The Goat Makes the Pages of the Wall Street Journal

The Goat Makes the Pages of the Wall Street Journal

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Daniel Greer, aka the Goat, has always been a big fan of The Wall Street Journal.  The Goat used to cut out articles from the Journal and post them on the bulletin board of his shul, located on the far right wall, as soon as you walked in.  Hollywood actor Bruce Altman, aka Mr. Robot, used to sit in that corner next to the wall, along with Hollywood songwriter Gary Lynes.  That was the Goat’s celebrity table.  New Haven Independent reporter Paul Bass even showed up now and then and sat at the celebrity table.  Paul Bass is the same man who wrote the legendary New Haven Advocate article thirty years ago exposing the Goat and his crimes.

At some point Paul Bass made peace with the Goat and never published another article attacking the Goat.  I will never know the reason, and Mr. Bass has refused to tell me.  Paul Bass has obviously failed as an investigative journalist.  Paul currently focuses on writing puff pieces about Mayor Toni Harp.  Harp is being challenged by Marcus Paca in a highly contentious Democratic primary in less than two weeks.  It’s David v. Goliath, with Harp the giant representing the powerful Democratic machine, started by Goat pal Mayor John DiStefano. Paul Bass is covering the election, but it is obvious that he is biased in favor of Harp.  I would have more respect for Paul if he became a paparazzi and covered the Goat’s celebrities Bruce Altman and Gary Lynes.

The articles the Goat posted in the celebrity corner of his shul were from the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal that focused on Israel and Iran.  The editorial board was very hawkish when it came to Israel.  The Goat also posted articles from the Journal that attacked Obama.  Looking back I don’t understand why the Gay Goat was against Obama.  It was Obama who started the don’t ask don’t tell policy in the military.  I would think the Goat would be pleased that Obama was in favor of gays proudly serving in the military.

When I first went to jail and started sending out my blogs, the Goat’s number one son Dov Greer posted some of my blogs on the same bulletin board.  After a few weeks they were taken down.  I can only conclude that the Goat had them removed.  The Goat didn’t want the rantings of a jailbird being posted on the bulletin board of his holy child rape center.

On the date of August 15, 2017 the Goat made the pages of his favorite newspaper, in the Metro New York Section.  A large picture of the Goat, surrounded by a number of reporters with cameras, was prominently displayed in the Journal.  The Goat must have been very angry to see himself sharing the pages of his favorite newspaper with his archenemy Larry Noodles.

The picture showed the Goat coming out of the Elm Street courthouse after his second day in the courtroom.  Attorney Willie Dow was in the picture talking to the Goat.  Willie held his index finger up in the air while he spoke to the Goat, apparently oblivious to the reporters around him.  What was so important that Willie was saying while the reporters were taking pictures?   Willie Dow staged the entire scene.  Willie knew the cameras were rolling.  Willie wanted to look like he was an important attorney defending a self important individual.

Last night the Goat’s buddy Toni Harp debated underdog Marcus Paca.  A Democratic Mayoral primary is less than two weeks away.  A few local newspapers and websites were on the panel asking questions.  Bloggers weren’t allowed to ask questions.  I was very insulted.  Bloggers get no respect.  Establishment Man Paul Bass was the moderator of the debate. Paul Bass was no Anderson Cooper. Paul stood on the stage hunched over, reading directly from jos notes and not even looking at the audience.  His hair was disheveled and his shirt was wrinkled. He was wearing a purple kipot.  His underling Chris Peak must have woken him from a nap just before the debate.

The Harp – Paca debate had all the drama of the Trump – Clinton debate.  Except in this case it was Paca getting stalked by Harp.  Paca is a young, tall, thin, good looking guy, always with a smile on his face.  Harp is short, much older, gloomy, and kind of looks like Yoda from Return of the Jedi.  She had a scowl on her face the entire time.  She kept staring at Paca with an angry face, the same face Trump used when he stared down Hillary.  Her City employee supporters kept standing up and jumping up and down with their Harp signs.  Paul Bass had to tell them to stop interrupting the debate.

I lost all respect for the intelligence of New Haven voters at this debate.  Harp told the crowd that New Haven was the “economic force driving the State of Connecticut.”  Other than me, nobody in the audience had the urge to vomit. The State of Connecticut is on the edge of a cliff.  Is New Haven going to push Connecticut over the edge?  Harp also bragged about how she balanced the budget four times.  Her supporters cheered as if they had just won the lottery.  Yet she failed to mention that the City had to sell a massive amount of new bonds in order to cover shortfalls and balance the budget.  Paca pointed that out, but most people seemed to be indifferent about it.

I left the debate in disgust.  Before I left I ran into a few people who knew of my blog and had heard of Larry Noodles.  Hopefully Paca will win and offer me a job as the official City blogger.  But I would never sell out to the Establishment, unlike Paul Bass…

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  1. Btw it was Obama who ENDED the don’t ask don’t tell policy in the military. DADT was instituted by the Clinton Administration on February 28, 1994

    1. Thanks, I cannot do all the fact checking by myself, I am a one man operation on a shoe string budget. Obama ended DADT which allowed gays to come out of the closet, all the more reason that the Goat should like Obama.

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