The Goat Is Accused Of Raping Mordecai Biser Back in the 1980s

The Goat Is Accused Of Raping Mordecai Biser Back in the 1980s

Today the goat’s attorney filed a motion to allow the goat to submit late responses to “Requests for Admissions” served on the goat back in September.  Requests for admissions require the goat to respond “admitted” or “denied” to statements posed to the goat.  Such statements posed to the goat were along the lines of, “You had sexual contact with Mirlis when he was under the age of 18.”

The goat never responded to the requests for admissions when they were first delivered to his attorney back in September, 2016.  The goat’s attorney stated that the goat did not respond to these requests for admissions because the goat was “offended” by these requests.  The goat was “shocked” at the requests that were made regarding sexual contact with Mordecai Biser.

There is nothing in the Rules of Federal Civil Procedure that permit the goat to avoid having to follow the rules pertaining to deadlines because he is “offended” by the questions.  The goat’s attorney knows that this is a bogus argument, yet he still filed a motion with the Federal Judge containing this frivolous argument. The goat’s attorney Ward stated that the goat, “scoffed at the ridiculousness of the allegation that he and Mr. Biser engaged in sexual contact.  Rather than a simply denial, Mr. Greer wished to comment further.”

The goat’s attorney Ward refers to the goat in court documents as “Mr. Greer.”  Even the goat’s attorney knows that the goat is guilty, and refuses to call the goat by the title “Rabbi.”  I would prefer that Attorney Ward refers to the goat by a name that best describes him in legal paperwork, such as “the goat” or “the depraved goat” or “the disgusting, depraved goat.”

The goat was supposed to file responses to the requests for admissions over two months ago.  The goat never requested an extension of time to respond.  The goat is now demanding that the court accept his late responses because the goat was “offended” by the questions.

The goat attached responses to the questions posed by Mirlis.  In each request to admit sexual contact with Mirlis, Avi Hack, and Mordecai Biser, the goat’s attorney responded, “DENIED.”  The goat is now denying that he raped Mirlis, Hack and Biser.  The goat’s attorney signed the denials.  The goat did not certify as to the truth or accuracy of the denials, or sign a sworn statement of denial.  The goat took the Fifth Amendment at his deposition when he was asked if he raped Mirlis or Hack. Why would the goat take the Fifth Amendment during his deposition and yet deny everything in writing?  More should be revealed after the attorney for Mirlis files his paperwork.

I first mentioned Mordecai Biser in a blog post when I noticed that Biser is listed as an officer of Edgewood Elm Housing, Inc.  I was told by local old timers that Biser used to work in the compound and help the goat with his non-profit entities.  Biser also used to have Avi Hack’s job at the goat statutory rape school for teenage boys.

I believe Biser was in New Haven as far back in the late 1980s.  Biser was a single man back then.  He is also known as “Dan.”  There are numerous New Haven real estate transactions between Biser, the goat, Avi Hack, and the goat’s non-profit entities that start in 1986 and end in 2002.

Biser transferred a one third interest in 33-35 Pendleton Street to the goat back in 1986.  This was the same goat building that was torched a few years ago.  One of the tenants had to jump out the window in order to save her life from the goat death trap.  Amy Yamaguchi is still suing the goat for her injuries related to the fire.

In 2002 Biser transferred whatever interest he had in 33-35 Pendleton Street to Avi Hack.  In 1996 Biser transferred 784 Elm Street to the goat and Harold Hack for the sum of one dollar.  In 1994 the goat’s non profit FOH, Inc, granted Biser a mortgage in the amount of $50K on property located at 777 Elm Street.  This mortgage was released by Biser in 1999.  One month later FOH, Inc quit claimed 777 Elm Street to Friends of Hagan, Inc.  FOH is the goat’s abbreviation for “Friends of Hagan.”

Why would Biser lend the goat $50K and give FOH, Inc a mortgage for $50K?  And why would FOH transfer this property to Friends of Hagan, Inc. when it is exactly the same company, with a different name?

New Haven attorney Robert J. Engelman notarized the $50K mortgage.  I wonder if he was working with the goat at the time.  The mortgage lists the goat’s law office located at 278 Orange Street, New Haven.

Many questions remained….






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  1. Is Biser the same Yale grad who currently works as general counsel for Agudath Israel?

    How come AI or torah umesorah hasnt closed down the current iteration of Greer’s school?

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