The Goat and his Ewe Sue The City of New Haven

The Goat and his Ewe Sue The City of New Haven

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The Goat is up to more frivolous lawsuit and courthouse shenanigans.  First he brought a civil action against me trying to get a restraining order that I be barred from his Federal child rape trial.  The Goat’s sleezy lawyer falsely told a Federal Judge in open court that the Goat had a restraining order against me.  Attorney Ward handed Judge Shea a pile of paperwork, hoping that the Judge would not take the time to read the pile of documents. When I told the Judge that Ward was incorrect, the Judge scolded Ward.

The hearing date on the restraining order was a couple of weeks after the Federal trial.  I showed up for the hearing in New Haven Superior Court.  The Goat wasn’t there.  Neither was the Goat’s attorney William Ward.  I won by default.  I am looking into filing a claim against the Goat and his attorney for vexatious litigation.  The Goat and his sleezy attorney tried to vex me with a frivolous lawsuit.

Now the Goat has enlisted his eviction attorney, Stuart Margolis, to file a frivolous claim against the City of New Haven.  Under orders from the Goat, Mr. Margolis has evicted about half the Jewish tenants who live in the compound.  I blogged about how the Goat evicted the Yale mathematician, the elderly and impoverished Jewish mother and daughter, a young couple on Whalley Ave, a guy named Adam Greenblatt, and the Undertaker.  The other half of the Jewish tenants skipped town after their father got sued in Federal court for raping children.

The Goat and his Ewe just filed a tax appeal lawsuit against the City of New Haven claiming that the City overvalued their residence located at 133 West Park Ave.  You can read a copy of their tax appeal complaint. The Goat and the Ewe claim that the City valued the Goat house at $361,000.00 for tax purposes.  The Goat thinks that $361K is too high.  The Goat thinks his house is worth far less.  There have been two recent sales on West Park Ave.  A house on 35 West Park Ave sold for $400k, and another house on 225 West Park Ave sold for $375K.  Both houses have a lot fewer square feet of living space than the Goat house.

The Goat’s house is in immaculate condition.  The Goat is very anal about keeping things clean.  The interior and exterior have a fresh coat of paint, and a new roof.  The only drawback is the garage. In the garage the Goat keeps his goats, chickens, hens and other farm animals.

The Goat may be using this stupid tax appeal lawsuit as a way to get Mirlis to take less money on the $21 million dollar judgment. The Goat can pay off Mirlis as a way to stop Mirlis from foreclosing on the Goat house.  But Mirlis wouldn’t net much on the Goat house anyway.  The Goat house is half owned by the Ewe.  Mirlis didn’t sue the Ewe.  The Goat only owns one half of the equity, which would be one half of $360K or $180K.  Of that $180K the Goat can claim a Connecticut homestead exemption of $75K.  This would leave Mirlis with only about $100K to collect on the $21 million verdict.

The Goat would rather pay his high priced attorney Margolis, and his high priced marshal to serve papers all over town, than pay Mirlis the $21 million.  The Goat is even wasting money on evicting a bunch of tenants at 350 Elm Street.  The Goat just brought an eviction against tenants Devin, Renzo, Christine and Anthony. These tenants only have one month left on their lease.  They were planning to move out anyway.  Yet the Goat still went forward with an expensive eviction action.

In their defense these tenants claimed that their rent check was “accidentally sent to Mandy Management on June 8th, and then obtained the check on June 12th after receiving the notice to quit (we realized we made a mistake).  I attempted to call the lawyer Margolis, left a voicemail, attempted to call a few more times to explain the misunderstanding. We tried to give the check on June 12th (we have proof) but was declined.  We have the check.  Just a big misunderstanding we literally have one month til the lease expires, we do not plan on renewing the lease.”

These poor tenants made an honest mistake and left their rent check off at Mandy Management, which is a rental company located right across the street from the Goat’s office.  The Goat’s office doesn’t have a sign or anything on his building to indicate that he even works there.  Tenants only have a P.O. Box number for the Goat.  The Goat doesn’t want anyone to know that he has his rental office on Whalley Avenue.  The Goat doesn’t want angry tenants banging on his door and disturbing him while he is locked inside raping children.

4 thoughts on “The Goat and his Ewe Sue The City of New Haven

  1. Would it make any sense at this point for Mirlis to separately sue the Ewe for aiding & abetting the Goat?


    U.S. Code › Title 28 › Part V › Chapter 123 › § 1927 – Counsel’s liability for excessive costs

    Any attorney or other person admitted to conduct cases in any court of the United States or any Territory thereof who so multiplies the proceedings in any case unreasonably and vexatiously may be required by the court to satisfy personally the excess costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees reasonably incurred because of such conduct.

    And this recent case should have Willie Ward hiding behind the outhouse latrine over at the farm in Litchfield.

    For property taxes, most jurisdictions consider a house in immaculate condition to have a higher value. Improvements especially are assigned a value. I’m sure the Assessor’s office would be interested to know about upgrades.

    And you might want to be in touch with the City Health Dept & other authorities who have jurisdiction over the compound:

    Connecticut General Statutes section 53-247, as amended from time to time, and unless otherwise exempted, any person who deprives of necessary sustenance any animal, or who, having confined any animal, fails to give proper care to such animal, or fails to supply any such animal with wholesome air, food and water, shall be fined up to the maximum amount authorized by state statutes or this Code per day per offense.

    1. The Goat’s animals are well fed. If the goat doesn’t like an animal he will kill it and eat it, like he did with Yankee the pet goat, who head butted the Goat one too many times

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