The Goat Spotted Downtown With a Minor

The Goat Spotted Downtown With a Minor

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Daniel Greer, AKA, Rabbi Goat, was spotted downtown this afternoon in the company of his wife the Ewe, and two other individuals, one a minor and one a grown man.  I recognized the farm animals, but I did not recognize the humans who are walking alongside the Goat and his Ewe.

Rabbi Goat does not realize that I have spies all over New Haven. I was not stalking the Goat and his Ewe, as he has accused me of doing in the past.  One of my spies spotted the ornery Goat and took this picture.

It was reported by the New Haven Independent that the Goat school, which is run by Rabbi Notis of Lakewood, NJ, agreed with the State of Connecticut that no minors will be permitted on the compound.  The State had cracked down on the Goat school after it was determined that the Goat school had been operating without a license for the last 15 years.

I am hoping that someone out there will recognize the minor and the adult walking beside the Goat.  Is this Rabbi Notis and his son?  They were heading north on Orange Street, a few blocks from where the Goat’s shady law office used to be, and a block from the State courthouse where the Goat has had to appear to defend himself against the criminal charges of rape of a minor.  The Goat is still defending himself.  A criminal trial could occur within a year.   The Goat is also a few blocks from the law office of David Grudberg, the Goat’s attorney who defended him in the civil case, and a few blocks from his criminal defense attorney Willie the Dow. There is nothing much going on in the civil case other than Mirlis trying to collect money from the Goat and foreclose on the Goat’s properties.

If the Goat were paying a visit to his criminal defense attorneys office, there would be no need to bring along the Ewe, and these other two characters, unless they planned on defending the Goat in his criminal trial.  The Ewe did a poor job defending the Goat in his civil trial.  The Goat was hammered with a $21 million verdict.

In the civil trial Mirlis didn’t testify much about the Goat’s physical features.  In the criminal case the prosecutors have revealed that Mirlis is intimately familiar with the location and details of the Goat’s scar, the color of the Goat’s hair, or I mean fur, the Goat’s moles, the way the Goat put his pants on over his shoes, and other Goat peculiarities.  The prosecutors also revealed more details about the depraved behavior of the Goat.  The Goat will have a much harder time trying to defend himself in the criminal trial than he did in the civil trial.

If you have any information as to the identities of the persons in the picture, please contact the offices of Larry Noodles immediately.   If it makes you uncomfortable to speak with a convicted felon, I don’t blame you, please contact the New Haven Police Department:

Sergent Zannelli: 203-946-6304 ext: 1351
Detective Cuddy: 203-946-6304 ext: 1313

The boy in that picture may be in grave danger.

One thought on “The Goat Spotted Downtown With a Minor

  1. thank goodness for you, larry. keep the watch going. i do not know what to think and say other than whoever’s son this is must be a) ignorant of the facts and therefore living on another planet b) just plain naive , c) nuts d) living in a bubble , e) be an “apologist ” f) believes in goyish conspiracies ( they going convicted such a wonderful rabbi) g) be willing to make a deal with the devil for the greater good. good luck with all that.

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