The Goat Hires Another Attorney

The Goat Hires Another Attorney


Today Daniel Greer hired yet another attorney to represent himself and all of his shady non profit entities.  The Goat started with Attorney William Ward, a country lawyer who works out of his farm in Litchfield.  I couldn’t find a picture of Ward’s farm law office, so instead I posted a picture of the Bethany book barn owned by legendary New Haven criminal defense Attorney Norm Pattis.  Norm has nothing to do with the Goat case, other than he may have some goats running around his book barn in Bethany.

The Goat added Attorney David Grudberg to his defense team in December of 2016.  David is the son of legendary New Haven Attorney Ira Grudberg.  David works for the big law firm of Carmody, Torrence.  Ward and Grudberg have been working together on the case.  I spotted them at a recent court hearing arguing motions about whether they would be allowed to ask Avi Hack certain questions.  Ward did all the talking.  Grudberg didn’t say anything other than to indicate to Judge Martinez that he also represented the Goat.

Today Attorney Amanda C. Nugent has filed paperwork indicating that she will also be representing the Goat.  Amanda is the newest addition to the Goat’s Dream Team of Lawyers who will be defending the man who operates the Nightmare on Elm Street.  The trial is set for May 10th, 2017.  The Goat may have added a woman attorney in the hopes that a woman on the jury may relate to a woman defending the Goat.  Lawyers try to rig the jury all the time.  This strategy will not work for the Goat.  Nobody on the jury, man or woman, will cut this depraved child molester a break.

With Amanda sitting at the defense table, the Goat will be getting billed by three lawyers.  Each lawyer will be charging the Goat between $500 and $1,000.00 an hour.  That comes out to about $3,000.00 an hour in total attorneys fees, not to mention costs and other expenses. If it takes each lawyer an hour to read and analyze the Larry Noodles blog each day, the Goat will be spending close to $90K a month just to read this blog.  Larry Noodles should get credit for stimulating the economy.

If each lawyer works 50 hours on the Goat trial, the Goat will be left with a bill for $150K.  The Goat doesn’t care.  The Goat is not spending his own money.  Whatever money the Goat earned is from scamming easy marks into thinking that he was a man of the cloth doing legitimate non-profit work.

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