The Goat Gets Caught In Another Lie

The Goat Gets Caught In Another Lie

Yesterday Mirlis filed an Objection to the Goat’s motion to amend his non-response to the list of questions that Mirlis requested the Goat to admit.  Mirlis requested that the Goat either admit or deny that he raped Mirlis and Avi Hack.  The Goat had 30 days to respond.  The Goat never responded.  According to the Federal Rules, if you fail to respond within 30 days, you are deemed to have admitted everything.

The Goat’s attorney told the judge at the status conference that the Goat ate his homework.  Attorney Ward told a Federal Judge that the Goat said he never got the paperwork.  The Federal Judge told Attorney Ward to file a motion if he wanted to have the Goat’s answers changed.

Ward filed a Motion asking the Judge to allow the Goat to change his answers.  Hopefully the Judge will tell the Goat, “no re-do’s.”  The Goat had a policy at his school that certain boys were allowed re-do’s if they did poorly on an exam.  Other boys never got a chance for a re-do.  If you submitted to the Goat you always got a re-do.

Ward’s motion argued that the Goat was “offended” by the questions posed by Mirlis.  The Goat was especially mad that Mirlis asked the Goat if he had a homosexual relationship with Prominent Attorney Mordechai Biser.  Biser spent a number of years in New Haven while he was a Yale undergrad and when he attended Yale Law School.  Biser stayed on to work for the Goat at the compound for a few years.  Avi Hack ended up replacing Biser as the Goat’s First Lieutenant.  The old timers in New Haven refer to Biser as “the old Avi Hack.”

Mirlis argued in his Objection that the Goat cannot use two different excuses as to why he didn’t respond to the requests for admission.  The Goat cannot claim that he ate his homework at the status conference and then a few days later claim he didn’t respond because he was offended by the questions.

Mirlis argued in his Objection that the Goat took the Fifth Amendment at his deposition and refused to answer any questions.  Mirlis argued that months went by without the Goat denying the child rape allegations.  Mirlis proceeded with the case as if the Goat had no defense.

If the Goat was going to defend himself Mirlis would have disclosed the names of expert witnesses who would testify that the Goat is a serial rapist.  Mirlis did not go through the effort of disclosing and preparing these expert witnesses for trial.  If the Judge were to allow the Goat to change his answers, this late in the case, then Mirlis would need the opportunity to disclose his expert witnesses.  Mirlis argued to the Judge that the Goat shouldn’t be allowed to throw a monkey wrench in the case at his point in time, especially when the trial is only a few months away.



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