The Goat Appears In Criminal Court

The Goat Appears In Criminal Court

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The Goat last appeared in criminal court on August 29th.  Nothing much happened in court.  The Goat pleaded not guilty and Judge Clifford scheduled another court date for October 11th.  That court date was rescheduled for November 8th, tomorrow, because the Goat’s attorney’s had a scheduling conflict.  At the last minute the Goat had tomorrow’s court date rescheduled for today, November 7th.  The Goat is playing these games with his court dates in an attempt to avoid the media, and elude infamous blogger Larry Noodles.

Today is Election Day, so nobody from the mainstream media showed up at the courthouse today.  I was the only blogger at the courthouse to cover the Goat story.  Other members of the mainstream media contacted me and told me that they were too busy covering the elections.  I told them that the Goat case was far more important than the elections.  Everybody already knows who is going to win the elections before the first vote is even counted. Nobody knows how many years the Goat will have to sit behind bars.

The Goat was not in the courtroom today when his case was called by Judge Clifford.  The Goat showed up at court yesterday afternoon.  The Goat must have quickly checked in and checked out with the court, in order to avoid members of the mainstream media, and avoid reprobate bloggers like myself.  I have a spy at the courthouse who took a picture of the Goat yesterday leaving the courthouse after he quickly ran in and ran out.  My spy reported that the Goat was moving at a very fast pace for an old goat, and he was constantly looking over his shoulder in order to avoid detection.  The above picture is the photo of the Goat leaving the courthouse yesterday afternoon.

When Judge Clifford called the Goat case this morning, the Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow appeared before Judge Clifford and reported that the Goat case was going to be rescheduled for December 19th.  Willie the Dow was also representing 81 year old Anthony DeLucia, who tried to murder his wife.   Anthony was angry that his wife burned his spaghetti sauce.  There is nothing worse than burnt spaghetti sauce.  Anthony didn’t get any breaks like the Goat.  Anthony DeLucia had to appear before Judge Clifford this morning. The courthouse was filled with hardened criminals who had to appear before Judge Clifford, who didn’t catch any breaks like the Goat. Anthony’s case was also rescheduled for December 19th.

In highly publicized cases the defendant is always forced to walk through a  maze of reporters and protesters.  There have been many cases in New Haven of defendants who were charged with cruelty to animals.  It was almost impossible to get into the courthouse when it was surrounded by PETA protesters.  These protesters would curse and spit in the face of the defendant as he walked by.  Why is the Goat protected from such humiliation?  Isn’t raping children a worse crime than raping animals?

The Goat’s next court date of December 19th falls on the seventh day of Chanukah and on the holiday which celebrates the new Hebrew month, ie., Rosh Chodesh Teves.  The root of Teves is “tov” which means good.  It will not be a good month for the Goat when he finally has to answer for 40 years of crimes he committed in the City of New Haven.  It will be a good day for the citizens of New Haven when the Goat is finally locked up behind bars.

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