The Goat Lured Children With Free Rides & Snacks

The Goat Lured Children With Free Rides & Snacks

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Rabbi Daniel Greer, aka “the Goat” ran these ads in the Jewish Ledger every day back in the 1980s and 1990s.  This was the time the Goat was regularly raping Avi Hack, the son of his good friend Harold Hack.  The Goat raped Avi whenever he wanted.  The Goat had brainwashed Avi Hack.  Avi Hack testified that the Goat was “my religious guidepost, superlative in every way.”

Avi fled the compound around the time Mirlis tried to quietly settle his child rape case.  Avi tried to broker a deal between Mirlis and the Goat.  Avi testified that he told the Goat, “this is not going away, you will not be able to quash this.”

Avi’s father Harold stayed in the compound til the very end.  Harold waited until the Mirlis case was publicly filed before he left the compound.  This was Erev Passover of 2016.  Harold actually left a guest he had invited over for Passover in the lurch when he skipped town.

The Goat advertised the Gan School as “safe, fun and affordable.”  Affordable is always the key word in marketing.  When you are offering bargain basement prices you must use the word “affordable.”

In the above article published by the Ledger, the Goat’s day care program included “kosher lunches and snack.”  The Ledger quoted Assistant Principal Mordechai Biser:  “The Gan also offers free transportation throughout the city.  In these times of rising day care and nursery costs, the Gan’s tuition and fees remain quite modest and affordable.  We urge parents interested in quality care to contact us immediately while there are still openings available.”

The Goat tried to lure children into the compound with a free ride, a free lunch, and a free snack.  I recall contacting the Goat school back in the 1990s to inquire about the costs of their day care program.  I was shocked when I was told the price. The Goat school was about half the price of other day cares and much less than the Jewish Community Center.

The Goat had enough money where he didn’t have to charge a dime for children to attend his school.  The Goat currently is paying Rabbi Notis and his teenage boys over $20K a month to live in the compound.  The Goat would have never been able to pay children back in the 1980s to live in the compound.  That would set off too many red flags.  People would have become suspicious about what was going on behind the eight foot walls that surrounded the compound.  Now that the Goat has been exposed as a pedophile he has nothing to hide.  The Goat can operate in the open.  The Goat has a criminal court appearance scheduled for this Thursday, April 12th.

The Goat’s criminal case has been dragging on for many months.  The Goat is in the discovery phase.  The State prosecutor must disclose all exculpatory evidence to the Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow.  Any evidence obtained by the State that could be helpful to the Goat must be turned over to Willie the Dow, including the medical records of Mirlis.

The Goat’s attorneys are leaving no stone unturned.  The Goat’s attorneys asked me in the Goat’s defamation case to disclose all communication I had with Rabbi Muroff back in 2016, just before I exposed the Goat and Avi Hack on this blog.  There is nothing in my communications with Muroff that would be helpful to the Goat. Muroff and I both agree that the Goat is a monster.

The Goat’s attorneys are also looking for information about my finances. I had to turn over all my tax returns since 2013.  The attorneys wanted to know if I was paid money to destroy the Goat’s life.  I destroyed the Goat’s life for free, it was my way of giving back to society, a public service.

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