The Goat Fires William Ward

The Goat Fires William Ward

The Goat had enough of farm town Attorney William Ward from Litchfield.  The Goat put Ward in a bucket and threw him out of the compound.  The Goat just hired big firm lawyer David Grudberg.  David Grudberg has been representing Sarah Greer in the case, trying to prevent Plaintiff Mirlis from taking her deposition.  David was trained to defend the salt of the earth at an early age by his father, the legendary New Haven lawyer Ira Grudberg, known for his vigorous defense of criminals, and his Abe Lincoln haircut and fancy bow ties.

David Grudberg works for the prominent law firm known as Carmody & Torrence, Sandak & Hennessy.  It used to be just Carmody & Torrence.  This law firm has been around for 100 years and has 75 attorneys.  The Goat must be paying at least $800 an hour to this law firm.

Eight hundred bucks an hour gets burned up fast in a big law firm.  Big law firms rent fancy office space, they spend close to six figures on paralegals, they lease fancy BMWs, and the partners get bloated salaries.  Plus they have to wine and dine high powered and wealthy clients.  The Goat is probably the lowliest of clients Carmody & Torrence has ever agreed to represent.  The Goat is a depraved animal, it doesn’t get any lower than that.

The Goat did not officially fire William Ward.  The Goat added David Grudberg as an additional attorney representing the Goat and his many non-profits.  Here is a copy of the notice of appearance of David Grudberg filed in the Federal Court:

NOTICE of Appearance by David T. Grudberg on behalf of Edgewood Elm Village, Inc., Edgewood Village, Inc., F.O.H., Inc., Gan School, Inc., Daniel Greer, Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc. (Grudberg, David) (Entered: 02/03/2017)

It’s clear that William Ward has been sidelined.  Ward will be playing second fiddle to Grudberg, if Ward stays in the case at all.  Ward may eventually file a motion to withdraw his representation of the Goat, especially if the Goat decides to stiff him on his bill.  Or the Goat will have to pay Grudberg $800 an hour and Ward $500 an hour.  This would cost the Goat $1300.00 an hour.  If the attorneys run up another 100 hours in this case the Goat will have to fork over close to 150 large, on top of what he already spent.

This is the same Goat who goes running around the compound turning off lights in order to save on his electric bill.  Some time ago the Goat used to travel up to the utility company and try to renegotiate his bills each year.  I have a confidential Jewish lawyer source who used to work for the State regulatory agencies.  He told me that he was embarrassed at the sight of the Goat “rabbi” making a scene every year in Hartford haggling over his electric bill.  The Goat has no shame.







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