The Dow’s Closing Argument

The Dow’s Closing Argument

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The Dow’s closing argument to the jury: “When I heard the state argue that Orthodox Jews should be treated differently, the $47 million man should be treated differently, my client is asking to be treated just like anybody else.  Everyone talks about delay, delay is not so unusual, but the pattern missing in this case is coming back, the pattern of coming back to the Rabbi.  When someone breaks into your house you call the cops, you don’t call a civil lawyer, that’s what happened to Mirlis, while the case was pending, he didn’t go to the cops. His lawyer should be on the side of a bus.  He gets the case in may 2015, he tries to pressure the Goat into a financial settlement, then he goes to the cops to box him in, the verdict comes in in 2016, a year and four months after the civil case. Detective Cuddy said “we dropped the ball”  Detective Cuddy had to reach out to Mirlis to see if he maintained an interest in the matter, by that time Mirlis got his verdict, you would think Mirlis would be calling her.  Why did he lie to the NJ authorities?  He filled out a form that says I certify that I took the continuing education, I sent it to you, but I must have sent it somewhere else, I didn’t care about it anyway.  Think about how he whipsawed the civil case and his emotional exhibition. He was prepared by the state on four or five times, where Det Cuddy said he didn’t show much emotion. The first occasion the boy was involved in a sexual experience, especially with all the bells and whistles, don’t you think you would remember that, all of a sudden, he tells you about the “crotch touch” when he never told you about this before.  The house at 777 Elm street. I admit there were days when it could have happened if the Gettingers were there a few days a week.  But when he returns to New Haven, he stays at 777 Elm street, the same place where he was raped. I looked at the anatomical pics of the Goat, I cant tell if it was the right side or left side, everyone at the school knew about the hernia operation.  He returned to New Haven no less than 30 times, think about the trips, the length of the trips.  Did you ever drive from Bridgeport to new London in the summer traffic, he is going all the way back to new haven to the man who abused him.  He allowed the Goat to speak at the funeral in 2006. Abused people run away from the church or the synagogue or whatever it is. 8 slots you can check off at wedding, you have too many cousins at a bridal party to do a reading, there was anything the ZGoat could have done short of being a witness. Look at this blown up picture of the Goat with his arm over Eli, Eli with his thumb up, think about that.  Think about the bris, it was in July 2010, it was his first son, you understand as parents, think back when you had your first kid, how significant that is, you are going to let the man who abused you to hold your child and go to the Vatican to have it blessed, it may be a poor analogy, you are going to have the man hold that child and name him.  Never before did he say that he went to Edgewood park and the rabbi performed felecio on him.  He remembers it better 16 years later?  He was helping his brother commit a federal offense, all we were doing is delivering packages.  Ask whether your sibling came to you and you said, ‘Al I’ll do it for you but you need to give me some bread, you don’t talk about it?”  With regard to Dr. DeRosa, Eli said he used to Edgewood Park and talked about sauce and gravy. I liked Mr. DeRosa. I don’t see DeRosa putting his arm around any kid to take him to the pizza parlor to have him talk about sauce or gravy.  Consider his statements about the police.  He dealt with Avi Hack, the two Greers, did he say lets get together and tie it in to my need to get money, he said, no, go to my lawyer.  The police admittedly dropped the ball.  Perhaps someone over there thought they were being used during the civil case, where have you been pal?  You’re a detective, and I have no witnesses, something happened at the Branford motel, in Pelosi PA, what do you do, you go and try to find corroboration, Det Cuddy didn’t even do that.  The lawyer was an essentially an escort to the New Haven police dept. There was no pattern to bringing a lawsuit first, that is unusual, no pattern in driving back to new haven.  The state has chosen to get a narrow window, they have to prove it.  Look at exhibit W, this is the ad book the ad from Mr. and Mrs. Mirlis, in honor of Jean Ledbury.  Another exhibit of Gettinger’s affidavit, this is the best she can remember, you don’t need to rely on that, you can put that together with Lebury’s testimony, you can conclude that they were the Gettingers were there in 2002 and 2003.  The case becomes tougher when there are no witnesses, no scientific evidence, when the state drops the ball, the yardstick is beyond a reasonable doubt, its not a first base, you need to run is all around the bases, the highest standard in the law, some cases you prove by preponderance of the evidence, it makes sense, freedom is our most valuable possession, people in my biz take this seriously, freedom, to decide whether you will go to bishop orchard and get apples or go to blizzard on Whalley ave, its up to the State to prove. They need to remove all doubts.  When your first call is to a lawyer, after you googled sexual abuse lawyers, it’s a pattern, when you authorize your lawyer to get money for it, when you tell the police that you while you are looking for money that you are Mother Theresa trying to take the school away.  When you do disclose you try to secure a financial settlement, when you meet with the principal of the school and try joining with them. Eli said he admired the Goat and the Goat was successful and had a lot of money, a lot of money.  In the 1970s Watergate, the word was “follow the money.”   This was the first time he mentioned the sucka torah party and this was the first time he mentioned the crotch grab.  He never showed emotion as he did now.  He couldn’t remember if Dan Greer could name the child. When I was first practicing I was working with really good lawyers, when you are young you want to cut corners, but if you don’t have to lie, you have to wonder. Look through exhibit BB the list of places, a whole number of places where he claims things happened.  When yyou look at that most of those places were occupied, most were sold, one was a construction site, remember what Jean Ledbury said about there was restoration, that place was jammed up with work. The State said that there were 106 times that these acts occurred, he never said that.  The Branford motel is prominent role, there were no records of that, its only two towns over, if you were really out to get someone, why would you go to Branford people, what about Paoli PA, outside of Philly, I could see that was far away.  Rafi – are you going to let freedom rest upon his testimony, uneven present situation, his demeanor.  He was giggling.  The scar everyone in the school knew that he had a hernia operation.  On the left side, I don’t know what the photos, it was uncomfortable to look at, but because of the mikvah, the senior trip in Nantucket, hairy chest and hairy back.   Brother’s drug case, 47 million man running around with shoe boxes with drugs. Special rules for Orthodox Jews, they are different from us, cut them some slack, they live by some crazy rules, take a look at what a rabbi is, they can’t even think for themselves, think of the type of control that they have, Dan Greer is not asking for that, he wants to use the principles in this case just like any other case.  The principal of the unanimous verdict.”

The Goat sat in his chair at counsel’s table smiling during the Dow’s closing argument.

We’re marching on, from the Criminal Court at 235 Church Street, New Haven, on to the outer edges of the galaxy, we’re marching merrily, goat cliff after goat cliff we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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