The Goat Evicting More Jews From The Compound

The Goat Evicting More Jews From The Compound

Meet Adam J. Greenblatt.  Adam has become the latest Jewish tenant the Goat is trying to evict from the compound.  Adam was recently sued in New Haven Superior Court by the Goat’s attorney Stuart Margolis.  The Notice to Quit was served by State Marshal Mark Winik.

Margolis represents the Goat in all of his eviction cases.  The Goat seems to be satisfied with the legal talents of Margolis, unlike Attorney Ward, whom the Goat is using to defend him in the Federal child rape case.  The Goat recently indicated that he was not satisfied with the legal skills of Ward and was looking to hire another attorney to help Ward argue some motions.  How embarrassing.

When I practiced law I would never let a client hire another attorney to “help” me with a case.  I would tell the client to take his business elsewhere.  But Ward has no backbone to stand up to the Goat.  Ward does whatever the Goat tells him to do.  If the Goat told Ward to clean out the barn, Ward would oblige.

The Goat, who calls himself “Rabbi,” does not have a problem evicting Jews from apartments that he owns.  A real rabbi would try to work with struggling Jewish tenants.  A real rabbi is not a ruthless goat.  If the goat were a priest the Pope would defrock him for his goat-like behavior.

Once again the Goat is evicting Jews from the compound.  I had previously reported how the Goat had evicted Jewish tenants who begged Attorney Margolis for mercy.  Attorney Margolis told the tenants that it was not up to him, he was just following orders from the Goat.

The Goat is also evicting the Undertaker.  The Goat filed an eviction case last year and let it sit around for a while.  The Goat just filed a motion to try to kick out the Undertaker.  The Goat hired Attorney Margolis to do the dirty work.  The Undertaker hired Attorney David Schancupp to defend him against the Goat. 

For the Goat to evict the Undertaker shows the level of brain damage the Goat has suffered.  The Undertaker has been helping the Goat with his minyan for almost 30 years.  The Undertaker has been paying rent for 30 years to the Goat, on time, which is uncommon for tenants living in New Haven.

The Goat, the paranoid delusional animal that he has become, thought that the Undertaker was revealing Goat secrets to Larry Noodles.  The Goat reprimanded the Undertaker, with his assistants at the time, ie., the Bibliophile from YU and Otis from Superman II.  Shortly thereafter, the Bibliophile abandoned the Goat and left the compound.

Jerry “Otis” Paleface has been having problems with the Goat recently.  Paleface has complained that the boys in the compound are not up to the high standards that the Goat expects of men who pray in the compound.  Paleface doesn’t understand that the Goat could care less about how they pray.  All the Goat cares about is how they play.

For some strange reason Marc D. Roffman continues to stay in the compound.  I had to mention Mark because readers have recently accused me of taking bribes to keep him off the blog.  I keep forgetting to include him along with Darcy Quick Draw McGraw and Bruce Altmann as Goat worshippers.  Larry Noodles cannot be bought.  For the record, Mark D. Roffman is not paying off Noodles.  But Mark may be getting paid by the Goat.  Mark is still listed as one of the officers of the Goat’s non-profits.

The Goat’s case against the Undertaker is very weak.  The Undertaker never missed a rent payment.  The Undertaker has a signed lease.  The Goat is trying to evict him on the grounds that he operated a business out of the compound.  Give me a break.  The Goat operates a child rape center in his garage barn, and he is trying to evict the Undertaker for selling a few rubber boots out of the compound.

It could take the Goat a long time to get the Undertaker out of the compound once Attorney Schancupp starts filing motions to have the Goat case thrown out of court.  The Goat should stay in his barn, where he belongs.


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