The Goat Fires Marshal Winik

The Goat Fires Marshal Winik

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Rabbi Greer the Goat has regularly used prominent Jewish attorney Stuart Margolis, along with Jewish State Marshal Mark Winik, in order to evict Jews from the compound.  The Goat just filed an eviction recently against four tenants renting a Goat building in the compound on Norton Street, a stone’s throw from the Nightmare on Elm Street yeshiva building where the Goat raped Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis as children.

The latest eviction filed by the Goat indicates that the notice to quit was not filed by Marshal Winik.  The Goat must have fired Winik.  The notice to quit was printed on the letterhead of State Marshal Brian Mezick.  The notice to quit was signed by a guy named Ralph Purificato Jr.  According to his Linked In profile, Ralph Purificato Jr. sell telephones for A T & T.

I am shocked to learn that the Goat fired a fellow Jew, who has been loyal to the end.  It wasn’t that long ago that Mark Winik threatened to kill me because I posted blogs about him serving papers for the Goat.  That’s what I call loyalty.  And this is how the Goat rewards such loyalty?  Replacing a Jewish marshal with a goy who sells telephones for A T & T is not fitting for a goat of Rabbi Greer’s stature.  Plus the goy overcharged the Goat.  Purificato charged the Goat $111.00 just to place four pieces of paper inside the front door of 177 Norton Street.  It could not have taken Purificato more than two minutes to walk up the steps of the porch, open the screen door, place the papers inside, close the door, and walk back down the steps.

The Goat’s name must have moved to the top of the Mark Winik hit list.  The Goat should take extra security precautions for his own protection.  The Goat has to be in good shape for his criminal trials coming up in the next year or so.  The Goat is defending himself in a child rape case as well as a child lead paint poisoning case.

In other Goat courtroom news, Rabbi Greer filed an appeal of Judge Shea’s order granting my request to get a copy of Avi Hack’s video deposition.  Attorney Grudberg filed the appeal on behalf of the Goat.  The Goat paid a court filing fee of $505.00.  Plus the Goat must have paid Grudberg between $25-50K to handle the appeal to the Second Circuit.  The appeal should be heard in about a year in Manhattan.  In the meantime the Goat attorneys, and myself, will have to file briefs.  If the Goat loses the appeal he will have the right to file an appeal to the United States Supreme Court.  The Goat used to boast that his Yale Law School roommate Jerry Brown would have appointed him to the Supreme Court if Jerry was elected President.

The Goat in a black robe and slippers walking the same halls as fellow Jewish Justices Louis Brandeis, Benjamin Cardozo, Abe Fortas and Felix Frankfurter?  I wonder if Alan Dershowitz would approve of the Goat filling such slippers?  The only shoes the Goat would have filled in the Foggy Bottom would be those of McCarthy Red Scare gay henchmen Chief Counsel Roy Cohn. Cohn was recommended for the job by fellow homosexual J. Edgar Hoover.  Hoover recommended Cohn in order to deflect criticism that Red Scare persecutions were Anti-Semitic.  Many Jews in the theater and movie industry were targeted by McCarthy, Hoover and Cohn during the Red Scare of the 1950s.  Roy Cohn sought the electric chair for the Rosenbergs, the only Americans ever executed for espionage during the Cold War.  Roy Cohn died of AIDS.  The Goat will never die of AIDS, as he made sure to have sex only with virgin minors.  Cohn had his supporters who claimed he wasn’t gay.  One supporter said:   “Roy was not gay. He was a man who liked having sex with men. Gays were weak, effeminate. He always seemed to have these young blond boys around.”  Sounds like something the Goat would say.

The Goats attorneys were in State court today arguing a motion to obtain records from me in his defamation case against me.  The Goat’s attorneys requested that I produce copies of every page of blog that I ever wrote about the Goat.  My attorney, Joseph Merly, a senior attorney at the legendary civil rights law firm of John Williams, argued to Judge Sybil Richards that I should only have to provide Attorney Grudberg with a link to my website, there is no need to waste paper.  Judge Richards agreed.  I assume Mr. Grudberg already has the link to this website, but I told Attorney Merly to forward it to him anyway.

The Goat’s attorneys also asked that I provide documents pertaining to hush monies that were paid to Mirlis by the Goat.  One of my first blogs about the Goat was that hush monies, in the form of a settlement, were paid to Mirlis to keep quiet about molestation.  I had obtained such information from Rabbi Muroff, the man who became instantly famous when he found $98K in cash in a desk he purchased on Craigslist, which he returned to the seller.  Muroff used to work for the Goat, and knew Mirlis well.  I had no reason to doubt Muroff.   The Goat sued me for defamation, claiming that no hush monies were paid, and that what I reported was false.  The Goat never claimed that my accusation that he was a child rapist was false.

Attorney Grudberg now wants to know if I have documents to back up my blog posting about the hush money.  Grudberg argued:  “there was no settlement, and the false report that there had been such a settlement could have impaired Greer’s ability to obtain a fair trial.”  I am a humble felon.  I cannot take all the credit for the $20 million jury verdict against the Goat.  Some credit has to go to Attorney Ponvert, and to Rabbi Greer himself, for acting like a goat during the trial.  Had the Goat not been so goatlike, the verdict would have been much lower.  Why didn’t Grudberg and the Goat kvetch to Judge Shea to set aside the jury verdict based on the Larry Noodles Blog?  I guess in Federal Court the Noodles argument is a red herring, or in this case a wet noodle.

Mark Winik is going to have to rely on royalties from the novel he sells on Amazon, ie., “The Dog Healers” in order to make up for his loss of Goat income.  Amazon listed a book review from the local online Communist rag, ie., the New Haven Independent:  “Dog Healers inspired us. We are left with wanting to know more – a good sign for a new book by a new author.” – Marcia Chambers, New Haven Independent.  Mark Winik wrote a little bio about himself on Amazon:  “At age 8, I fished golf balls from the ponds at Yale Golf Course, cleaned them,and sold them. Then I learned the French restaurant nearby often ran out of frogs legs. I caught bullfrogs and sold those too, negotiating the price with the chef.”  The Goat read these words and got worried that Mark was going to steal the goats in the Greer garage and sell them to a French restaurant, and cut the Goat out of the profits.

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