The Goat Gets Stalked At the Compound

The Goat Gets Stalked At the Compound

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As if things couldn’t get more bizarre at the compound than they already are, I discovered a very strange incident that occurred at the compound last summer.  I was provided with a copy of a New Haven police report documenting an incident that would have placed the Goat in grave physical danger.

The incident occurred on May 31st, the first day of Shavuos at 3:30 in the afternoon.  The incident occurred approximately two weeks after the jury awarded rape victim Eli Mirlis $15 million against Daniel Greer the Goat.  After the verdict in the Federal child rape lawsuit came down against the Goat, the Goat celebrated that Shabbos with Rabbi Notis and his students at the compound.  I remember hearing them singing from the second floor of the Goat shul in the Shalos sueda room.

On May 31, 2017, a White Jewish man with salt and pepper hair, approximately 40 year old, showed up at the Goat shul, spreading fear and panic throughout the compound.  This Jewish man somehow got past the front locked doors, with the security camera, and walked right into the Goat’s lair, ie., the Goat’s shul located at 765 Elm Street.  This man frightened whoever was in the Goat shul.

If this man arrived at 3:30 PM on Shavuos, the Goat would have already finished morning services.  The Goat was probably home stuffing his face with cheesecake with a few of the boys he was paying to stay at the compound.  There may have been a few boys back at the shul eating lunch.  Rabbi Notis may have been at the shul along with his wife.

The mystery man walked around the compound telling the Goat’s jokes that he had lost his four year old daughter at the compound.  He said he couldn’t use his cell phone because it was Shavuos.  He said that the GPS in his car led him to the compound.  I don’t know what else he asked but it sounds like he was snooping around looking for the Goat.

It made no sense when this mystery man told the Goat’s jokes that he could use his GPS in his Jeep Grand Cherokee and yet couldn’t use his cell phone.  The Goat’s jokes got scared and located a Shabbos goy named Mico Burgos.  Burgos called the cops.  The mystery man ran out the back door, jumped in his car, a white 2015 Grand Cherokee, and circled the compound several times.  He then sped off, never to return.

New Haven Police Officer Jacob Cedeno arrived at the compound. Officer Cedeno spoke with Burgos and a few others in the compound.  Burgos told Officer Cedeno that he “encountered a male which he described as, a white male, approximately forty years of age, medium build, with salt and pepper hair, come to the Yeshiva of New Haven School. Burgos stated that this man stated that he was attempting to locate his four year old daughter and is unable to use his phone today due to an observed holiday.  This male stated that his GPS system led him to this address.  This male then entered the school and walked around then ran out the rear door.”

Officer Cedeno continued: “Burgos stated that this male entered a white Jeep Grand Cherokee bearing Connecticut registration AC18532 and circled the block numerous times.  Burgos stated that this male was acting in an extremely suspicious manner and alarmed several members of the school.”

Officer Cedeno continued in his report:  “I entered the registration and returned the following owner information:  Michael A. Reichentahl (DOB 5/23/74) of 97 Dickinson Dr. Shelton CT.  Reichentahl has no prior contact history with the NHPD.  I contacted the Shelton PD and requested that an officer attempt to make contact with Reichentahl and have him contact me regarding the incident however, negative results surfaced.  I advised Burgos to contact police immediately if he observes this male or vehicle again in said area. No further action taken at this time.”  You can read a copy of the entire police report by clicking this link.

I tried to contact Reichentahl but he never answers his telephone.  I don’t know who this guy is or why his Jeep Grand Cherokee was spotted at the compound. According to the Shelton Tax Collector, Mr. Reichentahl owns one 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and one 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  He pays $509.50 in yearly taxes for the 2015 Cherokee and $423.32 in yearly taxes for the 2014 Cherokee.  He is up to date on his tax payments.  He also owns his house at 97 Dickinson Drive with his wife.  He pays $6,685.00 a year in real estate taxes.  He is current on his property taxes.

I have no proof that Reichentahl was at the compound.  All I know is that a car owned by Mr. Reichentahl was seen at the compound.  The New Haven police never followed up to determine if Mr. Reichentahl was at the compound.  Reichentahl was never questioned by the New Haven or Shelton Police Departments.  But Reichentahl seems to fit the description of the man who was spotted at the compound.  I found a picture of Reichentahl on line, which I posted above. The picture showed him holding a young girl, which I cropped out, who could have been his four year old daughter whom he said he lost at the compound. The last thing you want to do is lose you child at the Goat child rape center.

If the mystery male was Mr. Reichentahl I hope that he located his daughter.  The compound is not a safe place for children.  What goes around comes around.  The Goat will soon be in a place, ie., jail, that is not a safe place for diddlers or chomos like himself.

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  1. Why wouldnt the NHPD follow up this is a perfect example of white privilege… .if it was a colored black african black.. American black I Dont no what they want to be called this week BUT IF THEY WHERE NOT WHITE THE POLICE DOGS WOULDVE BEEN OUT …WHO LOSES A 4YR OLD ABD TRACKS HER DOWN WITH GPS WHAT WAS SHE WEARING A TRACKING DEVICE AROUND HER NECK…..SOUNDS VERY VERY STRANGE. .LARRY NOODLES FOR MAYOR ……..

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