The Goat Goes To Criminal Court

The Goat Goes To Criminal Court

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I caught the Goat on tape leaving the criminal courthouse after his lawyer told Superior Court Judge Karen Sequino that the Goat was going to plead not guilty to two counts of sexual assault in the second degree.  Judge Sequino didn’t look too impressed with the Goat.

The Goat got to court at about 9 AM, as soon as the doors opened.  The Goat sat in front row of the courtroom and read a hand sized book of tehillim (psalms) while he waited for his attorney.

The Goat’s attorney Willie Dow eventually arrived at about 10:30 AM.  The Goat conferred with his attorney out in the hall.  The Goat made a few phone calls in the hall on his cell phone.  The Goat spotted me in the hall.  The Goat approached me but kept his distance.  The Goat got close enough to me to stare at me with daggers in his eyes.  If looks could kill.  I don’t know why the Goat hates me so much.  The Goat should enroll in an anger management class with Ed Stein, a guy I met in Otisville prison, who is still doing ten years for a ten million dollar ponzi scheme.

There were numerous reporters covering the Goat’s criminal case.  I was surprised.  Davis Richardson from the right wing website the Daily Caller was there.  Chris Peak from the left wing New Haven Independent was there.  A reporter from the New Haven Register was there.  There was also a reporter named Christian James, who mostly covers sports, but he said he was working on a piece for NPR.  I filled in the reporters on the history of the depraved Goat as best as I could.  I am finally getting the respect that eludes most bloggers.

There were numerous people who were absent from the courthouse.  The Goat’s Ewe was not present.  The Goat’s entire family was not there.  The rabbis and students from the Goat’s yeshiva were not there.  There was no sign of Quick Draw McGraw or Mr. Robot.  Nobody was there to support the Goat other than the Goat’s six figure retainer lawyer Willie the Dow.

The Goat’s case was rescheduled for August 29th.  The Goat’s case was transferred to high court.  Most criminal cases start in low court on 121 Elm Street.  If the criminal case is a serious felony it gets transferred to the big boys on 235 Church Street, ie., Part A.  The Prosecutor’s Office is not going to let the Goat off easy.  The Goat will have to face his victims in high court.  No deals for the Goat.  The Goat should prepare to serve a long time in the Big House.

The Goat parked his car right in front of the court building on Elm Street.  The Goat drove erratically after he left the courthouse. He almost crashed into a few cars and he ran the right light at the busy intersection.







2 thoughts on “The Goat Goes To Criminal Court

  1. Willie Dow the 3rd seems to have just missed the Goat at Yale undergrad as he was already out of there in the early 60s. I can’t imagine it would be easy, even for a lawyer, to defend the Goat if the Goat’s alleged behaviors at Yale are true. Dow the 3rd lectures at Yale Law until today.

    If you captured the Goat driving erratically on your camcorder the police will probably ticket him if he was crossing solid lines, coming too close to people, etc.

    1. In New Haven you can’t operate a food push cart without a license and paying a bunch of fees and taxes, you have the cops watching you if you try to cut in on the restaurants. But the Goat was able to operate an unlicensed rape boarding school for 13 years without any problem

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