The Goat Pleads Not Guilty

The Goat Pleads Not Guilty

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Today Greer the Goat appeared at 235 Church Street, New Haven for his third court appearance.  The first day he appeared was for his arraignment.  The judge imposed a $100K bond.  A protective order was also issued, preventing him from contacting rape victim Eli Mirlis.  The next court date he appeared in low court and was told he was going to be transferred to high court.  Today he appeared in high court and pleaded not guilty.  He did not utter the words “not guilty.”  The Goat appeared before Judge Clifford. Judge Clifford rambled, “not guilty jury election, lets set another date,” as the judge does on most routine cases.  The Goat always thought that he was special and superior to all living organisms.  In the New Haven criminal court the Goat is just another depraved sex offender among many.

The Goat arrived at the courthouse early today, at about 9 AM, just when it opened.  The Goat took a seat in the front row. The Goat had a book of psalms that he diligently read while he waited for his case to be called.  Other criminals eventually filed into the courtroom and took their seats in the back of the courtroom.  A few guys were escorted in from lockup in handcuffs and chains.  None of the other criminals had a book of psalms.  The greedy Goat didn’t offer to share his book of psalms with his fellow criminals.

For a moment the Goat took his eyes off his book of psalms and looked around the courtroom.  The Goat saw me and stared for a few seconds.  The Goat then looked at the other reporters who were in the courtroom.  There were reporters from NPR, the New Haven Independent, Tastie Fish, and the New Haven Register. Tastie Fish ran some articles about me and the Goat recently.  The Marshal walked around the courtroom and asked each person why they were in the courtroom.  I proudly announced to the Marshal that I was with the Larry Noodles blog.  The entire courtroom started to laugh.  Everyone except the Goat.

Eventually the Goat’s attorney Willie Dow arrived.  The Goat conferred with Willie for a few minutes, as if the Goat were discussing a matter of grave importance.  The judge appeared and everyone was ordered to rise.  The judge called the Goat’s case first.  The Goat walked up to the front of the podium and stood before Judge Clifford.  The Goat entered his plea of not guilty and the Judge scheduled a court date for October 11.  All of the reporters ran out of the courtroom and went downstairs in order to take pictures of the Goat as he walked out of the courthouse.  We all waited on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse.  The Goat’s attorney, Willie Dow, came out of the courthouse with his assistant, a young blond woman.  I am not sure whether this mystery blond is an attorney or a paralegal or a law clerk.  There is no picture of her on Willie Dow’s website.  The Goat did not walk out with Willie Dow.

After Willie Dow and the mystery blond left the building the reporters waited outside for the Goat to appear.  We noticed that the Goat’s beat up old black Mercury Sable, covered with bird droppings, was parked in front of the courthouse.  We waited for a half hour.  No sign of the Goat.  Eventually the mystery blond came back to the courthouse and used her credit card to fill the Goat’s parking meter.  She put an hour and a half on the meter.

I told the other reporters that I would enter the courthouse and look around.  I went to the seventh floor where the library is located.  As soon as I stepped out of the elevator I was face to face with the Goat.  He was on his cell phone yelling at his secretary, Mrs. Ledbury.  He told her to get him something at Walgreens.  I went back downstairs and told the other reporters that the Goat was still in the building and that we should not wait in the front of the courthouse but we should wait near the Goat’s car around the corner, so he could not see us.  The reporters recognized the leadership skills of Larry Noodles and camped out around the corner.  I told them some Goat stories while we waited.

Eventually the Goat came out of the building.  As he walked to his car he hit the buttons on his keychain, which caused his trunk to open.  He then looked up and saw the reporters next to his car.  He quickly dashed back into the courthouse.  I have never seen the Goat run so fast.  He is still spry for a 77 year old goat.

Here is a film of the Goat running back into the courthouse, at lightning speed:

The Goat’s car trunk remained open after he trotted back into the courthouse.  The reporters took pictures of the inside of his trunk.  I looked inside the trunk and saw some old plastic bags and a paper bag from a supermarket.  No dead bodies.  A homeless guy walked by and asked me if I could spare some change for food.  I told him there may be some food in the Goat’s trunk.  The homeless guy ran away. I think he was really looking to buy alcohol.  At some point after the homeless guy left Willie Dow drove up to the courthouse, got out of his car, and closed the Goat’s trunk.  Dow asked the reporters if they had placed anything in the trunk.

Here are films of the Goat’s trunk:

After a short period of time a Honda pulled up in front of the courthouse.  The Goat ran out of the courthouse and jumped into the Honda. The Honda sped off.  I believe the Honda was being driven by Mrs. Ledbury.  The Goat moved so fast that most of the reporters didn’t get a chance to snap a picture. Chris Peak from the New Haven Independent snapped a few pictures and Paul Bass posted them on his website.  Paul Bass then removed the pictures after a few of Paul’s trolls made comments complaining that the reporters were harassing the old Goat.  The people who complained were Paul’s regular group of misfits who complain about everything all the time on Paul’s website.  Paul has no backbone to stand up to these misfits, nor does he have a backbone to face the Goat.  Paul sends his underling Chris Peak to do all the dirty work.  Paul used to be proud to be a Bass.  Now he is just another spineless jellyfish.

Meanwhile, the saga of the Goat continues…. stay tuned…


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