The Goat Pays Ohr Somayach Guys For Sukkot

The Goat Pays Ohr Somayach Guys For Sukkot

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The Goat celebrated the holiday of Sukkot in the compound this week as he has done for the last 30 years. The only difference is that this year none of his children or grandchildren were there to honor him.  Only his Ewe was there to wish him a Good Yom Tov and pay him the honor and respect that he feels he deserves.

Rabbi Notis runs a yeshiva in the compound.  Notis is not required to pay any rent to the Goat.  Notis receives donations from the Goat towards his yeshiva.  Notis has no overhead.  Any monies Notis receives from his Yeshiva goes right into his pockets.  It’s all profit.  Meanwhile, the Goat has hired expensive lawyers to nickel and dime rape victim Mirlis in State court collection proceedings.

Rabbi Notis left his building in Deal, NJ, over a year ago to join the Goat.  My sources have told me that Notis was renting from someone who received a lot of donations from Solomon Dwek.  Dwek was the subject of the book, “The Jersey Sting:  Chris Christie and the Most Brazen Case of Jersey Style Corruption Ever.”  Dwek wore a wire for the Feds and got the Feds indictments on mayors, rabbis, legislators, and members of his own tight knit Syrian Jewish community.  Dwek’s parents publicly disowned him.  I was locked up with Rabbi Ben Haim, who was set up by Dwek.  Dwek set up Rabbi Ben Haim even though Ben Haim’s daughter was married to Dwek’s brother.

Dwek only ended up doing only 30 months in Federal prison even though a Federal Judge sentenced Dwek to 72 month.  Dwek did his time in Cumberland, Maryland, for his many crimes: check kiting, money laundering, bribery, ponzi schemes and other frauds that netted Dwek hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Federal prosecutors send many big time snitches to Cumberland. These snitches end up bossing around the prison warden.  The warden works for the Bureau of Prisons, a Federal agency completely separate from the Office of the US Attorney, but all under the umbrella of the Department of Justice.  One big time snitch who did time in Cumberland was Washington DC lobbyist Jack Abramoff.  I knew a guy named Barry who did time with Jack in Cumberland.  Barry said Jack broke the prison rules all the time.  At one point the prison warden threw Jack in the SHU, ie., the hole.  Jack complained to the guys at the Justice Department.  The Justice Department made sure that Jack quickly got out of solitary confinement, and returned to his cushy cell.

Dwek was based out of Deal, New Jersey.  Rabbi Notis had a yeshiva in the Deal area, either Long Branch or Deal, and rented from a guy who got big donations from Dwek.  After Dwek got busted by the Feds, Dwek had hundreds of millions of dollars in assets.  The Feds went after all of Dweks assets for restitution.  In bankruptcy court the Federal bankruptcy trustee went after millions of dollars that Dwek donated to yeshivas and non-profit institutions.  The same thing happened with Bernie Madoff.  The bankruptcy trustee went after monies that were withdrawn from the Madoff fund just before Madoff got busted, under claw back and fraudulent transfer provisions of the bankruptcy code.

My sources told me that Notis was kicked out of his building in Deal because the guy who owned this building had to return money to the bankruptcy trustee in the Dwek case.  I guess the guy couldn’t return all the money and the Feds either sold or confiscated the building that Notis occupied.  Notis was then forced to take the sweetheart deal offered by the Goat and move to New Haven.

I heard that the Goat filled his pews with Ohr Somayach guys, from Monsey, NY, over Sukkot.  The Goat is reported to have paid each guy about $250 for the week.  These guys didn’t know anything about the Goat.  Ohr Somayach is an organization that teaches Jews with little or no background how to become religious. Because these guys are in the process of becoming religious, they are not that familiar with what is going on in the religious world, other than what their mentors tell them.  They trust their rabbis and mentors more than if they were born into the religious world.

Most of the guys from Ohr Somayach are over 18 years old.  The State of Connecticut forced the Goat and Notis to agree not to allow anyone on the compound who is under 18.  Some guys in the compound may be a year or two under 18.  My sources have told me that it is hard to tell the age of some of these guys.

I heard that these Ohr Somayach guys have beds and mattresses set up in the Goat’s sukkah located outside of the Goat’s school building.  The Goat insisted that they sleep outside in the sukkah.  The Goat is hopeful that these guys will ask the Goat to sleep with them on the mattresses under the stars.  How romantic.  The accommodations the Goat offered in the sukkah are far superior to the sleezy Branford Motel where the Goat used to take rape victim Mirlis.  At least the mattresses in the sukkah are not infested with bed bugs and roaches.

The Goat has his own private sukkah located outside the back of the Goat’s house on West Park Avenue.  The Goat used to throw a big party in his sukkah during the week of the holiday.  The picture above was taken in the Goat’s private sukkah during one of those parties.  The man in the hat looks a bit like Avi Hack, but I cannot be too sure, guys in black hats all look the same to me.

The Ewe testified during the Federal civil rape trial that people used to wander all around the Goat house during these sukkah parties.  She implied that this is why rape victim Mirlis was familiar with the inside of the Goat’s bedroom.  The jury didn’t believe the Ewe, or the Goat for the matter, and awarded Mirlis $21 million.





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  1. did Weinstein, Polanski, Singer or Geffen give money to the goat and is he going to return the donations or use it to support future rape victims like the entire democratic party is now doing with Harvey’s $?

    except Hillary, she aint giving shit back. She is
    “keepin it GANGSTA”

  2. If I remember correctly, Dweck was in the Federal Witness Protection Program not doing any jail time until he violated that special parole by committing new fraud, with car leases I think.

    Ohr Samayach is no surprise. Why wouldn’t they help the Goat when they have covered up for so many of their staff & students who are womanizers, perverts, molesters & worse.

    Mattis Weinberg
    Leib Tropper
    Alan Horowitz
    Lewis Furman
    Yaakov Menken
    Meir Pogrow

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