The Goat Gets Reported to City of New Haven For Refusing to Shovel

The Goat Gets Reported to City of New Haven For Refusing to Shovel

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I was supplied with a copy of a complaint filed with the New Haven Livable City Initiative (LCI).  This concerned New Haven resident alleged that the Goat failed to shovel snow from the sidewalks of his rental properties in New Haven.  This resident reported that the Goat was a “chronic offender.”

I was provided with a courtesy copy of the citizen complaint.  This concerned citizen also provided me with a picture of the offending property.  I had nothing to do with this citizen complaint.  I get tips about the Goat’s criminal activities from sources all the time.  Most tipsters report to me anonymously, fearful of information getting back to the evil Goat.  I, on the other hand, am not fearful of the depraved Goat.

The Code of the City of New Haven provides the following:

Sec. 27-32. – Ice, snow, sleet
The owner of land or a building, bridge or premises fronting upon the sidewalk, or connected with a footway, shall remove snow, sleet or ice within twenty-four (24) hours after a storm ends.

The Goat owns numerous properties in New Haven.  As you can see from the picture the Goat did not shovel the sidewalk long after Blizzard Stella ended.  There appears to be a foot path running up the front steps of this rental property.

I am sure the Goat had his residence shoveled at 139 West Park Avenue.  139 West Park Avenue is a property listed in the Mirlis child rape case, a location where Mirlis claims he was raped by the Goat as a teen.  The Goat takes teenage boys to 139 West Park every Friday evening for dinner.  You can watch the gaggle of goats walking up Elm Street every Friday evening at sundown, after having left the Goat shul.  They all take a left onto West Park where they are taken inside the goat’s lair.

I remember a few years back when one of the members of the Goat shul slipped and fell on a thick layer of ice that the Goat failed to clear in front of his synagogue.  This man walked around with his arm in a cast for many months.  Yet he never sued the Goat.  I doubt the Goat offered to pay for his medical bills.

Over the years the Goat received hundreds of thousands of dollars from his cronies at the City of New Haven in order to plant trees in the compound.  Yet the Goat is too cheap to pay for someone to shovel the New Haven sidewalks in front of his rental properties.


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