ruled by members of the Ivy League meritocracy and members of the one percent. Christopher Wray and William Barr don’t need to work for the Federal government. Christopher Wray earned $9.2 million in partnership profits from his former law firm while William Barr is worth $40 million.

The Department of Justice spends $40 billion a year to support a bloated bureaucracy. The annual budget for the Police Department of the City of New York is a measly $6 billion to control 10 million unruly humanoids. City cops don’t have the resources to conduct proper investigations and provide the accused with Constitutional rights to due process. Most of the time cops are putting out fires or committing crimes of their own, in their run down buildings and beat up police cars, to keep the peasants under control.

The Federal mafia has resources that are the envy of every City prosecutor’s office. The FBI recently erected a massive modern building in downtown New Haven, on prime real estate. There is no sign on the building, but there are massive steel gates, barricades and security guards protecting the Dons, capos and made members who work inside. The FBI and the Mafia are both secret societies. The FBI doesn’t want any governmental oversight, just like the Mafia.

5,000 people marched in the streets of New Haven protesting police brutality. Nobody marched in front of the FBI’s Fort Knox building. Nobody knows that it exists. Nobody realizes that the guys working in that FBI building are using the latest high tech gadgets to profile every protester yelling at the cops and politicians in front of City Hall. Had the protesters marched in front of the FBI building they probably would have been rounded up, charged with Federal crimes, and shipped to detention camps in the Nevada desert, not far from where the Mafia buried its victims.

Employees of the Department of Justice are paid massive sums of money by American taxpayers. Michael Carvajal, the Director of the Bureau of Prisons earns $180K a year to shuffle papers on his desk, answer phone calls, and issue press releases. The highest paid employees at the Bureau of Prisons are psychiatrists, who earn between $200-260K a year. See link. The top paid psychiatrists who work for the BOP live in the State of Minnesota: Dr. Donald Lewis earned $261,332.00, Dr. Annie Cuccio earned $243,016.00, and Dr. Dionne A. Hart earned $241,332.00 last year. I remember my visit with the Otisville prison psychiatrist, a fashionably dressed young blond who drove into the prison parking lot in her new BMW. When I was first admitted into Otisville prison I was required to meet with this shrink. She asked me if I was suicidal. I told her that I was homicidal being confined in close quarters with a bunch of psychos and lunatics but I was not suicidal. She spent about five minutes with me and determined that I was mentally stable enough to spend the next 20 months in general population. Next inmate. She saw about 20 inmates that day. After she left Otisville she drove her BMW to a bar in Middletown in order to unwind.

A number of Federal departments on the flow chart are completely unnecessary and should be immediately shut down. The Civil Rights Division is a complete joke. Their recent big bust was locking up an African American woman with orange hair, ie., Tiffany Harris who slapped a few Jewish women in Brooklyn and yelled out “F the Jews!” Since when did the powerful Federal army decide to enforce the laws of simple assault? If the Civil Rights Division had been doing its job for the past 40 years and addressing police brutality against African Americans nobody would be rioting in the streets right now.

The Antitrust Division, which is in charge of breaking up monopolies, should also be shut down. Makan Delrahim, the head of the Antitrust Division is an Ivy League graduate, and Persian Jew. The taxpayers pay Makam $180K a year to file lawsuits to break up monopolies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, McDonald’s, and the Orthodox Union. Makan should be fired, doxxed on Facebook, and forced to eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger every day for the rest of his life.

The Office of Tribal Justice is a complete joke. According to the DOJ website this office serves as “the point of contact for federally recognized tribal organizations with respect to questions regarding policies and programs of the Department and issues relating to public safety and justice in Indian country, and coordinate with other bureaus, agencies, offices, and divisions within the Department of Justice to ensure that each component has an accountable process to ensure meaningful and timely consultation with tribal leaders in the development of regulatory policies and other actions…” In plain English this Office does nothing but communicate messages between the tribal chiefs and the Department of Justice. Why can’t the tribal chiefs contact the Department of Justice directly? Why does Chief Geronimo have to go through the Office of Tribal Justice in order to get a message relayed to the Attorney General? The highly paid Director of Tribal Justice is Federal employee Tracy Toulou. The Department of Justice website never mentions the race or religion of its employees. Yet the DOJ’s website states the following with regard to Tracy Toulou, a man with a woman’s name: “He is a descendant of the Colville Confederated Tribes located in Washington State.” The civil rights division of the DOJ should investigate whether this reference to Tracy’s native American heritage is illegal.

The Office of the Pardon Attorney should also be shut down. A Black woman, ie., Rosalind Sargent-Burns, was chosen to run this Office. Is this some kind of a sick joke? When was the last time a Black man, or Black woman, was pardoned by the Department of Justice? The Donald pardoned racist Arizona sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio, and granted clemency and pardons for guys like Scooter Libby, Rod Blagojevich, Jack Abramoff buddy David Safavian, Michael Milken, and former top New York cop Bernard Kerik. If you are a White racist cop or a Jewish fraudster you can expect a full pardon from the Office of Pardon. If you are Black, uneducated and poor, FUHGETABOUTIT!

The Federal mafia also needs to shut down its civil forfeiture division. The Feds have been subjected to years of criticism from legal scholars for their aggressive heavy handed “collection activities.” The Feds don’t have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your property was used to perpetuate a crime before they can repossess your automobile, boat and Ipad. The Feds collect billions every year from forfeiture actions. The Department of Justice boasts about such takings in press releases every day, mocking the peasants who have been robbed of their property. Police physical brutality is nothing compared with the high tech brutality that goes on every day at the DOJ.

Protesters need to focus on the pot of gold waiting for them at the Department of Justice. There are billions of dollars waiting to be diverted out of the wealthy, greedy hands of the Ivy League barons who run the Federal government and into the hands of the peasants.

For God, For Country, For Skull & Bones, For Yale!

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