The Goat Gets Kicked Out Of Rhode Island Shul

The Goat Gets Kicked Out Of Rhode Island Shul

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The above picture is Daniel Greer, aka “the Goat,” writing “770” on his son Ezi Greer’s Purim mobile.  The Goat never liked Chabad. Writing 770 was the Goat’s way of mocking Chabad. The Ewe didn’t like Chabad either.   The Goat didn’t like the Jewish community of Lakewood.  The Ewe didn’t like Lakewood.  The Ewe took her cues from the Goat.  The Goat demanded absolute loyalty, just like any dictator.

For many years Herr Goat had many loyal followers in the compound.  Ezi Greer, Avi Hack, Harold Hack and Dov Greer protected the Goat.  They kept Herr Goat happy.  They witnessed the Goat’s 30 year one man crime wave.  Yet they remained silent.

Some years back Dov Greer recruited Lakewood rabbis to the compound for the Goat’s kollel.  After a short period of time the Goat fired the Lakewood rabbis and told them to leave town.  Dov helped the Goat kick them out of town.  Years later Dov tried to recruit more Lakewood rabbis to the compound.  The old Lakewood rabbis went around telling everyone in Lakewood to avoid the compound.  Dov threatened these guys with legal action for slandering the compound.  Dov did manage to get a couple of guys in the compound.  Eventually these new guys left because of all the rumors about child abuse swirling around the compound.  At this point in time even Dov Greer had enough of Herr Goat.  He openly fought with his father in the Goat shul, while Ezi, Avi and Harold remained loyal subjects of the Goat cult.

After the Mirlis lawsuit was filed Dov Greer committed high treason and fled the compound along with the rest of the Goat’s disloyal subjects.  In the Goat’s mind it was an act of treachery and high treason.  The Ewe saw it as complete betrayal.  How dare they leave the dictator after all the money he gave them?  The only time the Ewe made a sound when I videotaped the Goat and her at the courthouse was when I mentioned the name “Avi Hack.”  She made a faint Ewe sound and a strange face, as if Avi was the ultimate Benedict Arnold.  She didn’t react when I accused the Goat of child rape and mentioned the names of others whom the Goat molested.  She only came to life when I mentioned Avi Hack’s name.  Avi Hack testified in his deposition that one year on Yom Kippur the Ewe refused to forgive him, as she viewed him as the Goat’s mistress, the Ewe’s rival for the Goat’s love, and money.  EWWWWWE!

Under Federal law the Goat boyz could be charged with conspiracy.  All the Feds have to prove is that you knew, or should have known about the Federal crime and yet you didn’t do anything to stop it.  All that stuff you learned in law school about specific intent to commit a crime gets thrown out the window when you get charged with conspiracy by the Feds.  I should know, I got charged by the Feds with conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud even though I didn’t make a dime on the handful of closings I signed off on.  According to the Feds I should have known that the buyers lied on their loan applications, that the appraisers submitted false appraisals, that the realtors were not holding any deposits, and that the big banks were committing fraud at the highest levels.  I should have blown the whistle on the entire operation.

Being a rabbi was only a means for the Goat to gain access to teenage boys.  The Goat could care less about Judaism.  The Goat only cared about one thing and that was to be intimate with teenage boys.  The Goat is currently getting too close to the teenage boys at the historic Touro shul in Newport, Rhode Island.

My spies in Rhode Island have reported that the Goat, and his Ewe, have become personas non gratis at the Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island, the oldest synagogue in the United States.  The Goat has been advised by the Board, a number of times, that he is no longer welcome at Touro.  The Goat and his Ewe have appeared at the shul anyway.

A showdown looms between the Goat and the Touro Synagogue.  Herr Goat never backed away from a battle, but does Herr Goat have the resources to fight on multiple fronts?  The Goat is defending himself against rape charges brought by the State of Connecticut. The Goat is appealing the $21 million dollar jury verdict for child rape.  The Goat is paying a group of Jewish misfits to fill up his shul every week. The Goat is suing Larry Noodles for slander.  Does the Goat have any money left over to engage in a legal battle with Touro?

The Goat doesn’t have money to pay Eli Mirlis but he has money to buy a new car.  My spies have reported that the Goat is currently driving a brand new candy cane red Hyundai Sonata.  The Goat used to drive a beat up black Mercury.  The Goat is now driving in style with his new Hyundai, a cheap Honda knockoff, with a contorted “H” on the front grill.  The Goat would never splurge for a Honda.

Of all the colors to choose for a car, why would the Goat choose candy cane red, as opposed to black or grey, the colors of his Mercury and minivan?  Is this a sign that the Goat is coming out of the closet with bright, gay colors?  Has the Goat been a flamboyant closet homosexual all these years who tried to cover up his true nature by raping male teenagers?

The Goat can now be true to himself. The Goat can drive his bright shiny new red Hyundai to the gay bars in New Haven and New York and meet the one.  The Goat could even get married by a Reform Rabbi.  As a graduate of Yale Law School I would think that the Goat would have Yale graduate and Rabbi to the celebrities Jim Ponet marry him. Rabbi Ponet married Chelsea Clinton to Mark Mezvinsky, the son of Edward Mezvinsky, a Jewish member of Congress who did five years in Federal prison for running a $10 million Ponzi scheme.  Rabbi Ponet does interfaith and gay marriages but I am not sure if he performs inter species weddings.  I hope the Goat invites me to his wedding.

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  1. Did that Rabbi also marry Biden’s daughterS off to the tribe?
    Did that Rabbi also marry Trump’s daughter to the tribe?
    Did that Rabbi also marry JFK’s daughter to the tribe?

    oye fukin vey

    They did the same thing in england. They did the same thing in spain……………………

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