The Goat Bails Rabbi Notis Out of Bankruptcy

The Goat Bails Rabbi Notis Out of Bankruptcy

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I was not granted an interview with the rabbi who is now running the school located in the Greer building known as the Nightmare on Elm Street.  But Chris Peak, from the New Haven Independent, was able to speak with Rabbi Avrohom Notis.  Scaredy-cat reporter Paul Bass has still not left his little cubicle on Orange Street to venture into the compound.  Rabbi Notis told Peak that he moved his Yeshiva Meor Dovid to New Haven from Lakewood.

Why would Notis move to New Haven in the midst of a child rape lawsuit against the Goat?  Notis moved to New Haven because he was having financial problems.  Notis and his wife filed a chapter 7 personal bankruptcy petition just before they moved to New Haven.  Notis and his wife were able to complete their bankruptcy petition and discharge about $40,000.00 in credit card debt, utility bills, and cell phone bills.  Notis claimed to own less than four thousand dollars in assets at the time of his bankruptcy filing.

According to the bankruptcy petition Notis claimed to earn about $2,300.00 a month in income, after taxes, from his position as “administrator” of the Meor Dovid Congregation.  His wife was listed as a “homemaker.”  Notis had only been the administrator of Meor Dovid for 6 months at the time he filed bankruptcy.

Greer the Goat and Notis the Rabbi have a lot in common.  Greer won’t pay the outstanding $20 million debt he owes to rape victim Mirlis and Notis won’t pay $40,000.00 in debt he ran up with credit card companies and utilities. Both are deadbeat debtors.  The Goat has a lot more zeros in his debt number, but then again, the Goat is a bigger zero than Notis. At least Notis doesn’t rape teenage boys.

At the time of his bankruptcy petition Notis indicated that he was living at 235 Hearth Court West, in Lakewood, NJ, a 6,000 square foot mansion. Notis put on his bankruptcy petition that he was paying no rent to the owner of the mansion.  The owner at the time was Zlatipol Congregation.  Zlatipol purchased the house in 2007 from Israel and Malka Cohen for $1.00.  Zlatipol sold the place in 2015 to Jaguar Equities, LLC for close to $400K.  One month later Congrgation Zichron Refoel, Inc purchased the place for $406K.  A week later, the Batya Girls organization for teens purchased the house for $610K.  The Batya Girls currently own the mansion.

Greer lured Notis into New Haven with goat gold and promises of more goat gold.  From the above real estate transactions, Notis is no stranger to fraudsters and criminals.  I can smell real estate fraud a mile away. I should know, I did 18 months in the clink after I pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud.  And yet the Goat, a depraved pedophile, still lurks the halls of the Nightmare on Elm Street, with his loyal servant Avrohom Notis at his side.

5 thoughts on “The Goat Bails Rabbi Notis Out of Bankruptcy

  1. i think that chris from the new haven independent actually did not speak to notis. he tried but was thrown out. he spoke to some boys, though.
    avroham notis is connected into lakewood and the upper echelon of jewish rabbinic families via his deceased father in law rabbi dovid barkin from lakewood, who himself was a son in law of rabbi eli meir block who founded the telshe yeshiva in cleveland. in other words he is not just a shnuk or some plain jane rabbi.
    this means to me that plenty of rabbinic power brokers in the jewish world know of the relocation of this yeshiva and all that it entails, and are ok with it. it also means that it is likely that greer has managed to make a deal which involves powerful men who will be protective of him by means of silence and condoning.

    1. All mixed up comment. Rabbi Notis has some elite status in Telz Cleveland. His father in law was learned and saintly and died tragically young. Rabbi Notis is just another well meaning rabbi who is trying to help lost souls. Mr. Greer offered him the lowest rent ever (0). He didn’t ask questions
      Don’t allow criticism of Mr. Greet to reflect on poor rabbi notis.

        1. regarding jiminy crickets comment:
          you don’t accomplish good by making a deal with the devil. what i mean by that is: a person is misguided, foolish, stupid, or immoral to think that associating ( financially, socially ) with evil will result in good. in this case it is even worse: notis is exposing young men to greer who stands for pedophilia, skirting the law, making a mockery of torah, living a double life, having double standards (and getting away with it in many ways): and in this setting you assume that he will save “lost souls”. if notes himself wants to live with greer and associate with him, then that is his perogative. but he is acting as a custodian to young men in their formative years. he is a shepherd who is leading his sheep ( who he is supposed to take care of) to graze with a wolf in sheep’s clothing. THINK ABOUT THAT!!!! also don’t tell me that other rabbis do not know about the new haven arrangement. by condoning it they are as culpable morally as notis.
          also thinking of these boys as “lost souls” really irks me. it puts the argument onto a metaphysical/religious level that allows for justification of such arrangements.

          1. These boys are not lost souls by any means. They are teenagers: “the combination of the prefrontal cortex and a heightened need for reward drives some of the most frustrating teenage behavior. For most adults, climbing hotel balconies or skateboarding off roofs of houses sound like awful ideas. Their prefrontal cortex curbs any impulse to do so, because the possible negative outcomes outweigh any potential thrill. But teenagers may try these things because they’re seeking a buzz to satisfy that reward center, while their prefrontal cortex can’t register all the risks these actions entail”

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