The Goat Gets Kicked Out of the Friendship House

The Goat Gets Kicked Out of the Friendship House

A couple of years ago the Goat announced that he was running the Friendship House located at 54 Vernon Street, in New Haven.  The Friendship House is a place for Jewish families to stay while they visit their friends and relatives in the hospital.   This is what the Goat’s website says about the Friendship House:

“We are excited to announce the inauguration of The Friendship House at Yale. This new facility is now open to patients and their families who need accommodations while undergoing treatment or therapy at Yale New Haven Hospital. The 12-bed facility is warm and inviting, and provides separate apartments for men, women, and couples. There is availability for short or long-term stays, with Shabbos lodging as well. Dedicated and sponsored by the David and Shiffy Lichtenstein Family Foundation, the Friendship House is centrally located across the street from the hospital. This unique residence welcomes those who need accommodations in a secure and pleasant setting. Food and amenities are supplied without charge; our goal is to ensure that each visit is as comfortable as possible.”

The Goat no longer runs the Friendship House.  I heard that the goat was kicked out of the Friendship House.  If you wish to reserve a room at the Friendship House there is a website you can visit to make your reservation.  You don’t need to deal with the goat and risk getting raped in the Friendship House.  If you want to get raped by the goat you can check into the Goat’s Shabbos apartment at the compound.  The goat rents it out for $18.00 on Friday nights.

The Shabbos apartment at the present is occupied by the students from Lakewood who are part of the yeshiva that is renting the compound from the goat.  I don’t think the goat charges them any rent.  The goat is probably paying them to stay at the compound.

I heard there are about 20 troubled teenage boys living in the compound.  These 20 troublemakers are causing havoc in New Haven.  They were caught trying to steal booze from another local yeshiva, and using the local mikveh as a hot tub.

Reliable sources have disclosed to me that the remaining local New Haven loyal followers of the Goat have recently expressed frustration to the Goat that these 20 teenage troublemakers are not helping the Goat rebuild the compound.  The Goat prided himself on running a tight ship.  Law and order reined at the compound.  Except when it came to the Goat raping boys.  That was ok.

The only New Haven people who remain at the compound, as far as I can tell, are Otis, Mr. Robot, Quick Draw McGraw, Glen, and Lou.  But they may not be there too much longer once they realize that the compound was a means for the Goat to surround himself with teenage boys.  The Goat never cared about anyone other than the Goat.  The only reason the shul and the yeshiva were set up was to lure boys into the compound.


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