The Goat Forges on After Arrest

The Goat Forges on After Arrest

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The Goat who calls himself Rabbi Greer conducted Sabbath services on schedule this past weekend.  I was told by local Jews that he made phone calls this week to try to get ten Jewish men to help with his minyan for religious services.  I believe most of the locals ignored his pleas for help.

The Goat will have a hard time getting ten men necessary for religious services during the summer.  The wayward students from Lakewood are home for summer break.  I cannot conceive of their families sending them back to the Goat school in the fall, but you never know.  Their parents should be arrested for risk of injury to minors.

Notis the Nebbish is still living in the compound, and has a few sons who help out with the Goat minyan.  I heard the Goat may have paid a few guys from Monsey to show up this past Shabbat.  There are plenty of Hasidic Jews out there who don’t follow the news and could be lured into the compound with the offer of some easy shekels.  I ran into a few young guys on Saturday who said that they were from Lakewood.  They were a bit elusive.

If the Goat ends up in jail he will most likely be sent to the York Correctional Center in Niantic, the prison where Connecticut sends men over 50.  I know a lawyer who did some time in Niantic.  He said it was fairly peaceful, old guys don’t engage in much physical violence.  Or the Goat could end up at the jail the State sends diddlers, ie., sex offenders: in Brooklyn, CT.  Brooklyn is not too far from the Mohegan Sun casino. I also knew a guy who did some time in Brooklyn.  He said that there are about 400 guys up there, and they are split up into 4 dorms of 100.  In order to eliminate the wheeling and dealing of food as currency, the kitchen workers all live in the same dorm.  You can’t buy and sell food if you all have access to as much food as you want.

The best jail for the goat would be in Brooklyn with a job working in the kitchen.  The goat will have access to plenty of food, so it will be easier for him to keep kosher. But to get access to food the goat would have to work in the kitchen.  The Goat does not like physical labor.  The Goat would rather work on eviction paperwork in his office.  The Goat and his slimy attorney Stuart Margolis have not yet evicted every Jew from the compound.  There are still a few Jews left, who have been anxiously waiting to see what happens. Margolis doesn’t need Goat business, he has plenty of money of his own.

The kosher options in State prison are very poor compared to the options in the Federal prison system.  Cheshire killer Steven Hayes sued the State of Connecticut for a lack of kosher food.  Hayes said he was a practicing Orthodox Jew and that the rabbis supervising the kosher food in the State prison were unreliable.  He complained that the prison food was “kosher like” which was not really kosher.  His lawsuit was thrown out, but his complaint had some truth.  The affidavit of Prison Rabbi Schectman, a Reform rabbi, clearly indicates the “kosher” food served in prison did not adhere to strict kosher dietary standards.  If the kosher food did not meet the standards of killer Hayes, I doubt that the kosher food will meet the standards of the Rabbi Goat.  The Goat refuses to allow food into the compound unless it was kosher certified from New York.  The Goat does not trust Connecticut kosher standards, so I doubt that the goat will trust Connecticut kosher-like prison food.

The Federal Court ruled against Hayes and found that the State didn’t have to provide him with a costly kosher diet. I know a New Haven Jewish guy who did some time in the same complex as killer Hayes.  He said he didn’t get to meet Hayes but he got a chance to spit in his food before the guards served Hayes.  Hayes was locked up in solitary 24/7.

Hayes also sued the State of Connecticut because prison guards gave him a smelly mattress.  That complaint was also thrown out.  The Goat has smelly animals who live in his smelly garage so I don’t think the Goat would complain about a smelly prison mattress. When I first started blogging an associate female lawyer who worked for the Goat many years ago wrote that the Goat never took showers, smelled bad, and called her a chazerai, which means a pig in Yiddish.  She said this was her first job out of law school and her experience with the Goat was the worst experience she had in her entire life.

Hayes ended up getting his death sentence thrown out.  He was taken off death row and given six consecutive life sentences.  The State of Connecticut recently transferred him to a prison in Pennsylvania.  Connecticut thought Hayes would be too difficult to protect in the general population when he got off death row.  Too bad Hayes was sent to Pennsylvania, he could have helped the Goat gather a minyan for religious services in jail.  Instead the Goat will have to fend for himself, the only Orthodox Jew in jail.

The Goat used to brag about how he was the only Orthodox Jew at Princeton.  He said it was a lonely existence, as he had to prepare his own meals, and eat by himself for four years.  Prison will bring the Goat back to the good old days at Princeton.   Here are the grunts out of the mouth of the Goat himself, from the Goat blog:

“In the early 1950s, when Rabbi Daniel Greer entered Princeton as an undergraduate student, he confronted a very alien environment. For the first two years at Princeton, Daniel Greer was the only undergraduate keeping strictly kosher. As a result, he found himself eating meals, alone, in his room each day, every day. There was, at that time, absolutely no provision for any kosher food on campus. Rabbi Daniel Greer brought a week’s supply of food to Princeton from his home in New York, where he traveled for Shabbos.  Once in a while, he joined several graduate students, who observed kashrus, and ate with them at the home of Helen Feddy, an older woman who lived on Witherspoon Street. Mrs. Feddy was the only person in all of Princeton Township, at that time, who kept a kosher home. As a great courtesy and kindness, she would periodically host the three or four kosher-eating graduate students (who, generally, as well, also ate alone in their rooms).”

4 thoughts on “The Goat Forges on After Arrest

  1. The demonic monster killer-rapist-arsonist Steven Hayes who destroyed the Petit family is Scum of the Earth, period. It is impossible for him to have become a Jew as he is precluded by prison regulations from being circumcised and patronizing a mikvah. Even if he could, no legitimate rabbi would be allowed to convert him. Hayes is a self-proclaimed “Jew” who wants to pig out on better quality food. He is acting the part with an Orthodox appearance as he knows that under State law it will be very difficult to argue that he cannot decide to proclaim himself a Jew. It is easier for the State to ignore him if he doesn’t play the part. This is has been an ongoing problem in American prisons with everyone from Jamaican drug dealers to White Trash Neo-Nazis claiming conversion to Judaism for better kosher grub.

    Thanks to a popular TV show, this fad has now spread to European prisons as well.

    The only loser chaplain who would have anything to do with Hayes is that Reform bum who would stoop to anything to get his name in the newspaper.

    Why are the Goat’s rapes only a State issue by the way? Is there a Federal investigation currently open? The Feds certainly have jurisdiction over the Goat’s child rape junkets to fleabag motels in other States, possibly including RI, NY, NJ & PA.

    Whatever prison they send the Goat to, I recommend that Larry Noodles write to the relevant authorities to warn them to be on the lookout for the Goat having peanuts smuggled to him. We wouldn’t want to see any other prisoners with allergies get hurt by the Goat’s favorite snack or for the Goat to use peanut bounty to make Chomo overtures.

    Chazirei is pork incidentally. Pig is chazir. Pigs are chazirim. Goat is aiz. Goats are Eezim.

    That poor female lawyer would have had a hard time singling out the many various elements in the Goat’s cornucopia of odors. One rather prominent odor would be methane gas that goats are notorious for:

    The only way to produce food from grasslands is to graze ruminants—animals like cows, sheep and goats—on it. Most mammals, and that includes humans, cannot digest grass. But ruminants possess several compartments in their stomachs. One, the rumen, houses microbes that can digest grass. The problem is that this microbial digestive process also produces the greenhouse gas methane as a by-product.

    Methane is a potent gas. And it is expelled via flatulence.

    In fact, this could create an opportunity for the Goat to become an entertainer in prison which is less labor intensive than washing dishes:

    Paul Oldfield, better known by his stage name Mr Methane, is a British flatulist or “professional farter” who started performing in 1991. He claims to be the only performing farter in the world. He worked on the railways before focusing on his flatulence performances.

    1. why shouldn’t the “chosen” (killers or not) be given chosen food when they are sent up the (Jordan) river? if Berkowitz gets that good NY certified kosher, why should lil Stevey?


    1. Prosecutors would just need to serve the motel with a warrant. During the trial it was brought out that everyone in the case, the attorneys and litigants, erroneously referred to the motel as the Branford Motel. The Goat was the only one who referred to it by its correct name, ie., the Branford Motor Lodge. Google has it listed as the Branford Motel, but I believe the sign in front of it says the Branford Motor Lodge, as the Goat pointed out.

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