The Goat Drags His Parents Into His Crimes

The Goat Drags His Parents Into His Crimes

Moses Greer and Adele Greer were the parents of Daniel Greer.  Moses Greer suffered from Alzheimer Disease for many years. Adele Greer suffered from a stroke and was unable to care for herself.  Daniel Greer managed their affairs before they passed away.  They lived in the Goat’s house on West Park Ave from the late 1970s until they went on to the next world.

Income tax liens were filed against Moses and Adele Greer on the New Haven Land records at the time they were under the care and control of their son Daniel Greer.  The IRS assessed Moses and Adele income taxes for income earned at time when they were physically unable to work.

The 1988 IRS tax lien has the residence of Moses and Adele listed as 278 Orange Street in New Haven.  In 1988 278 Orange Street was the address of Daniel Greer’s law office.  The lien stated, “Demand for payment of this liability has been made but it remains unpaid, therefore there is a lien in favor of the United States on all property and rights to property belonging to this taxpayer for the amount of these taxes and additional penalties, interest and costs that may accrue.”  Moses and Adele Greer did not own any property in New Haven at the time.  They were completely dependent on their son the goat.

What kind of a scam was the Goat trying to get away with?  Was the Goat listing his parents as employees of his law office in order to get a tax write off?  Only the old Goat would drag his incapacitated parents into one of him many crimes.

The Undertaker was close with Moses Greer.  The Undertaker spent many hours each day learning Torah with Moses Greer in order to keep his mind sharp to slow the progression of Alzheimer Disease.  After Moses Greer passed away the Goat wrote a long letter to the Undertaker thanking him for the many years he spent with Moses.

The Goat is currently evicting the Undertaker.  The Undertaker lived in a Goat apartment for 28 years, and didn’t miss one payment.  The Goat is claiming that the Undertaker was selling rubber boots and work gloves from his basement.  The Goat claimed that this violated the lease agreement.  The eviction trial is scheduled for March 9 at 9:30 AM at 121 Elm Street, New Haven, third floor.  It remains to be seen whether the Goat shows up for his eviction trial.

Judge Anthony Avallone is the New Haven housing court judge.  Judge Avallone will most likely be the judge making the decision in the Goat v. Undertaker case.  Avallone was appointed judge in 2014.  Before that he was a New Haven attorney for many years.

Judge Avallone had a run in with the Goat back in 2008.  Avallone was representing a client before the New Haven Zoning Board who wanted to open a laundromat on the corner of Ella Grasso Boulevard and Whalley Avenue.  The Goat didn’t want the laundromat located so close to the compound.  The Goat rounded up Greers, Hacks and Gracks from the compound and had everyone show up at the hearing to protest.  There is a photo of Avi Hack in the crowd holding a “no laundromat” sign.

Avi Hack was raped by the Goat as a teenage boy and then continued to engage in a homosexual relationship with the Goat when he grew up.  The Goat hired Avi as principal of the Goat School.  Avi testified in the Mirlis child rape trial that he nibbled on a student’s ear.  Avi was accused of having a homosexual relationship with a former student of the school.

The Goat hired longtime friend, and partner in his non profit entities Attorney William Gallagher to appear at the zoning hearing.  William Gallagher was a powerful lawyer at the time.  After Gallagher died on December 25, 2013 it was discovered that he had stolen almost two million bucks from his clients.

The Goat did not appear at the zoning hearing.  The Goat sent his son Ezi Greer to rile the crowd.  Ezi Greer said that he would prefer that either a shoe store, flower shop, or high end clothing store open up at the corner of Whalley and Ella Grasso Boulevard.  The Goat didn’t own a computer so he couldn’t buy his shoes on Amazon.  The Goat needed to purchase flowers in order to impress whatever teenage male student he was courting at the time.  The Goat needed to look his best while he ruled the compound and thus needed a high end clothing store located near the compound.

At the zoning hearing the Goat’s son and his cohorts engaged in goat-like behavior in order to attack the laundromat.  Attorney Gallagher interrupted the architect and spoke out of turn.  The Goat’s son attacked Attorney Avallone’s client and accused the laundromat of being “untrustworthy.”  The Goat wanted the Zoning Board to trust his Attorney and partner in his non-profit entities, William Gallagher, a man who stole almost two million dollars from clients.

Hopefully Judge Avallone will order that the Goat be confined to his garage barn on West Park Avenue.



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