The Goat Claims Poverty

The Goat Claims Poverty

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Some Goats are born silver spoon in hand
Lord, don’t they help themselves,
But when the taxman comes to the door
Lord, the stable looks like a rummage sale

The Goat’s attorneys at the Sklarz Law Firm submitted paperwork in Federal court indicating that the Goat is broke.   With regard to property owned by the Yeshiva of New Haven, Sklarz stated: “The Yeshiva maintains one bank account, and owns miscellaneous furniture, fixtures, and equipment located at the New Haven property and valued to be worth approximately $5,000.”

The Torah scrolls in the Goat’s rape shul alone are worth at least $30K each, and the Goat has at least three or four scrolls, not to mention the solid wood aron kodesh where they are stored, as well as numerous silver ceremonial items in the aron, and Haftorah scroll.  There is a big wooden chair next to the aron kodesh where the Goat rests his paws.  There is a very large expensive wooden chair in the back of the shul that was donated to the Goat.  Ezi’s old office has at least a hundred old desks and chairs piled sky high up to the ceiling.  The Goat’s porn magazines that he showed to Mirlis on the third floor of the Goat shul could have some value as collectors items.  The Goat had some leather sofas scattered around the building.  There is a ping pong table in the basement. There is a cd of the short Purim film that Rabbi Muroff produced starring famous actor Bruce Altman.  I think these items could be sold on Ebay.  The Goat’s name alone would bring significant value to these items, not to mention the names of Bruce Altman and Rabbi Muroff.

Muroff was named the most honest man in America after he returned $100K that he found hidden in a desk that he purchased on Craigslist.  He probably now regrets returning all that money.  After he fled the compound he was out of a job, and out of income.   Muroff never cashed in on the Goat, unlike the Hack family.  Avi Hack moved to Providence RI, and bought a large colonial.  Harold Hack moved to Waterbury and also bought a spacious colonial.

The Goat has offered to turn over to Mirlis building lots that he owns in Bethany CT, and Wareham, MA. The Goat gets to keep his retirement account under State law. The Goat also gets to keep the expensive jewelry he purchased for the Ewe that are contained in his safe deposit box. The jewelry belongs to the Ewe, not the Goat. I wonder if the Goat maintains a safe deposit box for jewelry that he purchased for his long time lover Avi Hack. I think Avi Hack’s jewelry needs to be inventoried.

The Goat gets to keep his social security checks, they are exempt under State Law. The Goat offered to pay Mirlis 25% of his monthly net rental income he gets from his condo in Newport, RI. The Goat owns two condos in the same building. One he occupies with his Ewe and the other he rents out. The Goat claims he only earns $195.00 a month in net rental income, after expenses, on the Newport property. 25% of $195.00 is $48.75, the sum the Goat proposes to pay Mirlis every month.  After attorneys fees Mirlis will net $16.08 each month.

The Goat maintains a custodial bank account for one of his daughters. The paperwork didn’t indicate which daughter is the Goat’s favorite. From my personal observations, every daughter hated the Goat. They rarely came to town, and when they did they often got into arguments with the Goat and the Ewe. I remember the Goat yelling at one daughter who was trying to feed her baby a bottle of milk after the Goat had just eaten meat at the Shabbos table. The Goat bellowed, “You may be able to get away with that in Lakewood, but not in New Haven!” I remember another daughter leaving the table in the middle of a Shabbos meal, going upstairs never to return. The Goat and his Ewe got angry, which led the Ewe to go upstairs looking for her. The last daughter was not very friendly, she scowled at everyone whenever she came to visit. She reminded me of the Ewe. I remember this daughter getting into screaming matches with Avi Hack and Dov Greer during Purim, in front of everyone, in the Goat’s lair.

The Goat’s daughters’ behavior was in sharp contrast to the behavior of the Goat boyz.  I guess you could include Avi Hack as a Goat boy.  The Goat boyz didn’t seem to like the Goat, but they went along with his antics.  They were completely mute and impotent when the Goat yelled at them. The Goat even got away with yelling at their children.  The Goat boyz were not allowed to  stand up to the Goat and expose dissent within the Goat family.   “Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.” – Rabbi “The Goat” Corleone. 

Dov Greer started to stand up to the Goat more and more in the final years of the compound. Ezi hid in his office on the first floor and spent the days dealing with leaking pipes and broken windows at the Goat’s 40 apartment buildings. Dov had more interaction with the Goat, as Dov was supposed to be the heir apparent to the Goat shul and Goat rape school.

Dov got into some heated arguments with the Goat, but never outright rebellion, not that I could see.  I heard that when Dov was around 18 he fled the compound for a year or more, vowing never to return, but then came back, for reasons only Dov knows.  Ezi never left the compound.  Ezi married Avi Hack’s sister, who was also born and raised in the compound.  In the Mirlis case the Goat accused Avi Hack of having sexual relations with his own sister.  Avi denied that he had sex with his sister.  Avi admitted he had sex with the Goat.  The Goat never admitted nor denied that he had sex with anyone, other than the Ewe.

The Goat does not want to part with his prized possession, ie., the Goat rape school building. The Goat has proposed that he pay Mirlis a sum of cash for the building so that Mirlis will walk away from the foreclosure. Larry Noodles has proposed that Mirlis not take the Goat’s money. Mirlis should force a public auction of the building so that the Goat will be forced out of his child rape school.

The Goat will try to out bid everyone on the building when it goes up for public auction. The Goat will reach into his slimy deep pockets and bid millions of ill begotten Goat dollars, probably through a straw party such as the Ewe, in order to hide the fact that the Goat is hiding millions of dollars from Mirlis. I was told by reliable sources that the Goat pays Notis over $20K a month.

It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no
It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate goat, no




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  1. The reason he has so many properties is he was at the ct state capital for years soliciting for money . He used that neighbor assistance act and everything to his advantage . I gave him free merchandise many moons ago under neighborhood assistance act. Never in million years would you think this

    Crazy . Thank you for exposing this corruption and everything you do

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